Larry Sanders injured thumb in bar fight, underwent surgery, out for six weeks

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It turns out Larry Sanders didn’t hurt his thumb in the Raptors game after all. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

(Updated 7:13 PM CT) Larry Sanders underwent surgery to repair a ligament in his right thumb Monday afternoon.  His recovery time is estimated at six weeks. The surgery was performed at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin by Dr. Curt Crimmins, a hand specialist.

Worse, the team revealed that the injury was a result of an off-court altercation.

Sanders originally stated that the injury occurred in a November 2nd home game against the Toronto Raptors.  After the game, Sanders vented about a lack of playing time.  A few hours later, Sanders injured his hand in the incident at the Apartment 720 night club.

A six-week absence would keep Sanders off the court until about Christmas, and if he doesn’t play until then, he would miss 23 games in addition to the two that he has already missed.

Sanders’ absence likely means more minutes for John Henson, Ekpe Udoh and Zaza Pachulia.  Recently Henson has been the Bucks’ starter at power forward in place of the injured Ersan Ilyasova. Udoh returned this week following knee surgery.  Pachulia had played well to start the season, but he struggled against Dallas and missed practice Monday.  The Bucks also have center Miroslav Raduljica on the roster, but he has yet to appear in an NBA game.

It remains to be seen if and how the team will respond to the revelation that an injury occurred away from the court, especially since the recovery time will cost the Bucks their starting center and star player for at least a third of their season.

Sanders apologized for his role in the incident Friday without acknowledging it as the cause of his injury. “I want to start by saying I put myself in a bad situation over the weekend. I didn’t make the best decisions down the stretch, but I would like to apologize to my fans here and Sen. Kohl, who I will talk to directly. I’ve talked to the team and apologized to them, just for shedding a negative light on our team and our organization.”

Sanders is averaging 2.7 points and 3.7 rebounds per game this season, while shooting 25% from the field.

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  1. 7 words you can’t say on the internet comment section on blogs. I want to say them all. The underperforming start was bad enough, now this… Talk about a swing in public opinion. First favorite bench player, then actual favorite and media darling, to overpaid whiner of minutes/bar brawl guy. What the heck Sando? We all thought you was cool man. Turn it around bro. Focus and wife and kids and work. Get hungry again.

  2. I am disgusted with his behavior. I hope there’s a clause in his contract that keeps him from getting paid during this period.

    Secondly, what a flippin’ hypocrite. To endow himself as the leader of the team in the offseason, calling out Jennings, then signing the big contract. Only to INSTANTLY start whining about playing time THEN get in a bar fight? Then to LIE about it? Now to miss 25 games?

    What a joke.

    The only upside is we’ll lose a bunch of games, get some more PT for Henson and Greek Freak and add a ping pong ball or two in the process.

    What Grade A, A-Hole series of moves, Larry.

  3. Yolo, not a big deal with the injuries imo. Better for lottery picks honestly lol. Of the preseason rankings that stated they would be higher they were including Delfino and Larry as being bigger parts of their team overall. Call me stupid but I think if they’re getting close to the trade deadline, there are some lingering injuries and they look like garbage I think they should trade Ersan if there’s a good offer out there (this includes a 1st round pick).

  4. This does seem to be a very serious matter, especially if there was a lie involved; a serious punishment may be warranted; but I’m very hopeful that Larry will bounce back from all of this. Making mistakes in one’s early twenties is not a huge surprise — if only I could be that age again and know what I know now — but it’s important to get back on the right track right away.
    It might be unfair, but high-profile athletes have to be very careful about where they hang out. Considering the benefits of their jobs, it’s not all that terrible of a price to pay.
    Larry, we’re still with you, but, please, turn it around fast, for your good as well as ours. Use the time off to get it together. Don’t hesitate to get outside help. God bless!

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  7. Last year was a revelation for Larry. Unfortunately, it was also probably an aberration. The poor, poor Bucks organization is once again stuck with another bad contract. I’m hoping for playing time for Henson and Giannis, a large collection of ping pong balls leading to a very high pick in next years unusually talent-rich draft. I know that there are no guarantees with draft picks, but the Bucks need to strike gold…and fast. Or else. The fact that the team was selling Larry as their future “star” and best player was and is embarrassing from the word go. They need a real star who can be dynamic on the floor and one who can drum up excitement among the fan base. Guys like Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, etc. at least give you POTENTIAL for that. I, for one, am hoping for lottery luck, and the organization making the correct decision on who to draft. ***Watch Wiggins and Parker battle it out tonight on ESPN

  8. Jeez people sure are turning on Sanders quick…he’s done alot of good for the community. I dont think he deserves to be completely written off for this incident

    • He’ll be doing a lot more for the community if he keeps up this trend. Be that, I mean community service.

      • One time offense is hardly a trend…not sure if we can even call it an offense as no one was charged in this incident.

    • First of all, I got a good laugh from JABShocker… good one!
      However, got to go with Ted on this one… jeez, how quick people turn on someone.
      I’m sticking with Larry!

  9. I too am very disappointed by this event… not so much the bar scuffle,but the dishonesty ! I can only imagine the problems that may come with $44 million at a young age. Not to mention the FACE OF FRANCHISE label dropped onto Larry…. no pressure right?? LOL

    I’m not, I repeat…N O T giving up on the Blocktopus, he has to get things right….maybe a professional sports counselor might help? Do the right thing LARRY !!!

    Go. Bucks

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