Report: Bucks sign-and-trade Brandon Jennings, receive Brandon Knight in return

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

After a month of speculation on whether or not Brandon Jennings would return to the Milwaukee Bucks, it looks like we’ve finally reached a conclusion. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Jennings is on his way to the Detroit Pistons as apart of a sign and trade:

The Detroit Pistons are nearing an agreement to acquire Brandon Jennings in a sign-and-trade deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Pistons are finalizing a three-year, $24 million contract with Jennings, sources told Y! Sports.

Woj’s article indicates that the Bucks will apparently be receiving Detroit guard Brandon Knight, forward Khris Middleton and center Slava Kravtsov in the deal. Adding those three to the roster would leave the Bucks one over the maximum allowable players on the roster with 16 when factoring in both Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nate Wolters. Giannis signed with the Bucks earlier Tuesday and Wolters has yet to sign.

Reports had been floating for some time that the Bucks were uninterested in meeting Jennings’ supposed asking price of $12 million annually. Oddly enough, the $8 million he’ll receive per year under the deal signed with the Pistons was the same annual salary the Bucks offered free agent point guard Jeff Teague. Teague, a restricted free agent, accepted Milwaukee’s offer only to have the Atlanta Hawks match, leaving the Bucks in a strange way with Jennings.

Jennings was hoping to attract offers as a restricted free agent this off season, but seemed to have found the market very unfavorable for his services at the price he apparently desired. Very few rumors circulated around teams interested in making Jennings an offer, though that may have been influenced by Bucks general manager John Hammond’s strong assertion in late June that Milwaukee would match any offer made to Jennings.

Gery Woelfel first tweeted while in Las Vegas of whispers of a deal between the Bucks and Pistons focused on Jennings, though Detroit general manager Joe Dumars strongly denied any conversations.

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  1. Ultimately I like the trade. We get 2 good players back for a guy we didn’t want. But why did we accept the center? We clearly don’t need him. Unless his salary was needed to make the trade work, he should have been left off.

    • Assume flat pay structure Bucks sent $8.33 million and we took back $5.25 (3+1.5+.75). So I don’t think we had to take back the center.

    • I would have preferred to see SF Kyle Singler coming to us in this trade, but to get this Jennings deal done Middleton will do.

      BTW, what’s up with all the big-bodied Russian centers? This obviously puts us over the roster limit and we still have some cap space after this move. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Udoh leaving via trade.

  2. Glad to see Jennings humbled this offseason knowing he was trying to get a max deal, or even between $10-$11 million/year. This is a good Option B for the Bucks after failing to sign Jeff Teague. He only has $2.7 due this year with a team option next year.

    Fascinating Stat: Only two players (three including Delfino) remaining from the beginning of the 2011-2012 season: Ilyasova and Sanders. My question is: why do players even want to sign with us knowing they are most likely going to be shipped out in less than 2 years?

  3. Knight is just enough of a downgrade to seal the Bucks a top 10 draft pick. This team now has absolutely no chance at the playoffs, hopefully the Bucks can be bad enough to get a Top 5 pick.

    • Be careful what you wish for: Brandon Knight was an overall #8 pick.
      It’ll be interesting to read what Jeremy & Co. have to say about Brandon Knight’s first two years in the NBA with Detroit, what his prospects are for the future, and whether he is more of a point guard or shooting guard. Also, we seem to have a rather crowded backcourt all of a sudden, so how does Brandon Knight fit in, and apecifically how does he compare to Gary Neal?

      • As a Piston fan let me tell you that Knight compares unfavorably to Neal. They are very similar but Knight is even less consistent and more prone to rookie mistakes on the upside there might still be hope for upside.
        He´ll probably never be a pg and he is a tad too small to ever be a dominant sg. But he is a good shooter who still struggles to find his role and rhythm but projects to be a capable release valve down the road. His defense is okay and he tries but he will never be mistake for a 1on1 stopper simply due to lacking the elite athleticism. Realistically you´ll be looking at a Reddick-type player down the road, heard you´ll need that type though…

        • Knight and Neal are playing different positions. Neal’s a second-string SG, while Knight plays either a combo or a lead starting guard.

          Too, Reddick is MUCH better than Neal. Were Knight to morph into a Reddick-style combo guard, he’d be worth much to the Bucks.

