Zaza Pachulia Agrees to Three Year Deal with the Milwaukee Bucks



ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that center Zaza Pachulia has agreed to a three year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks:

No deals can be made official until July 10.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Charles Gardner are reporting that the deal is worth $15 million. Yahoo’s Marc Spears is reporting that it’s $15.6 million. It’s somewhere in that range. I’m not sure who is right. All the reporters are shouting at once.’

Quick thoughts:

  • Pachulia will be a fine back-up big for Milwaukee. As would the other 15 back-up big man on the roster who are all paid a lot less than Pachulia does and Drew Gooden too. The roster is Ish Smith, OJ Mayo, the rookies and a bunch of bigs. How many more games need to be played to prove that guard depth is worth investing in?
  • Ekpe Udoh tweeted this shortly after the deal was announced:
  • This is probably the death-knell of the Ekpe Udoh era. I’ll miss you forever. We’ll always have that time you grabbed three rebounds in a week.
  • John Hammond’s extension is for three years. So I guess he’s putting his money on OJ Mayo and Zaza Pachulia. Let’s see how that works out.

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  1. Sure we have a lot of guys in the front court, but they’re all tubemen. ZaZa is a bruiser and there is no way to simulate physical post play in practice, you have to go out and get a physical 7 footer. How else are Sanders and Henson (our two most important players) supposed to learn to play effectively against physical centers and forwards? This is an excellent move just for the sake of player development, not too mention that Pachulia will come in handy on the floor and potentially as a trade asset.

    I’m expecting Udoh will be gone or Gooden amnestied. No biggie.

    • Randall Delaney

      Bad article written, I know you have your own opinion, but wow! The fact SillyBilly makes more sense is amazingly crazy. Does Bucksketball need a real writer that follows the Bucks intensely? Send me an email, thanks!

      Choose the most reliable source and use that for the numbers. I think Zaza will lock down our center position. Larry Sanders doesn’t play a high amount of minutes and nobody seems to do much when coming in for him. Udoh, Ayon, and Henson are not centers. Either is Drew Gooden, who most likely won’t play for the Bucks this coming year if John Hammond is as intelligent as I think he is.

      I think it’s interesting that Ilyasova plays PF, he seems to fit more of the SF role (think Kirilenko in Minnesota). The only thing I agree with is the Bucks need some guards. Remember, Nate Wolters will get his chance. So if the the Bucks bring back Jennings, which seems highly likely now with the Mavs picking up Calderon, then the PG position is filled (assuming Ish stays on roster). The Bucks should find another decent SG and SF and will have a roster beginning to look okay. I really wish they would trade for a player like Danny Granger, as the Pacers will lose him to free agency next year and may want to get something for him now.

      Bucks fans would be much more excited if some of their writers actually believed in their team. I bet I could bring in many fans by simply writing about a team I love. If your going to be a reporter, report. If you want to be a writer for a professional basketball team, have an opinion without giving up on a team before the season even starts.

      • Nice attempt to try and bash the article, but you lost all credibility when you said Ersan is more of a SF than a PF. Good lord.

        • He does make a good point about the backup center though. Sanders, while improved, does still have his share of foul trouble, and some kind of physicality would be very helpful. Having said that, Zaza is not really my guy, seems like a jag. But maybe Mr. Rhymes there mellowed him out some…

        • Randall Delaney

          Ersan is a really good player but doesn’t fit any particular position. Even ESPN lists him as a SF. If you don’t believe me look it up. Don’t bring the lord into this, especially on a Sunday morning!

      • Ersan at small forward only works on NBA 2k13, and then he will average around 23 points a game and be an all star otherwise small forward isn’t gonna work.

        • He’s definitely a stretch 4. He was on the flour with Sanders and Mbah a Moute a good percentage of the time where he played on the wing on offense, but Ersan’s main contributions on defense come from crashing the boards. Otherwise, he was the undisputed second big on the floor.

