Larry Sanders Signs His Contract Extension

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Larry gets an assist on signing his new deal. (Photo credit: Instagram/larrysanders)

Larry Sanders made his contract extension official.  In addition to the one year remaining on his rookie deal, his new four-year extension keeps him under contract for the Bucks through the 2017-18 season.

If the financial terms are anywhere near the $44 million figure that was in the news last week, then the Bucks got a steal.  The going rate for quality starting centers is at least $10 million per season, and the Bucks locked up their defensive stalwart for just a shade over that.  Compared to recent deals like:

  • Brook Lopez, 4 years, $60.8 million
  • DeAndre Jordan, 4 years, $43 million
  • JaVale McGee, 4 years, $44 million
  • Nicola Pekovic, 5 years, $60 million
  • Serge Ibaka, 4 years, $49.4 million

the Bucks are getting a reasonable deal.  Of course, other teams’ mistakes wouldn’t justify a Sanders deal, but the Bucks are 1) staying within the market price for players of his caliber, and 2) prioritizing their offseason moves around the skills of Sanders over those of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, two players who are much more easily replaced than Larry.

The unmeasurable bonus is that Sanders wants to play in Milwaukee.  As he wrote on his Instagram post,

It’s official..can’t believe I’ve been granted this opportunity to represent Milwaukee for the next 5 years and hopefully the rest of my career. Words can not explain my gratitude for the @bucks organization and the faith in me as a leader and a worker..I won’t let you down Mil-town..see you in the BC!!!
With the four years on his rookie deal soon to expire, and four more on the way via this extension, it’s as if Sanders just got elected as President of Milwaukee.  Let’s hope he vetoes a lot of shots this season.

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  1. If the Bucks commitment to Sanders turns out well it could draw other free agents to Milwaukee. A big, talented defensive center is a big draw in the NBA. Especially if the Bucks put a decent team around him.

  2. Wonderful feeling to hear Larry say he feels gratious to represent Bucks franchise as Leader,Worker- See ya in the BC !!

    Just the SHOT of confidence this new squad needed, a guy thats passionate about the game, passionate about leaving it all on the court-signing long term deal….SWEET! His teammates know he will be at the rim, and running the court when chances come!!!! GO LARRY

    GO BUCKS GO :)

  3. Great news! This is the most exciting and hopeful move for the Bucks in recent memory, especially with Larry expressing what is apparently a sincere fondness for Milwaukee and the Bucks.

    I’m looking forward to Larry becoming more and more of a force on offense, hitting 15-footers as well as driving with a dribble or two to the hoop for some dunks and little bank shots — this in addition to running the floor. Just as long as he doesn’t get carried away with the shots… and let’s hope we emphasize the point guard position to get all of our guys the ball.

    Note to Larry: If you keep up your attitude, keep up your effort, keep up pretty much everything you’ve been doing — then I think you’re going to have a great life in Milwaukee with your teammates and the fans. Rooting for you and praying for you on the court and off! God bless!

  4. With the nice raise Larry will be able to pay the NBA all those fines next year AND have some left over for his child’s college fund.

    Sorry…couldn’t help myself.

    Of all the positions to have security, I’m all for paying/keeping a good center. We know what playing without one is like. Good deal for the Bucks and for Sanders. Now if we can just keep everyone healthy this year, it will be fun watching this group develop.

    Go Bucks!

  5. Very impressive attitude by Sanders! He and his agent(s) are doing it the right way. They realize Sanders doesn’t need to average 20, 10, and 5 blocks to be loved in Milwaukee. Go out and get 12, 10, and 3 and have a positive attitude toward the city and you will be a Milwaukee favorite for life. Good riddance to Jennings and Ellis!