          • Reddick is MUCH better than Neal but Knight isn´t there yet. Right now he isn´t better than Neal and he most def. plays the same role. Remember Neal was used as a backup pg/sg for the Spurs. He has some handles but usually prefers to shoot himself and has no firm grasp on how to run an offense. Knight is the same way only right now he is a worse shooter!
            Yes I think down the road you might be happy with Reddick 2 if you use him as a key reserve. Building block or projected starting pg? May God help your soul…

          • Here’s the thing: J.J. Redick was mediocre at best for the Bucks last season. When a guy who’s a shooting specialist doesn’t shoot all that well, what’s left? In the playoff series against the Heat, J.J. was overmatched and overwhelmed to the point of embarrassment; if he had the ball for more than a second, it was stolen. At least that’s pretty much how I remember it, but maybe others saw it differently.
            Anyway, the point is that if Gary Neal and Brandon Knight are worse than J.J., well now I’m really bummed out. Even before he came to the Bucks, it seems like J.J. was pretty much a one-trick player, a sharpshooter who had difficulty getting his own shot and so was dependent on the passing of others. I’d like to get more takes from others on J.J., but more relevantly on Brandon Knight and Gary.

        • I envy Detroit’s front office right now. If we’re talking about young talent just look at Brandon Jennings, Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, josh smith and… Did you guys re-sign will Bynum? Sheed as assistant coach. Chauncey billups sharing wise words… Congrats.

    • Actually Ted this team will almost certainly be better than last years squad due to improvements in efficiency, defense, and John and Larry.

      • The East has improved, the Bucks have not. They’re 10th best in the conference right now and maybe 11th depending on how you view Toronto.

        • Miami, NY, Brooklyn, Chi, and Indiana are all likely to be much better than the Bucks.

          But 10th best? How can you assume that detroit, washington, cleveland, and Atlanta will all be better than the bucks? Id guess that at least 2 of those 4 will not take the step forward you expect them to.

          As Chris Berman says, “Thats why they play the games”

          • Atlanta doesn’t need to take a step forward — they were already ahead of the Bucks (Smith for Millsap is probably a wash). Washington was a .500 team with John Wall healthy — and they didn’t have a healthy Bradley Beal or their new lottery pick. So that’s seven right there. And Detroit and Cleveland certainly added more in the offseason than the Bucks.

            Cleveland, Washington, and Detroit all have young high-potential guys who could make huge jumps. The Bucks are counting on … Henson? Knight? I’m a Bucks fan, but for better or for worse 10th seems about the best case scenario.

          • i! Hit it right on the head. Toronto after the Rudy Gay acquisition last season was better than Milwaukee as well so I think the Raptors and Bucks are going to battle for that 10 spot. Hopefully Raptors win that battle

  4. So glad that this Jennings saga is over. I would much rather have Knight, Middleton, and Slava than Jennings at $8.3 million as “the man” for the next three years. Knight, Middleton and Slava have great contracts.

  5. terrible move but,

    im happy for jennings and excited to see you guys absolutely regret everything you have said about jennings in the past when he plays a season with a team that is perfect for a point guard

    • I’m also happy for Jennings and sad that he may not be here. I’m going to drink more than I wanted to because of this atrocity. Milwaukee fans have just now proven to worst than Chicago fans. The comments made on this site a ridiculous and unrealistic. We now have the worst team in our conference, and will for three to five years. I’ve never seen anyone excited over third and fourth option players because that’s what their parents are for. I’m a fan! Not a guardian of pro ball.

      • Worst team in the conference lol. The bucks were -13 with Jennings on the court last year. We are better off without him, we’ll see what he can do in Detroit.

  6. I like our roster. We r either gone sneak into playoffs with a very young team or we r going to be lottery bound in best draft in years. Both options are better then overpaying for a disgruntled undersized pg