      • Nice post man, all these writers are giving up on the Bucks before we’ve even gotten a glimpse of them. Bucks now have a fairly young squad thats capable of doing a lot of damage. Im not saying their going to win a championship or secure anything above a 4-seed, but its much more enjoyable as a fan watching a competitive team. Screw all this talk about tanking it this year, the Bucks need to stay somewhat relevant to keep a team here.

  2. “I’ll miss you forever. We’ll always have that time you grabbed three rebounds in a week.” –HILARIOUS!!!! That’s awesome.

    Unfortunately, I think Ian is correct though, this is probably the death of Epke, whether its a trade or release. Herb Kohl won’t amnesty anyone I think. I could be wrong, but I can’t see Kohl paying someone to not to play & leave.

  3. I’m just so relieved that we haven’t signed anybody named Smith that I’m pretty okay with the signings of Zaza and O.J. — especially for only three years apiece. Now if we can only allow Brandon and Monta to move on, I can really relax. Oh, and one more thing, we do really need a couple of guards, especially point guards, and it looks like Devin Harris and Darren Collison have just come off the board. Brandon, Ekpe and a 2nd-rounder for Jeff Teague, anyone?
    I think SillyBilly makes good points about how we could use a bruiser to complement all of our slender guys on the frontcourt. It seems like Zaza is a guy who is at least decent at just about everything, and also provides a high energy boost to the second team.
    For all of the tankers out there in fandom, remember that Michael Jordan did not turn around the Bulls in a day, neither has Kyrie Irving or John Wall for their teams. Then there’s the sagas of Dwight and LeBron as cautionary tales.
    Also, remember our own team history and injury heartbreaks like T.J. Ford, Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut, as well as high-pick flubs like Yi and Joe Alexander. Sure, it would be great to get a top-five pick next year, but the best laid plans of mice and general managers…

    • Randall Delaney

      Last time I checked Jennings is better than Teague. Teague isn’t going to put us in any better position than Jennings. Why give up Udoh and a pick for him? Wow, I think you should for a different team. Udoh could get traded (not amnestied, makes no sense with his salary half of Gooden’s and he’s more productive than Gooden), but won’t get traded for saying “Sheeesh” on Twitter. Wake up! Jennings and Udoh haven’t developed as much as they can, don’t jump the gun or we will keep giving away our potential.

      • I’ve been a big fan of Brandon all along, but have mostly run out of patience of late. I think last season he said he would do anything to help the team, even if it meant taking 30 shots. Then just recently, he reportedly said something about wanting to be The Man for the Bucks, which is a scary thought, especially in tandem with the first statement. If the Bucks did sign Brandon (I would hope for short-term and moderate pay), I would give him another chance — but I do really think he’s pushed a lot of Bucks fans to our limits with his behavior on and off the court.
        Anyway, please don’t say that people who disagree with you, Randall, should write or root for another team. I think we’re almost all huge fans of the Bucks here on this site, perhaps to a fault — and with a lot of aggravations along the way, to put it mildly. I hope we can all have fun debating the Bucks passionately and respectfully — while being really careful about questioning anyone’s loyalty or opinions or approach or credentials… or whatever. In that spirit, look forward to future exchanges with you.

        • Randall Delaney

          I understand what you’re saying, but like my friend Udoh says, “Sheeesh”. It’s not about questioning loyalty, it’s about an attitude. An attitude is what I’m talking about. We need to have a winning attitude and brace the moves that are made. You said it best, we are all Bucks fans. So let’s look at reality, Zaza will make the Bucks better as a back-up center. That is my main point, dude says we have 15 guys on our roster that can fill that role. It just makes me angry that the guy covers the Bucks and doesn’t know our roster. We have no legitimate back-up center (but will in the next few days…). I think these types of moves lock down a position. I know it’s an opinion, but that man needs to be logical too. It’s time to revive this team and it starts with an attitude. I think if they pay Jennings his attitude might just get better and his game will be better because he can focus.

          • Totally agree. Once he gets his money, all he’ll focus on is trying to win at an all-star level

          • I don’t think paying Jennings, the guy who once dropped 24k on a stripper in Miami, is a good idea.
            When asked about coming back for the Bucks all he could talk about was himself ‘being the man’ and making the all-star team.
            Sure he is talented, but I got news for you: so is Jeff Teague and about 30 other pgs floating around the league. There is no shortage of good pgs in the nba, putting up with Jennings insistence for swag above team play simply isn’t necessary.

