The Milwaukee Bucks had five hundred times as many Yahoo! searches as another NBA team in October

Giannis Antetokounmpo snatches a loaf of bread for bagging. (Photo credit:
Giannis Antetokounmpo snatches a a bag of potatoes for bagging. (Photo credit:

The Bucks may have created more offseason buzz than anyone expected. Despite coming off a 38-44 season and a first-round sweep in the 2013 NBA playoffs at the hands of the Miami Heat, the Bucks generated a lot of internet interest during their preseason.  According to Yahoo!, the Milwaukee Bucks were the search engine’s most highly searched NBA team in the month leading up to the regular season.

The margin between the Bucks and other NBA teams wasn’t close.  Carolyn Clark, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Yahoo! News and Finance, says that the Bucks had “nearly five times as many searches as the Miami Heat in the 30-day period leading up to October 28.”  The Heat were the second-most searched team over the same time interval.

Perhaps more surprising is the comparison between the number of searches for the Bucks and the two least-searched teams: the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers.  According to Clark, the Bucks had  “more than 500 times the searches in the past 30 days” than the 76ers did.

While Yahoo! wouldn’t reveal the exact number of searches, think of the scale here.  For every 50 searches for the Sixers, there were 25,000 searches for the Bucks.

Yahoo! typically accounts for slightly more than 10% of all U.S. internet searches.  The count was created by tallying up all the searches for full team names like “Milwaukee Bucks” and “Philadelphia 76ers”.

While the numbers are surprising, the Bucks certainly had an eventful October.  One home preseason game was canceled halfway through the first quarter because Milwaukee’s brand new floor was too slippery.  The team also drew attention when they shot a hilarious parody of the “Drake hands” video.  Most importantly, they unveiled the most mysterious, exciting, and culturally interesting rookie of the 2013-14 season: Giannis Antetokounmpo.  And he Dougied.

Plus, if you wanted to search for said rookie, you probably had to look up the Bucks’ roster to learn how to spell his name.

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  1. Yet ESPN is pretty sure that the Milwaukee Bucks are actually a figment of our collective imagination, and that no highlights shall be shown, even on a come from behind victory. Even Bill Simmons (of ESPN) has rated them fairly high on the League Pass Watchability scale. No respect.