  7. Before we welcome the new Brandon, I want to take a litte time to remember the old.
    I’ve been a big fan of Brandon Jennings, and will always have a fondness for him after four years with the Bucks, but my enthusiasm for him has waned significantly of late based on reports that are hard for me to completely verify. He seems to have a much higher opinion of himself as a basketball player than is justified by his performance on the court. His dribbling and passing skills are suspect for a point guard, and his shooting is rather streaky for a shooting guard. Most of all, he seems to be a shoot-first guy, and that may or may not indicate a me-first attitude. Anyway, I didn’t sense he was much of a leader on the court, or for that matter, off the court.
    Going into this season, I was much higher on our Brandon, and it may be that problems with the Bucks hindered his development as a player and a person. I’m not sure he ever got the coaching and nurturing that could have really helped a guy who came to us at about the age of 19. I really think that a general manager and coach would do well to go out of their way to help these young guys adjust to pro basketball and to adult life. So many of these guys have incredible talent, but the difference between success and failure with each one has a lot to do with developing character on and off the court. This includes some firm discipline, with clearly set limits, but even moreso it means lots of encouragement and personal attention. In the end, personal responsibility does go to the player, but we all need help in life, and as much as possible, with our work and with the rest of our lives.
    Whatever happened with Brandon Jennings and the Bucks, I wish him the best going forward. At about age 23, he might have a considerable amount of upside. Thanks, Brandon, for many good times with the Bucks and us fans. Have a fulfilling career and a great life. God bless!!!

  8. Decent enough value for a guy that no one wanted to sign to a contract.

    I just hope the Pistons don’t turn around and trade him at the deadline to a good team for something more useful.

  9. happyfeethustle

    Sorry to… No SCRATCH THAT!! NOT SORRY to disagree with you.
    Other than some flashy an streaky moments-does Jennings deserve lifelong thanks and fondness. I dont think so. This is a fantastic move for the situation Bucks find themselves in. Smoke another doobie if you believe we will see a different Jennings in Detroit. Think he can be “the man” there? If he’s FORCED to pass the ball-he will be mopey and sad sack about it. Like a crybaby who went overseas instead of paying his dues like ALL others.With this SLAP IN THE FACE offseason,Jennings has been shown what he’s worth in this league-much less than the 12 mil HE thinks he’s worth. Jennings has an entitlement complex!!Jennings upside is suspect, at best. Knights upside is arguably higher with his ability to take some coaching yet. Jennings will NEVER take any coaching, he knows whats best at all times-despite coaches. Im looking at roster and not seeing TANK, im seeing .500, 41-41 with a chance to do little better even. 7th,8th seed. Which by my standards would be GRATIFYING- back to back seasons in playoffs IS success to some degree. GREAT JOB sending that whining, egomaniacal CRYBABY with poo poo in his pants O U T T A HERE!!!!


    • Wow! Here I thought maybe I was being a little too hard on Brandon Jennings, and then I find this gleeful outpouring of negativity, if not nastiness, toward him. Did all of you think this way about Brandon at the start of this season? Has he not contributed anything to the team over the past four seasons? Is it possible that his bosses on the Bucks mishandled him as a player and a person?
      When Vince Lombardi took over the Packers, Bart Starr, Paul Hornung and Ray Nitschke were truly pathetic players on their way out of the NFL instead of on their way into the Hall of Fame. Starr didn’t have a strong enough arm or strong enough presence in the huddle. Hornung was a Heisman trophy winner without a position in the pros at quarterback or halfback, plus he was a playboy who didn’t seem all that dedicated. Nitschke was somewhat of a psycho who was too mad at the world to be properly focused on football. Coaches do make a difference… I dare say, so do fans.

      • Skiles wasn’t a bad coach. We’ll see how Brandon does in Detroit, Im guessing he won’t change much from ho he’s played the past 4 years.

        • Sillybilly, wouldn’t you agree that there’s a lot more to coaching than toughness and tactics? I don’t claim to know a lot about Scott Skiles, but I’m not so sure he was the kind of coach who related well with players. I wonder how many of the guys he coached for the Suns, Bulls and Bucks are looking back and appreciating what a great influence he was on their lives, how he motivated them to be more dedicated and inspired them to play at a higher level. Maybe I’m totally wrong about this, and I welcome other perspectives.
          Also, I’ve expressed a fair amount of disappointment in Brandon of late, but I haven’t given up on him. Perhaps one has to be as big of a screwup as I am to believe in at least the possibility that a guy can change for the better, and especially if he has the right kind of guidance and encouragement in his life.

  10. This team won’t tank. The east is really weak and the roster has only improved with the moves made this offseason;

    Knight and Ridnour are equal to if not slightly better than Jennings by merit of defense, shot selection, and attitude.

