Giannis has his best game to date (VIDEO)

If there’s one sore mark on the Bucks ending their 11-game losing streak, it’s that they had to do it without a local TV audience. ¬†Last night’s tilt against the Celtics was one of the handful of games not shown on FS Wisconsin. ¬†Giannis Antetokounmpo had his best game yet: 10 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assist, and a chasedown block that woke up a sleepy November crowd.

If you didn’t get to witness it in person, here are the clips of Giannis’ best game to date, courtesy of YouTube user Dawk Ins.

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    • Hey, Sillybilly. For me, I’d play Giannis as much as he’s ready for, without rushing or overwhelming him. I’d say maybe 20 minutes or so per game for the time being. If he’s a prodigy, then more. Although I’ve had concerns about how the front office handled his drafting, I’m really rooting for Giannis to be a great player, and more so to have a great life. Hope he is adjusting well to Milwaukee and America.
      I’m wondering if a good nickname might be “The Greek Antelope,” but still not sure…. He might be too tall to be an antelope, but perhaps that’s being too particular. The nickname does seem to fit well with his athleticism, and it’s a good way to simplify his last name while still honoring it.
      Anyway, we need to start getting a positive attitude on the Bucks right now, or else not even the best of lottery picks is going to turn things around. Plus lottery picks are never a sure thing: Look at the Cavs with Irving and Bennett at #1 overall, and Thompson and Waiters at #4 overall, not to mention the #1 overall heartbreaker who so cavalierly took his talents to South Beach.

        • As a side note, kind of strange that in the 5 or 6 years that Lebron was in CLE the cavs couldn’t manage to pair him with another star player (Mo Williams doesn’t count). Seems like it would be easy to lure a big name to play with Lebron nowadays, even if it were in the least attractive market.

        • Hi, Ted. I’m a huge fan of Kyrie, although I hope he doesn’t become too much of shooter. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Cavs turn it around and become really good, perhaps even this season. All I’m saying is that there are no guarantees. Even if the Cavs do succeed, it hasn’t been happening overnight even with four picks from the top four of recent drafts.
          As for LeBron, I’m mad and sad about what he did even though I’m not a Cavs fan. If I knew, as a Cavs fan, that he was going to bail, I wouldn’t have drafted him in the first place. Nor would I want him to come back to Cleveland in a year or two. What he did is not horrible, and I would wish him the best, but I wouldn’t want him back.
          (This is even aside from LeBron, to my knowledge, not expressing any significant regrets about his decision to walk away from the fans of a beleaguered former industrial region that is his childhood home, and going instead for the glitz and glamour and attractions of a new area and team.) Perhaps I’m a little touchy because even though I now live out of state, I still have a real affection for another Midwestern city of my birth and ancestry that has unfairly been labeled as a boring destination for NBA players, and which I much prefer to Miami, New York or Los Angeles.

  1. IMO, there should be a goal of getting these kinds of positional minute hand-outs and rotations when everyone is healthy; though, obviously a hot hand, fouls, game flow and specific situation can and will detract from this outline, but this is the ideal rotation in my opinion for developmental and competitiveness purposes.

    1st Quarter –
    PG: B.Knight (9 min), N.Wolters (3 min)
    SG: OJ.Mayo (9 min), G.Neal (3 min)
    SF: K.Middleton (7 min), C.Bulter (5 min)
    PF: E.Ilyasova (7 min), K.Middleton/E.Udoh (2 min), J.Henson (3 min)
    C: J.Henson (7 min), L.Sanders (5 min)

    2nd Quarter –
    PG: N.Wolters/L.Ridnour (5 min), B.Knight (7 min)
    SG: K.Middleton (4 min), OJ.Mayo (8 min)
    SF: C.Butler (2 min), Giannis.A (7 min), K.Middleton (3 min)
    PF: J.Henson (4 min), K.Middleton (2 minutes), E.Ilyasova (6 min)
    C: L.Sanders (5 min), E.Udoh/Z.Pachulia/M.Raduljica (3 min), J.Henson (4 min)

    3rd Quarter –
    PG: B.Knight (9 min), N.Wolters/L.Ridnour (3 min)
    SG: OJ.Mayo (9 min), K.Middleton (3 min)
    SF: C.Butler (7 min), K.Middleton (2 min) Giannis.A (3 min)
    PF: E.Ilyasova (7 min), J.Henson (5 min)
    C: L.Sanders (5 min), J.Henson (2 min), E.Udoh/Z.Pachulia/M.Raduljica (3 min), L.Sanders (2 min)

    4th Quarter –
    PG: N.Wolters/L.Ridnour (5 min), B.Knight (7 min)
    SG: K.Middleton (3 min), G.Neal (3 min), G.Neal/OJ.Mayo (3 min), OJ.Mayo (3 min)
    SF: Giannis.A (5 min), C.Butler/K.Middleton (7 min)
    PF: J.Henson (2 min), E.Ilyasova (5 min), E.Ilaysova/J.Henson (5 min)
    C: L.Sanders (5 min), J.Henson (2 min), L.Sander/J.Henson (5 min)

    PG: B.Knight (32 min)
    PG: N.Wolters (3-16 min)
    PG: L.Ridnour (0-13 min)
    SG: OJ.Mayo (28-32 min)
    SG: G.Neal (6-9 min)
    SG/F: K.Middleton (24-33 min)
    SF: C.Butler (14-21 min)
    SF: Giannis.A (15 min)
    PF: E.Ilyasova (25-30 min)
    PF/C: J.Henson (29-34 min)
    PF/C: E.Udoh (0-8 min)
    C: L.Sanders (24-29 min)
    C: Z.Pachulia (0-6 min)
    C: M.Raduljica (0-6 min)

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