2013-14 Bucks Schedule Released

When will Giannis Antetokounmpo debut? (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

Here is the Milwaukee Bucks schedule.

The Bucks have 20ish back-to-backs. They start the season on the road, play a lot of weekend games at home, and won’t play many games on Thursday or Sunday. I haven’t even looked at the schedule yet. There are just rules that govern how the Bucks’ schedule works. Just like there are rules that govern how every Bucks season goes. This is the same as the year before and the year before that.

Here are the hottest games and takes:

  • November 23, the Bucks play the Charlotte Bobcats at home.
  • November 25, the Bucks travel to Detroit for Charlie Villanueva’s revenge.
  • November 29, the Bucks play the Charlotte Bobcats away.
  • December 4, the Detroit Pistons come to Milwaukee. Brandon Jennings will say some words. People will pay attention. It will all seem meaningless as he shoots us all into oblivion.
  • December 10, the Bucks face the Chicago Bulls. Later that week, the Bucks play the Bulls again. That is cool.
  • December 23, the Bucks play the Charlotte Bobcats away.
  • December 25 is Christmas. Show your family you care with a Bobby Simmons bobblehead. Then sequester yourself and watch 12 hours of basketball.
  • January 10, the Milwaukee Bucks will play the Chicago Bulls at home. That is Glenn Robinson’s birthday. He will turn 41.
  • January 15, the Bucks play the Memphis Grizzlies. WHAT! They got the Grizzlies?!? What a tough draw for the Bucks.
  • January 25, Atlanta travels to Milwaukee. Come and see what could have been.
  • February 5, Lebron James and the Miami Heat travel to Los Angeles. The Bucks will play the Denver Nuggets.
  • All-Star Weekend falls on Valentine’s Day. Get a Michael Redd All-Star jersey for your significant other.
  • March 16, the Bucks play the Charlotte Bobcats at home.
  • March 19, the Bucks travel to Golden State. They will play basketball the next day.
  • March 27, the Los Angeles Lakers come to Milwaukee. The BMO Harris Bradley Center should be brimming with the world-renowned pleasantness of Kobe fans.
  • April 1, the Bucks play the Los Angeles Lakers at home for Kobe Bryant. Haha. April Fools’. The Bucks don’t play that day.
  • April 14, the Bucks play the Toronto Raptors away. It is the second to last game of the season.

Comment below with your hot games and takes.

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  1. Good thing the Bucks will not get jinxed by playing on national TV until the very last game!

    I thought Bo was from Greece, not Mars. Why did they make him look like an alien? Anyway, he’s a lot more handsome than ET!

    Go Bucks!

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