    Mayo and Neal will be more efficient than Ellis who had the worst year of his career statistically last year

    Delfino and Middleton won’t be much better or worse than LRMAM’s ghost and Dunleavy

    Ersan still solid, Henson should contribute much more

    Larry will be improved, ZaZa a big upgrade to lazy Dalembert

    Team will hover around .500 no doubt about it.

  11. I am feeling very happy about this.

    Finally we can watch a pg who wants to play team basketball!!!!!!

  12. thoughsolicitor

    If the prior report of Jennings disliking Milwaukee as a city were true, have fun in Detroit.

    • Whatever happened with BJ contract with Bucks, he NEVER said that he didn’t like the City of Milwaukee.

      His quoted statements were always that he wanted to play in Milwaukee and liked Milwaukee and thanked Milwaukee for giving him his break in the NBA…. those reports that implied BJ hated us were by a bunch of bloggers or writers with “anonymous” sources.

      Anyway, Detroit rocks and he might very well love it there. Will be fun to see what happens, anyway!

      • Well said Patti #1!

        Detroit does rock!

        I’m a long time Pistons fan. Quickie and I got our first season tickets the year they drafted Kelly Tripucka (12th overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 1981 NBA Draft). The Silver Dome… what a place to watch a basketball game.

        I can’t help but think that this is a good trade for everybody involved.

        I’m sorry to see Brandon Knight go. He’s good and he’s going to get better.

        Happy to see Brandon Jennings join the Detroit Pistons.

        I watch a lot of Bucks games. I’ve never had a problem with this kid’s effort.

        Imagine the things he can learn about playing on a team from…

        Joe Dumars
        Maurice Cheeks
        Rasheed Wallace
        Chauncey Billups

        Josh Smith? I like that one too.

        I’ve read all of the “analysis” that says these new parts don’t or won’t fit together. How could you make that call now? These guys haven’t even met each other yet.

        I’m as excited about where the Pistons are trying to go as I have been in a long time.

        Go Pistons! Go Bucks!

        Welcome to the Pistons Brandon.

        Sorry to see you go Brandon.

  13. Knight v. Jennings is an interesting comparison. Offensively, they shoot closely to the same percentage, true FG percentage, and e percentage. Knight finishes at the rim much better, but isn’t as good a mid-range shooter. They shoot about the same percentage from 3. To be fair, Knight is much better at picking his shots– Jennings is a chucker who’s never met a shot he didn’t like.

    Jennings assists more (2 per 48) and turns the ball over far less (just over one per 48), but Knight rebounds better.

    FWIW, Jennings grades out as a very poor defender, while Knight grades out very, very well. Last season, Knight was worth 8.1 points per 100 while on the floor above when he wasn’t. He was among the top quartile in the league in terms of points per play as the primary defender, at around .84 per play. Jennings cost the Bucks dearly as both a primary and help defender.

    Knight’s also 22, a year plus younger than Jennings.

    I’d argue Knight is just as good an overall player as Jennings and, considering the starting lineup of Mayo, Ilyasova, Henson, and SANDERS!, may be a far better fit for the squad.

  14. I’m intrigued by a Gary Neal or Brandon Knight OJ Mayo backcourt. Anyways I’m glad Brandon is gone. I didn’t appreciate the inconsistency in his scoring and didn’t like him as a #1 scoring option. He is obviously very talented and I hope he plays well in detroit.

  15. Based on what Zeiram said above as a fan of the Pistons (appreciate the perspective) — Brandon Knight isn’t really a point guard. He might be somewhat like Brandon Jennings in not really having a position, stuck somewhere between the one and two spots. I’m interested in what others have to say.
    So far at least, I feel pretty crummy about the off-season signings for the Bucks. Instead of getting two or three veterans and then going with young guys, we’ve added a glut of middling players without getting a true point guard or a true small forward.
    We’re top-heavy with the additions of Zaza, Miroslav and Slava to go along with Larry, John and Ekpe. Then we’re shot-heavy at the two guard with O.J., Gary, Brandon Knight and Carlos. I don’t know Khris Middleton from Kate Middleton, and think apdamico makes a good point about not getting Kyle Singler.
    It’s one thing go 41-41 and maybe get the eighth seed with a young team that’s up-and-coming and gaining experience, but quite another to have the same record with a bunch of somewhat average guys without much room for improvement. I’m all for taking a chance on a Brandon Knight here, and adding a solid veteran in Zaza there, but we’re really overdoing it — and without a standout point guard to direct all these guys and consistently get them the ball.
    Maybe John Hammond is going somewhere with all of this, but so far it looks like chaos.

