ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that center Zaza Pachulia has agreed to a three year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks:

No deals can be made official until July 10.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Charles Gardner are reporting that the deal is worth $15 million. Yahoo’s Marc Spears is reporting that it’s $15.6 million. It’s somewhere in that range. I’m not sure who is right. All the reporters are shouting at once.’

Quick thoughts:

  • Pachulia will be a fine back-up big for Milwaukee. As would the other 15 back-up big man on the roster who are all paid a lot less than Pachulia does and Drew Gooden too. The roster is Ish Smith, OJ Mayo, the rookies and a bunch of bigs. How many more games need to be played to prove that guard depth is worth investing in?
  • Ekpe Udoh tweeted this shortly after the deal was announced:
  • This is probably the death-knell of the Ekpe Udoh era. I’ll miss you forever. We’ll always have that time you grabbed three rebounds in a week.
  • John Hammond’s extension is for three years. So I guess he’s putting his money on OJ Mayo and Zaza Pachulia. Let’s see how that works out.