Life without Larry ain’t a life worth livin’: Bucks vs. Heat Preview

"Well, what the heck am I supposed to do now?" - Larry Drew (Getty Images)
“Well, what the heck am I supposed to do now?” – Larry Drew, probably (Getty Images)


Tough week, am I right?

In the span of two days, the Bucks found out that two guys expected to be key contributors – Carlos Delfino and Larry Sanders – would miss significant portions of the season. As if the injury bug hadn’t struck them (and the rest of Wisconsin’s sports teams) enough this year, the team learned that a setback in Delfino’s recovery from a broken foot would cost him the rest of the season, while Sanders’ already-infamous nightclub incident left him with a torn thumb ligament that required surgery and a six-week recovery period. Remember when we were all talking about the crazy frontcourt depth this team had?

What to Watch For: Bucks

Brandon Knight comes in, Larry Sanders exits. The Bucks’ rotation has been a revolving door so far this season and that doesn’t figure to stop any time soon. Look for some combination of Zaza Pachulia, Ekpe Udoh, and John Henson to take their turns at the center position while the team determines who else can play without some essential body part falling off. If things keep going sideways, we might even get our first Miroslav Radulijica sighting of the year. Get hype.

What to Watch For: Heat

Spoiler alert: the Heat are a good basketball team. Like, one of the best in the league. So… watch for that, I guess? LeBron James has been his typical inhuman force despite dealing with back issues for the entirety of the young season. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him get most of the night off in what may end up being a pretty ugly blowout by the end.

Injury Report

Bucks: Larry Sanders (thumb; out), Ersan Ilyasova (sprained ankle; day-to-day), Luke Ridnour (back; day-to-day), Brandon Knight (hamstring; day-to-day)

Heat: Udonis Haslem (back, day-to-day)

Projected Lineups


PG Brandon Knight

SG O.J. Mayo

SF Caron Butler

PF John Henson

C Zaza Pachulia


PG Mario Chalmers

SG Dwayne Wade

SF LeBron James

PF Udonis Haslem

C Chris Bosh

Choose the Form of the Destructor

Take your pick: LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, Juwan Howard (disclaimer: I’m not sure if Juwan Howard is still in the league. He’s like, my dad’s age).

But it’s probably going to be Shane Battier. It’s always Shane Battier. He just hangs around in the corner, waiting for someone to throw him the ball and then BAM! – three pointer. He really sneaks up on you.

Or, ya know, this guy:

(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)
BIRDMAN BIRDMAN (Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)


Good basketball is played, but not by the Bucks. The Bucks could use a hospital bed and some aspirin.

Heat 105, Bucks 89


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  1. Larry is a good player and I like him, but for the sake of the franchise the bucks should sell high and trade him to move up in this draft or gain an additional first rounder. Larry is bound to be the Dennis Rodman of our era (by virtue of rim protection instead of rebounds) but the bucks are still in need of their MJ, or even Scottie Pippen. It’s the right move to make at some point between now and the 2014 draft.

      • He may be injured but league opinion is that he is an eminent defender. It would still be selling high.

        • He’s injured, was involved in a high-profile off-court incident, had an eminently forgettable first three games when he did play, and hasn’t even started his 4-year, $44 million contract extension. None of that is anything resembling “attractive” or “positive” or “a high point”. They’re not getting anything near market value for him right now.

          • An entire season of fantastic interior defense means an awful lot more than 3 games on a completely new roster with a new coach. His injury isn’t going to affect his play and it’s not like injured and troublesome players haven’t yielded high trade rerun before. Larry is a rare commodity in the League, the bucks could get substantial assets for him right not or before the trade deadline when he’s played a few games.

    • You know that even if a team were to trade their best player and go into full tank mode they still have a 75% chance of not getting the first overall?

      • If Larry Sanders is the Bucks best player then they have a real problem, and the solution to that problem is to trade for a real ‘best player’.

        Bucks don’t need top pick in this draft to get an impact player. Somewhere in the top 6 will do.

  2. ..and being the Dennis Rodman of this generation, but as a rim protector, makes zero sense whatsoever. How about he’s the Ron Artest of this generation (by virtue of nightclubs rather then the crowd).

    And I’m glad you made it so simple for us! Let’s just find the next MJ and get him!! Duh. What the heck have we been doing this whole time??

    • It actually makes a lot of sense because both Larry and Rodman are very one dimensional yet they have an enormous impact on their teams performance. They are both extremely potent in a specific area.

      If the Bucks were to take a chance to get a legitimate face of the franchise the 2014 draft would definitely be their chance.

  3. Larry Sanders as the Dennis Rodman of this generation? Larry isn’t even an all-star, let alone a guy who will end up in the hall of fame. Good grief. And he may be Ron Artest in Thug Life alone…but not as a basketball player. Artest at one time was a really good two-way player, and an all-star to boot. In terms of finding success (with a fat contract) and squandering it, I liken him to (and I’m not comparing their game here – they are much different types of player) Vin Baker. Put it together, tease everyone with your skill-set, then drink your way out of the league within a few years. C’mon Larry….let’s try not to be Vinnie B.

    • Larry is a bit of a hot head but I dont think being involved in a bar fight one time warrants comparison to a player known for his troubles dealing with alcoholism

      • I compared him to Rodman because both are very one dimensional players, not because of off court issues.

  4. Let’s not lose our heads! Are we really ready to give up on Larry? Are we really ready to make Nate Wolters the star point guard of the next ten years? It’s one thing to express concerns, or to get excited, but let’s not get too high or too low. I thinks that fans can make a difference with players by supporting them in good times and bad (which is not the same as letting them do whatever they want without reprimand). So get it together, Larry. Keep up the nice start, Nate. Keep calm, fans.

    • Thank you. You know who else had a slow start after a big extension? Ersan. But he rebounded to his old self last year. 5 games in and these people want to trade our best player? I hope they never can control an NBA team.

      • Ersan can’t net through a trade what Larry can. The 2013 draft class wasn’t the 2014 draft class. With John Henson on the roster trading Larry Sanders for a better draft position in a boom draft year is a pretty logical thing to do.

        • What team in tank mode would trade it’s lottery pick for Sanders? I honestly dont think any would. Panic trading Sanders would be a very shortsighted move and I dont think he’s in the doghouse (oops) THAT much where it merits trading him for cents on the dollar.

          • Look what Jrue holiday yielded.

            Given the 2014 draft picks are more coveted it’s not guaranteed but I’d say the bucks have a pretty good chance to be up in the top 6 with Larry.

            Outside of the Jazz I think the prognostications of league wide tanking have been over-exaggerated. The suns, sixers, and celtics look like mediocre teams, not tankers.

  5. After watching last nights champions classic, why would you want Sanders to come back? Lets tank this season BIG TIME…in fact, can we trade Knight to the Lakers for their 1st rounder and hope they miss the playoffs and maybe get ridiculously lucky to get 2 of the first 3 picks???!?!?! Parker, Wiggins and Randle are sick…I really hope that’s managements focus. Those are franchise-turning players.

    • Exactly my point… Its not guaranteed we get any of those guys, but if there were a year to take a chance on trading an established player for a lottery pick this is definitely the year to do it. If the Bucks go for it they have a chance to turn the corner, if not its going to be more of the same old gradual renovation (not rebuild) attempt.