      • The place John Hammond is going is called “compete now while maintaining flexibility”. This isn’t going to be the most exciting team in the league (though more exciting than last years squad), but all of the guys have a decent bball IQ and are selfless. There will be good chemistry and this team will be on the fringe of the playoffs. Next year we will have the flexibility to extend Larry and make other moves. Same with the next year. And eventually a player will come along (Giannis?) and accelerate us out of the middle of the league while we are constructing a new arena.
        That is clearly the plan. hopefully it works.

        • The bucks are going to get stomped. Pffft… Most exciting team in the league. Ha! The most excited team in the league, seeing that we have a team of towel boys. Last season we struggled to to close games and this year we’ll struggle to be in any game. Trading for Brandon knight is the biggest punch line to this joke of a summer.

  16. I’m not sure how average fans can assess these trades. I’ve been a fan of basketball casually for 10 years, have a few college degrees and still don’t really get it other than knowing if you have superstars you win championships 9 times out of 10 (Pistons being an exception). My novice eyes (not knowing the scouting reports on all the new additions) suggest it may be decent to get an 8th pick who is only 21 years old in Knight and another guy with possible upside in Middleton (23 yrs old). That said, I’m sure there’s a ton of mediocre 21-24 year olds in the NBA that nobody would want.

    On a simple level, it sounds like they unloaded a likely malcontent in Jennings and Knight probably won’t be much better or worse than Jennings long-term.

    I have no idea who these centers are Miroslav Radujica or the Slava. As long as they can take up space in a mean way down low and let Henson and Sanders do the aerial show for blocks, they should be solid defensively.

    I’m not a fan of Ridnour/Delfino taking up minutes from the young guys. I like Ridnour as a player which is partially why he shouldn’t be on this team this year. Let the rebuilding begin, let youth take it’s lumps and hopefully get into the lottery. Then again, maybe this coach will give younger guys ways to develop on the court with vets helping to tutor them.

    I’m just nervous they somehow created another 8th seed mutant monster! Which is worse than Dante’s 4 circle of hell. j/p

  17. Hammond has gone completely mad. This season is going to totally suck… On paper we suck and in real time we are going to suck even harder. Brandon knight on the bucks! Eric Murdoch, lee Mayberry, Todd day. Looking forward to the world cup.

    • I don’t think so. It’ll be fun watching the young players get out there. Maybe they won’t be that good but we’ll find out if our young core is enough to keep building around. We also won’t have to watch The BJ/Monta combo. Though they were very fun to watch at times, they had poor shot selection and offered little in the way of defense. I personally think this was a good trade for everyone.

  18. All I know is the quality of basketball in the upcoming season is going to be among the worst in many years! I don’t think any professional sport should be proud to see so many teams openly tanking before even the first tipoff yet we have it already.

  19. So much disdain for Jennings on these boards. Kind of ridiculous in my opinion, people really have to consider that his coaches in the NBA so far have been Skiles and Boylan, just two awful horrendous offensive coaches, like really bad. As a player he would have improved under Drew/Van Exel and will improve under Dumars. Crazy improvement probably not but the Pistons lineup is pretty excellent. Pacers are stacked. Bulls are the Bulls. And even the Cavs lineup is exciting. Bucks will be last in the division. Starters will be Knight, Mayo, Delfino, Henson, Sanders. I think Middleton should be the starting 3 but in either scenario I dont see G-Bo getting much playing time. Bucks wont be very good so they should just let G-Bo get as much PT as possible. People who think Ers will play the 3, it will never happen. GO BUCKS?!

    • Larry Drew didn’t want Jennings either, hence the offer to Teague.

      Skiles was certainly a good defensive coach and he clearly couldn’t influence Brandon in that regard so why would offense be different?

      Skiles had decent tenures with Chicago and Phx before Mke, he wasn’t a “Horrendous” offensive coach and isn’t to be blamed for Brandon’s complete lack of improvement in 4 years, and inability to take good shots, facilitate, or even go to his right. Its not like I haven’t heard Skiles preach good offensive fundamentals over and over again in his interviews. He wasn’t an offensive mastermind, but he wasn’t “horrendous” either. That’s a bunch of phooey.

