How young are the Bucks? Pretty young!

It’s no secret that the 2013-14 Milwaukee Bucks are young. Their oldest player, Caron Butler, is just 33 years old, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the youngest player in the league and I think Ersan Ilyasova is aging backwards.

But how young are these Bucks compared to the last ten seasons? OH. LOOK. HERE’S A GRAPHIC WITH ALL THE ANSWERS:



  • This year’s squad is the second youngest opening night roster the Bucks have had over the last ten seasons.
  • One of the two youngest rosters, 2006-07, benefited from the supreme leadership of Ruben Patterson. How did it all go wrong??
  • The other youngest roster? The famous Fear The Deer squad of 2009-10. Fear The Veal doesn’t have quite as much of a ring. Kneel To The Veal?
  • The 2004-05 Bucks were uniquely old for how awful they ended up being. The good news is their 30-52 record was bad enough to win the draft lottery that summer.
  • The team’s average age has flipped between around 27 and around 25 each season since 2008-09. This fits in to the “win-now” mentality and the Bucks will be an older squad next season if this trend continues.
  • There’s no apparent correlation between average team age and wins.
  • To put these numbers in perspective, the oldest team in the history of the league was last year’s New York Knicks with an average age of 32 years and 240 days. Their average age was barely younger than the Bucks’ oldest player. Yikes.
  •  This graphic by Ed Kupfer gives a good visual of the average ages across the league. The Bucks are one of the youngest.
age current nba rosters
Courtesy of @EdKupfer.

So what does this all mean? Not much other than it being clear that older does not always mean more talented. We can all agree, however, that if the Bucks are going to be bad, they might as well be young and bad.

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  1. Ruben Patterson providing veteran leadership for the 06-07 team. That’s how you build a contender!

  2. I do believe it should be against the rules to post pictures or say HIS name. T.H………… ILLEGAL! I feel a pain in my chest every time I see him or read his name. Oh Bucks oh Bucks… Let’s hope Giannas turns out better than T.H.

  3. It says something that even as a huge Bucks fan, I can’t name half of the players in the “old” category…