Giannis Antetokounmpo posts a career-high 15 points (VIDEO)

The Bucks laid a dinosaur egg last night.  The Spurs doubled them up in the first quarter, 32-16.  Tim Duncan outscored the Bucks starters by himself.

To say that their effort was shaky would be an understatement.  O.J. Mayo, Khris Middleton, Ekpe Udoh and Brandon Knight combined for a grand total of 3 rebounds in 69 minutes of play.  (Duncan had 16 in 24 minutes.)  So if there’s a consolation to be had, it lies (as it has mostly lay for the whole season) in the play of the young players, specifically Giannis Antetokounmpo.

With the starters playing underwhelming basketball, head coach Larry Drew used Antetokounmpo for a career-high 33 minutes and Giannis responded in kind with a career-best 15 points. Nate Wolters also netted had a career-high in points: 18.

The youngsters responded with an energy that the starters lacked. And although it came in the trashiest moments of garbage time, the last 30 seconds of the video below are truly stunning.

If the 2013-14 NBA draft was re-held tonight, how many players get drafted before Giannis?


(Correction: The original version listed had the incorrect list of rebounders and total.)

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  1. I know a lot of this was in garbage time, but for me the most impressive feat in the video is at the 1:09 point when Giannis makes that post move and then makes that quick second jump to be ready to dunk it if he had missed. He is fading on his shot yet gets to the rim so fast he would have been there for the put back.

  2. Just curious but what is the correct pronunciation of Giannis’ last name?
    Paschke says it like his Nigerian spelling but the stadium announcer said it like his Greek spelling. Seeing as Antetokounmpo is on the back of his jersey, shouldn’t it be pronounced like his Greek spelling?

    • It’s how Paschke says it. I don’t have the actual pronunciation on hand, but it sounds like D, not T.

      • So it is pronounced “a-det-o-KOON-bo” but spelled Antetokounmpo?

        I’ve seen it pronounced like: “anh-teh-toe-KUHN-po” a lot too. I just figured seeing as he uses the Greek spelling on his jersey it would be pronounced “anh-teh-toe-KUHN-po” not that it matters that much. Just curious. I’ll stick to calling him Giannis.

          • I’d call him the “Greek Antelope” — which pays respect to both his European and African heritages.

          • there are no “d”s in Greek; so they make “d” with “nt”; and there are no “b”s in Greek; so they make “b” with “mp.” His name is pronounced like the Nigerian spelling, but he is keeping the Greek spelling of his Nigerian name.
            “Adetokunbo” is how it is pronounced.

      • Nigerian name of giannis is spelled adetokubo, and is pronounced as it is written. In the greek language, there are no single letters for the pronunciation of “d” and “b” as they sound in english. Instead two letters combined are used: “nt” for “d”, and “mp” for “b”. If you want to pronounce the name correctly you need to have in mind the name as it should be written in english, that means “adetokumbo” . It is pronounced the same in greek, it’s just that in greek “nt” is pronounced as “d”.

        • From top to bottom (Ben to panos) these are all the more good reasons to call him the “Greek Antelope” — as long as Giannis likes the nickname. I’m not saying we shouldn’t learn to pronounce his real and full name, just that maybe we could have a more colorful and fun shorthand, as well, even if it’s different from my proposal. (The antelope has going for it not only some resemblance to his last name, and a likeness to his athletic ability, but also connections to Africa and our deer logo as the Bucks.)
          Maybe we could have a contest for a Giannis nickname — again, pending his liking it.

  3. May just need a quick correction to the opening text. ” O.J. Mayo, Khris Middleton, Ekpe Udoh and John Henson combined for a grand total of 3 rebounds in 79 minutes of play.” The box score I see has Henson down for 8 rebounds on his own.

    Collectively I see them down for 11 boards in 72 minutes. Still awful, but not quite 3 in 79.