      • Ah SillyBilly I see why they call you silly. Scott Skiles teams offensive rating the past 8 years: 22nd, 13th, 30th, 23rd, 23rd, 25th, 23rd, 25th. I would keep going but I don’t think any coach in the NBA has coached more years with more atrocious numbers than that offensively. He’s always been a “horrendous” offensive coach. Him having to write up an in-bounds play was scary. Hinrich and Gordon’s numbers were not good either when he was with the Bulls. Gordon had one year where he went nuts and the offensive rating was still terrible. Your coach puts you in certain situations and spots on the floor. The offensive plays you run are decided by the coach.

        • He also has no problem going to his right so I don’t know where you get that from and he averaged 6.5 assists while Monta Ellis had a higher Usage Rate than him so I would think that’s pretty high when someone other than the starting PG has the ball in their hands more often.

  20. Current Bucks roster:
    Brandon Knight, Luke Ridnour, Ish Smith
    OJ Mayo, Carlos Delfino, Gary Neal
    Giannis, Khris Middleton
    John Henson, Ersan Ilyasova, Ekpe Udoh, Slava
    Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Miroslav

    That is at the roster level of 15. No Nate Wolters and no other unsigned players from the summer league on the roster.

    • More like:

      PG: Brandon Knight, Luke Ridnour, Ish Smith, Gary Neal, Nate Wolters
      SG: OJ Mayo, Gary Neal, Brandon Knight, Luke Ridnour, Carlos Delfino
      SF: Carlos Delfino, Khris Middleton, Giannis, Ersan Ilyasova
      PF: Ersan Ilyasova, John Henson, Ekpe Udoh, Larry Sanders
      C: Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Ekpe Udoh, Miroslav, Slava

      Of course someone on this list won’t make the team (Wolters to the D-league?) and it’ll be interesting to see if J.Henson is given the starting nod over E.Ilyasova.

      • Nate wolters is better than Brandon knight. Knight was third string in Detroit behind Calderon and Bynum.

      • I also have Delfino starting at the SF position, but his primary position is SG so I put him with the 2 guards.

        • I too like him more as a SG because of his size, but with such limited options at the 3 I don’t see him not getting all of his playing time there except for maybe very occasional match-ups though that’s pretty doubtful.

  21. People seem pumped about losing Jennings and his terrible shot selection. It appears that Knight shoots just as poorly, and that he’s even less of a true point guard (fewer assists AND more turnovers), and that he’s undersized for SG.

    What am I missing?

    • Defense?

      When Jennings went to the bench last season, the Bucks were +11.

      When Knight went to the bench, the Pistons were -8.

      Offensively, Jennings was slightly better. Defensively, it’s not close.

  22. I just want to see player development this year. Hopefully they finish the first half of next season with one of the worst records and show marketable improvement in the second half while still being left as a top 3-5 lottery bound team. This way there’s optimism for 2014 based on how they finished the season and they position themselves for a difference maker in the 2014 NBA Draft. Ahhhh… wishful thinking.

  23. why so any big men…yet again??? why not use a few players we had in summer ball and see if they develop??? there are 2 that stood out…still gotta get wolters signed as well…then maybe the “team” can take shape…

  24. until u do right by your (mother) d.denson, BRANDON KNIGHT THEN U WILL BE O.K. ANY ??

  25. until u do right by your (mother) D.DENSON, Brandon knight then u will be O.K. ANY???

  26. Nice they didn’t take the first deal that came along…….
    they took the ONLY deal that came along.
    Hope knight is tradeable

  27. John Hammond still works for Detroit. He’s a mole. Milwaukee fans have been way to dismissive in his tenure. We have no playmakers on this team any lack the intimidation that good teams respect. I watch the bucks with utmost care and felt like I was being skinned alive when we blew a big lead. I don’t care much for off the court stuff that has nothing to do with basketball. I’ve talked to many off the bucks that have been mistreated. In the beginning of last season and asked him if we had a shot at the fourth seed. He’s eyes lit up and he said I think we have a chance. I’m going to miss him to. I hear about humbleness on this site a lot but a little arrogance isn’t a bad thing. These guys are pros for a reason. None of the greats were docile.