Bucks and Hawks tie for least televised team in NBA

It’s that time of year again.

The Bucks, thanks to a 72-game deal with FS-Wisconsin, find themselves on the top (bottom?) of my now annual non-televised games ranking.

Womp womp.
Womp womp.

Outside of the Grizzlies, not many surprises on the chart. The Hawks experienced the greatest increase in non-televised games going from four last season to seven this year. The Bucks were able to knock down their total by three games thanks to the good people at NBA TV. Of course the Bucks and Hawks are tied for least televised after the seemingly parallel summer they just experienced.

Fortunately, avid Bucks fans who have a television subscription and NBA League Pass will be able to stream games without blackout restrictions this season. Now, I’m not sure if this service will allow streaming of games not broadcasted by FS-Wisconsin. But if it does, people in Wisconsin will finally have a legal way to watch every Bucks game. What a wonderful world.

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  1. No suprise here. I was surprised at Sports Illustrated’s preview of the Bucks. They have them at 12th in the east. Most sources that I’ve seen have them somewhere in the 7-10th range.

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