Report: O.J. Mayo to Sign Three-Year Deal with Bucks

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, O.J. Mayo is on his way to Milwaukee.

With J.J. Redick and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. gone, and Monta Ellis likely going, the Bucks had a critical need for swingmen, points, and outside shooting.  Whether or not signing a high-profile free agent to fill that vacuum is the proper corrective measure is another matter entirely.

Some initial thoughts:

  • The Bucks did well to avoid the fourth year with the 25-year-old.  Other comparable (and older) free agents like Kyle Korver and J.J. Redick wiggled their way into four-year deals.  John Hammond stood his ground and he’ll be rewarded with future roster flexibility for his efforts.
  • Ovinton J’Anthony (yes, that is his full name) is a better three-point shooter than I recall.  He’s at 38.2% for his career, including a career-best 40.7% mark in his one season in Dallas.  The Bucks will need that to have any hope at spacing the floor.
  • Call it a gut feeling, but pairing Mayo with Brandon Jennings just feels like a whole lot of future opportunities for 7-, 8- and 9-seeds.  Mayo is a slightly above-average scoring threat, Jennings is average at best, and neither is particularly adept at defense.  The Bucks may be paying market price for Mayo and consequently keeping themselves out of The Great NBA Lottery of 2014.

Let the food puns begin.

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  1. with this and Calderon signing with the Mavs, sounds like this is our starting backcourt for 2013-14.. honestly don’t hate the deal as much as I thought I might.. not crazy money or years.. probably right where he was valued

  2. I love the fact that this deal was held to 3-years. The Bucks actually surprised me by keeping this signing to 8 million per season. That was the number most said they’d be happy with, so can’t complain one bit.

    Now if we can only get somebody to tender Jennings a contract, I’d be happier. I say, let Jennings walk or try a S&T for him. I would much rather see a backcourt of Mayo and Ellis over Mayo and Jennings. Although my ultimate preference would be a Mayo and Teague backcourt.

  3. Come on, we really cannot get anywhere in the playoffs unless we get a pick in the 1-5 range in the 2014 Lottery. By signing Mayo, the Bucks probably will end up being mid-lottery next year. It’s hard finding a star in that position, and from what we’ve seen this year, free agency is not going to give us that star player!

  4. Mayo is not a good player; this is not a good contract. (I was hoping the Bucks would get at least one of them right.)

    Consider~~The Bucks didn’t improve and just gave up a high draft pick and cap space to do so.

    And~~Why so much money for a mediocre player? Did we outbid ANYONE for Mayo?

    • when you see Tyreke Evans got 4 years at $11 mill a year for essentially the same production, gonna have to disagree bro

      • Same production?

        Evans has a 18.1 player efficiency rating. That ranks 59th.
        Mayo’s PER is 13.9, ranking 195.

        • 2012-13 stat totals:

          Mayo- 1255 points, 291 rebounds, 361 assists, 23 blocks, 93 steals
          Evans- 987 points, 287 rebounds, 229 assists, 27 blocks, 90 steals

          notice I said production, not efficiency.. but so we are clear OJ Mayo is a more efficient shooter than Evans

  5. happyfeethustle

    Likely didnt outbid anyone…well-except ourselves! This isnt the most pleasant destination for free agents! If we didnt pay $8mil-he probably takes less elsewhere. We N E E D 5men on the floor, and a bench to give starters a break. This was NOT an awful deal- maybe not the greatest deal ever,….but still reasonable.

    Back court concerns…U G H!! I will agree with apdamico: I would be energized by an Ellis & Mayo pairing, much more than a Jennings & Mayo
    partnership. Lets all pray for some backcourt miracle in the next 4 days. End the Jennings relationship- move on with NEW look and positive mental focus. Better overall energy once the cancer is removed!!!


  6. OJ Mayo improved as an all around more polished player. He’s only 25 years old. The rest of the bucks team is super young. He can grow with the team and we can get better as a whole heading to 2014-2015. If it is a train wreck or something his contract will be good for trading midway through the 3rd year of the deal. I like the signing.

  7. After reading earlier comments at this site, I like this signing of O.J. more than I thought I would, especially with a reasonable contract. If nothing else, he can shoot, but let’s hope at age 25 he is ready to step up his game a couple notches with better passing and defense. If he has a good approach to the game, and especially if he’s a good influence on our younger guys, I think Milwaukee fans will embrace him and he could become an important part of a growing team.
    The key now is to get a true point guard! (At this point, I think it’s best all-around that Brandon and Monta move on to other teams, and neither is a true point guard, anyway.) Maybe we could get Jeff Teague in exchange for Brandon and one of our big men not named Larry or John. Then there’s Devin Harris and Darren Collison and maybe a couple of other guys. I don’t know who’s the best available, but this choice is critical to the development of every one of our players.
    Help Wanted: In need of talented ballhandler and savvy passer, a team-first floor leader who brings out the best in others.

  8. I think this is good in that we didn’t over pay for someone that is past their prime. If our back court starters are Jennings and Mayo this could be a good thing for both of their games. They both have talent and are young enough to work well together with the right coaching & strategy. Better than BJ having to play with Monta “have it all” Ellis.

    And what’s not to like about a guy named MAYO? All sorts of possibilities here.
    GO Bucks!

  9. What’s been taking the Bucks so long to sign Jennings? When he named his price he said “MAX” and left. So the Bucks are waiting for him to sign an offer sheet which Jennings might not do so he can become a UFA next year.

    • Well until someone else makes an offer the bucks have all of the negotiating leverage. The longer he is on the market the more likely he and his agent would be to panic and sign a lower-figure deal.

      So essentially the Bucks are going to take all the time in the world to sign him until another team tries to pry him away. Not surprisingly, few people want this clown.

  10. I’m curious what language you used to search to come up with that picture for the story.