Simmons Rose

Grantland’s Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose decided to spend the last few weeks of the offseason breaking down each NBA team based on a ranking created by Simmons. They’ve covered the bottom fifteen teams in the league so far and guess what? The Bucks still aren’t on the list! This means one of two things:

  1. Bill Simmons thinks very highly of the Bucks.
  2. He forgot to rank them.

No matter the reason, YouTube commenters decided to do what they do best: complain. (BOOM TAKE THAT YOUTUBE COMMENTERS HAHAHAHA!!!)


(Again, as a reminder, all of these comments are on videos that have nothing to do with the Bucks.)

2Haha right!,?


Classic joke!


Can #HATERSGONNAHATE13 be the new slogan for the Bucks?? Please?!?!

17That sure would be silly, Raptors21! Boink boink.


It’s just you!6

I’m a fan of Mr. Nebett’s attitude. 7


Yeah. Go Google “giannas.” I dare you. 9

Woah, JusticeBenho. Did you miss when they signed Bobby Simmons AND Charlie Bell in the SAME WEEK!?! That’s suspense. 10

Classic. 11

Classic. 12

… he said while taking a selfie.13

I’m for it. 14

This guy has lived a sort of depressing life. 15

mayb your both moron


Too real, Gabe228. Too real.