Surely by now you’ve heard about Caron Butler’s emotional introductory press conference. Everything you’ve heard is probably true. He was incredibly emotional and the video is pretty touching. It’s not often you get to see someone reflect on carrying out a dream they had as a child. Any of us who grew up playing basketball in our driveways or at our parks pretending to play for the Milwaukee Bucks can only imagine what it’s like to actually do so.

Butler gets to actually do it.

Something I try and do all the time on this site is be as authentic as possible. I don’t want to write things simply to get something up or post thoughts that I think will be controversial. Authenticity is as important as it seems to be rare. So when watching this video, I’m really moved by how authentic Butler seems to be.

Even having played in the NBA for 11 years, this is still a surreal moment for him. He’s still living out his dream and he’s getting to do it how he wants to do it, with a press conference in his old high school in the city he grew up in.