A quick breakdown of the Milwaukee Bucks’ remaining 2013-14 schedule

We're talkin' about STRENGTH of schedule haha get it?
We’re talkin’ ’bout STRENGTH of schedule haha get it?

We are now 24 games into the 2013-14 season and the Milwaukee Bucks have the worst record in the league at 5-19. To make matters worse, they’ve recorded this record against the seventh easiest schedule in the league with an opponent winning percentage of just .480. However, here’s some good news if you’re a fan of the tank … the schedule is about to get a LOT more difficult.

Before we get into the deats of how awful this schedule gets, let’s do a quick refresher on how the NBA schedule is created.

Each team plays four games against their four division opponents (16 games), four games against six out-of-division opponents (24 games), three games against the other four conference teams (12 games), and finally two games against the fifteen opposing conference teams (30 games).

The Bucks’ next five games come against a non-Murderer’s Row (Volunteer’s Row? Good Samaritan’s Row? Law Abiding Citizen’s Row?) assortment of Eastern Conference teams (vs. New York, at Cleveland, vs. Philadelphia, at Charlotte, at Brooklyn). After these five games, get ready for a painful note, the Bucks will have played 24 of their first 29 games against the abysmal Eastern Conference where only two teams are currently above .500.

MATH TIME: This means 47 percent of the Bucks’ schedule after December 27 will be against the Western Conference, also known as the conference which the Bucks are currently 0-5 against. In addition, the Bucks’ final ten games of the season are against the Eastern Conference (including two against the Miami Heat).

So, 62.8 percent of Milwaukee’s games between December 27 and March 29 will be against the Western Conference or the Indiana Pacers. Good grief.

Simply put, it’s ‘bout to get brutal.

Itching for some more breakdown?! Well, here ya go:

Winning percentages as of 12/17.
Winning percentages as of 12/17.

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The most important thing to take away from these graphs is the Bucks’ schedule lightens up after the February 15 trade deadline. That is a very, very good thing. Also, the seemingly easy month (note: easy is relative. The Bucks’ winning percentage is .208 … ) of March is offset by a three-game and four-game road trip. It’s as if the schedule makers know what they’re doing or something.

The Bucks will improve once Larry Sanders returns sometime after Christmas. However, the schedule won’t allow him a relaxed return and it’s hard to imagine the team will experience a significant win uptick during the second-half of the season. They are what they are … bad.

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