Hi, I'm Gary.
Hi, I’m Gary.

Gary Neal is already 28 years old after only being in the league for three seasons. His field goal percentage has been on a steady decline since his entrance into the league in 2010-11 and last year he shot a swag twins-like 41.2 percent from the field and 35.5 percent from 3-point. This article was written by Andrew McNeil of 48 Minutes of Hell after the Spurs traded George Hill and it does a good job breaking down Neal’s potential to play point guard. He definitely has the size to play it at 6’4.

The Bucks clearly seem done with Brandon Jennings, who is five years younger than Neal and capable of a much higher ceiling. But if Neal wants to be in Milwaukee, works hard, and comes with a reasonable contract then fine. He was playing in the NBA Finals a month ago. Maybe he has some Gregg Popovich secrets to tell.

Who’s excited to see what the Neal/Luke Ridnour/Nate Wolters/O.J. Mayo backcourt can accomplish?!?

I’m not expecting much. But I’m genuinely looking forward to watch something different.