          • You guys are literally insane. Sure is Jennings more talented than Teague? Yep. Does he contribute to winning more than Teague? Hell no.

            Get Teague. Period.

      • Jennings is not necessarily better than Teague, I think most Bucks fans could tell you that as many of us would prefer Teague.

        But you make a valid point that we shouldn’t have to give up anything in a Jennings-Teague trade unless we were trying to dump salary.

        • Randall Delaney

          I’d say it’s close, but Jennings has more potential in my eyes. You ever see Teague drop 55 in an NBA game. He’s a starting PG for many teams, but not on a championship team (unless he was on the Heat of course). Jennings is an all-start if he can better his shot selection (17.5 ppg, 6.5 assists, and 3.1 rebounds are good numbers, just think if he makes one more basket each game with the same amount of shots taken, he’s shooting 46.2% from the field!)With that said, it’s hard to build chemistry if we keep starting over with new players, similar to old players. I think O.J. won’t excite more than Ellis, but will make the position efficient and satisfy Bucks fans (he doesn’t take a ton of bad shots). And Zaza will give you what Dalembert couldn’t, effort and loyalty. Also, I find it weird when Ellis was compared to Mayo that his best upside was he was a finisher at the hoop. I watched every Bucks game from beginning to end last year and Ellis seemed to miss more shots at the rim than anyone I’ve seen in recent years (it would be fun watching him back-up Mayo though, but dude wants too much money).

          • So Jennings scored 55 in a game good for him. One game doesn’t make a career or even season for that matter. Teague is the more efficient player, a better defender, and a more team-oriented player.
            I seem to remember Teague thoroughly outplaying Jennings in the head to head matchups this past season. Also the comment about Either of these guys not being championship pgs is non-sense. Mario Chalmers is a championship pg. a 37 yr old Jason Kidd was a championship pg.

    • Not really, once you accept that the bucks are in ‘win now’ mode, then this move makes a lot of sense.

      ZAZa makes similar money to Udoh and is a big upgrade. He offers physicality that we are lacking. His contract is reasonable and in a league with few serviceable big men he will always be a trade asset (barring injury).

      Buck up Ted

      • Randall Delaney

        Yes, Udoh is another guy that doesn’t fit a position. He still has time to develop though. I think Zaza makes great sense.

      • How on earth does that make sense? This move is completely illogical even for the Bucks. There are at least a handful of guys similar to Zaza that could have been attained for the minimum or damn close to it. Jason Collins, Aaron Gray, Joel Przybilla, and Jon Brockman all come to mind.

        5.5 million dollars a year for 3 seasons to get 16 minutes a game, set some hard picks, commit 2.5 fouls and grab 5 rebounds is a joke. You cant seriously believe that it is a reasonable contract? Either you are trolling or delusional

        • None of the guys you mentioned is even as close to as good as Zaza.

          I realize the guy isn’t an all star, but he can come in and effectively slow down the best big men in the league. He also pulls down some boards. He is a little more valuable than you are acknowledging. Brockman and Pryzbilla aren’t even close to being on the same level as Pachulia. In fact I’d say he’s an upgrade to the inconsistent Dalembert who made 6.7 mil

          • Zaza Pachulia can be valuable, but not for 5-6 million dollars a year. That is way too much money for a backup center in this new CBA.

            Im not saying Pachulia is terrible, Im saying the contract is. We’ll see if they made this move specifically with additional ones in mind, but right now this is a terrible sign financially

  4. Last year we had Dalembert at $6.7 M and Joel. There are times when we simply can’t out run the other centers and power forwards to win. I think teams need at least one guy on the team that can hold their ground.
    I hope that guy is ZaZa for the Bucks.

    If our PG and SF positions were already filled, I think the reaction to this would be more positive. It’s the misdirect that has everyone scratching their heads. It’s a contract that is very reasonable, so no need to panic there. The Bucks DO have to have a full roster. 7 days down and 3 to go????

