Report: Teague Signs Offer Sheet with Bucks

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Jeff Teague drives past John Henson (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

It took a while, but the first domino in the Hawks/Bucks point guard standoff has fallen.  Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Jeff Teague plans to sign an offer sheet with the Bucks.  Charles Garnder followed with a tweet that the deal has been signed.  The Hawks now have 72 hours to match.

It’s now the Hawks’ move.  If they don’t match the offer, they could also sign Brandon Jennings to an offer sheet, sign Monta Ellis outright, work out the details of a sign-and-trade with the Bucks, or some combination of the above.  It’s wide open.

In terms of price, the Bucks have set themselves up fairly well: they kept the price high enough for Teague to sign and high enough to make the Hawks a bit uncomfortable, but low enough that they won’t cripple their own financial situation for years to come. They may also need to amnesty Drew Gooden to create the cap room needed to pull off the deal.

On his end, Teague seemed to be pleased with the signing.

A longer comparison of Jennings, Teague, and their respective skill sets can be seen here.

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  1. Sounds like Teague is happy about this. It’d be nice to finally start a season with players who want (or don’t hate) to be in Milwaukee. (As opposed to Jennings/Jack/Sam)

  2. In a perfect world this will stick and Jennings will be dealt!! Been hearing a lot of slack about getting 2nd rd picks…. Having teague at a reasonable price and dropping Gooden’s cap hit allows the bucks to make ANOTHER deal with those picks and a player for a True #2 guard or even another scoring wing man. IMO OJ will be best coming off the bench! For what it’s worth i have been a big dump the bucks GM fan but just MAYBE this soup will turn out to actually have some flavor?? LETS HOPE SO because this bucks fan has hated basketball sinc Nelson and the boys were in town…
    PS,, heard a rumor about getting Rid back from the timber wolves??? PLEASE NO! Ish will be fine just give him a chance…

    • I really don’t think the Bucks gave Mayo 8 mil. per season to come off the bench. I would like to see a quality starting SF and backup SG signed. Ridnour and Wolters could swing over to SG, so signing a backup SG may not happen. Although the Bucks may be looking at another former Hawk like Morrow for that spot.

  3. This is great news that the offer sheet was signed by Teague and especially the terms of the deal. I hope Atlanta doesn’t match the offer and we can still work out the other rumored deal with the T-wolves for Ridnour as Teague’s backup. Worst case scenario is that the price for Jennings has been established and much lower than anticipated.

  4. I guess we are giving up a 2nd round draft pick to the T-Wolves for Ridnour in a 3-team trade. The below article states the T-Wolves are not accepting salaries back in the trade: (The Wolves cleared enough salary-cap space for Brewer’s three-year, $15/million contract by reaching agreement on a sign-and-trade with Oklahoma City for free-agent signee Kevin Martin and by sending Ridnour and his $4.3 million salary back to the Bucks without accepting any salaries in return. Both trades are contingent on Brewer and Ridnour passing physical exams as soon as Thursday.) Now we know the reason behind clearing Moute’s contract off the books. This also saves Udoh, if traded, for a seperate deal.

  5. Wow!

    I wish Jennings the best where ever he ends up, but am beyond excited that we will now (fingers crossed) have someone a little more team-oriented running the show.

    Still remains to be see. If we can get a return on either Ellis or Jennings. Sources indicate Ellis has already been renounced though.

    If only we had dealt Jennings and Ellis (and not Tobias) at the trade deadline last year we would likely have a couple additional 1st round picks. Smh

  6. Crazy! Now we wait three days to have Atlanta sign Teague.

    Hope the Bucks have a better plan than what’s being reported so far.

  7. Milwaukee Hawks…. I like Teague and what he offers. No drama, team player. I am a fan of jennings but im a bigger fan of the bucks and this seems like it will hopefully work out. Starting lineup doesnt look to shabby next year with Teague, Mayo, Delfino, Ersan, & colonel at center.

  8. happyfeethustle

    Congrats…Kudos to the Front Office! Instead of stalling out and waiting for something to give, they provide a reasonable offer sheet to Teague-and he signs it. Sounds like he is PLEASED with the idea of $8 million and playing with “The Herd”! Love to hear that!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Pray Atlanta lets him walk… So-Ridnour making a return, huh??
    Im ok with solid shooting,good Bball IQ, team oriented play… Amazing to think of backcourt Teague,Ridnour,Wolters at PG. Not as FLASHY as Jennings,Ellis-but more than likely much better production, shootin%
    chemistry. Happy Bucks fan right now :) :) :)