    Go Bucks!

  5. the Bucks are like a 6-year-old that found a wallet and then heard the ice cream man.. now I’m just buying whatever I see.. hope I don’t throw up

    • I think your ice cream truck analogy is useful, but you have not carried it far enough. If all the ice cream represents all the optional free agents, which one would you like? Won’t they all make you sick? Look at the vomiting being done about Dwight Howard! It us easy to say there are better centers, or better SG, but they all have flaws. Plus, many of them are not even for sale, or can’t be afforded, so you round out your roster as best you can. It’s easy to hate on the quality, but it’s all they have on the truck, so judge it compared to what was available, not to something you wish they had.

      • It’s more a point about delinquent spending, and the fans getting sick with what the Bucks are purchasing.. I think the Bucks are the first to buy into no one wants to play in Milwaukee sometimes, so they just buy whomever is nice enough to take their money
        But make no doubts that this is a garbage signing.. paying a lackluster player $5 mill/year to line a bench when we already have someone manning that position.. and all this BS about Zaza teaching Sanders/Henson about toughness is asinine.. the only thing Zaza is gonna teach is what not to do, and will probably get punched by Larry in practice

        • Asinine? Have you ever watched post players practice. Having a good practice partner at that position is very very important. If LS and JH can learn how to consistently school Zaza in practice it will translate to games and the 5 mil will be worth it.

          Dalembert made more and no one really protested that. Zaza will probably contribute more when it comes down to it.

          • I was completely against the Dalembert trade last year, and he didn’t provide much.. Sanders and Henson are already way more advanced in the ideals of post defense/offense for Zaza to contribute to their knowledge.. and as far as Sanders punching him in practice, it will happen, just a matter of when.. LS is a hothead and ZP is a known agitator

          • @Justin
            It’s not about Zaza contributing to LS and JH knowledge by “teaching” them anything. It’s about having the body of a physical 7 foot NBA defender to practice post offense and defense against. Both LS and JH have some problems with bigger players and sparring with Zaza daily can help them figure it out.

            And no Joel Pryzbilla wouldn’t do because the guy can barely move. You just aren’t going to find many decent 7 footers for less than 5 mil.

        • And why is Zaza going to get punched by Larry.
          5mil is pretty much market value for a decent back up center, no reason really to get worked up about it.

        • @Justin “I think the Bucks are the first to buy into no one wants to play in Milwaukee sometimes, so they just buy whomever is nice enough to take their money” Looks like Bucks are closing in on a 3 year deal with Delfino lol

  6. happyfeethustle

    Like the ZaZa signing…he plays like a bruiser. Always has a mean look on his face- all business. He will contribute, he scraps for every rebound,loose ball. Udoh is just not up to NBA level talent. Big drop-off when he enters for Sanders. Henson, Ilyasova,Gooden-NO CHANCE of being effective enough to play center!

    Please, lets get our point guard situation handled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is the biggest concern for us- If we can solve this problem soon-we may have a good starting 5… NO TANKING. Let’s hope & pray for a winning season.


  7. I love it when the Bucks are giving us something to argue about. So tired of the folks who want to get of Jennings, Ellis and on and on. I like every move the Bucks have made. Bringing Carlos back, who we should have retained, our draft and our tough back up center. Remember, he often started in Atlanta and leaves us that option given an unexpected injury. He would give us six good fouls and 10 boards. And most of all, I want Jennings with us at least one more year, giving the rook time to get up to speed. We may very well have had a chemistry problem with Jennings. I would have a problem if you are replacing my contribution with Ellis and then Reddick. And after changing his game to compensate, many blame his play for lack of success. Anyway, Its good to have some confidence that the Bucks are working to correct their shortcomings…Now lets sign BJ, Go Bucks.

    • 10 boards?…so zaza is going to double his production in his 11th season. 6 points, 6 rebounds guy at best, more likely 4/4. bucks could be somewhat relevant in 4 years time.

      there’s a reason why nyknicks passed on bjennings in draft, even when they were looking for a PG.

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