How to hate watch: Brandon Jennings

There are a lot of new Milwaukee Bucks players this season. Related: A lot of players who used to play for the Milwaukee Bucks, no longer play for the Milwaukee Bucks. But most of those players still play in the NBA. 

We don’t want to tell you how to live your life (yes we do), but we’re here to do a service. We know how annoying exes can be. How you always feel the temptation to check in on them, see what they are up to, whether or not they are more successful than they were or with someone better looking than you. We know you want to keep tabs, but maybe don’t know where to begin.

So consider this series a guide to watching your Bucks exes. But you won’t be watching for pleasure. It’ll be pure scorn in your heart as you tune into the Pistons or Mavericks or any other team with a former Buck. It will be … Hate Watching.


hate watching brandon jennings

Why Do You Hate Him:

You could dislike Brandon Jennings for how he plays basketball. Or his general disposition. Or his Twitter. Or his apparently punchable face. But no matter the reason, if you’re a Bucks fan, you’re most likely sour on Jennings.

He offered us hope when we needed it the most and forever failed to meet our expectations after his incredible 55-point outburst in his seventh NBA game. He complained, shot poorly, and continually sulked after not being named an All-Star. He never became the player we wanted him to be. But as his career continues to flounder, it seems more and more likely that Jennings is incapable of necessary improvement.

It seems difficult to imagine Jennings ever being the starting point guard for a contending team. And I take solace in this.

When Jennings loses, we win. Safe to say we’ll win a lot during his career.

Was He Replaced?

Sort of. Brandon Knight, the prize acquired for Jennings, is still a major work in progress at point guard. He may develop into a shooting guard or, more likely, a bench guard able to play both positions. He lacks a consistent jump-shot and does not possess Jennings’ elite quickness.

However, he’s only two years removed from being the eighth pick and his size (six-foot-three) allows him to finish at the rim much more effectively than his predecessor. He has a better pedigree coming from the University of Kentucky and I wouldn’t be surprised if Knight has a longer NBA career than Jennings. Neither are superstars, but I prefer stability over swagger.

All that said, hopefully Knight isn’t the long-term point guard option for the Bucks. He just doesn’t appear to have the point guard talent necessary to be a starter. Thus far at least.


How’s He Doing:

Not well! Last Monday’s game against the Bucks was the only game this season in which he shot 50 percent. On the season, he’s averaging 15. points (38.0 FG%, 32.3 3P%), 8.1 assists, and 2.9 turnovers per game. He recently said he’d lost confidence in his shot because he’s “so into passing that [he] kind of forget[s] [he] can score sometimes.” Silly, Brandon. You lead the Pistons in field goal attempts! You haven’t forgotten you can score … you’ve forgotten how to score. Classic mistake.

Even though Jennings played well against the Bucks last Monday with 15 points and 14 assists, I’ve never been happier to have a player off the Bucks. His four seasons in Milwaukee were generally not happy times.

Has He Slandered The Great City of Milwaukee:

Publicly? Not really. Privately? Probably! And that makes me even more mad!

This Is Annoying:

Nationally Televised Games:

  • December 7, at Chicago – WGN
  • February 5, at Orlando – ESPN
  • February 8, vs. Denver – NBATV
  • March 9, at Boston – NBATV
  • April 11, at Chicago – WGN

When Can You Boo Him:

  • Wednesday, December 4
  • Wednesday, January 22

Jon Photoshops His Feelings:

Jennings Clown

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  1. I feel like I will hate-watch Monta with much more vigor. They offered Monta the contract, he’s actually a decent player who I think would have been better had Jennings not been here, and he’s as smug as BJ. Monta really does have it all (in terms of hate-watching)! Jennings you know isn’t going to turn into some amazing passer or be able to actually finish at the rim miraculously in the future so it’s easy to forget the hate.

    • I agree, watching Monta is more difficult especially since he is having so much success in Dallas so far this season. Jennings has regressed even more with his jumpshot and despite his assist numbers being top 5 in the league I dont think he’s improved as a passer much, I think he just has the luxury of Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.

      Seeing Monta turn down 12 mil a year and eventually accepting 8 million per season really does not speak volumes to the Bucks as an organization :(

  2. Not sure if you heard this or saw it but I don’t have cable or League Pass. I have been consistently finding online streams of Bucks games so I may watch. At halftime before heading into the locker room they interviewed Jennings, by they I mean FS Detroit. As a response to the last question he says: “We’re up by what,… (glances up at scoreboard) 30? We’re looking to push that to 60 in the second half.” Never been happier to have gotten rid of that douche!

  3. No, I didn’t want either BJ or monta on the Bucks another year, but it is very worrisome that the talent we do get wants out of Milwaukee so bad. When we do get a talented player that we like how can expect them to stick around if no one else has in the past?

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  5. I don’t think we should let JJ Redick off the hook so easily. He was brought in to play with Monta, who wanted nothing to do with Milwaukee. Then JJ Redick couldn’t get out of town fast enough…and the rest is history.

  6. Gotta say I have a soft spot in my heart for Brandon. It wasn’t until the second half of last season (his fourth in the NBA and with the Bucks) that I began to really question his attitude and abilities going forward. If my memory is correct, he said he was going to do whatever it took to help the Bucks win, even if it meant taking 30 shots; that seems like saying I’ll do whatever it takes to lose weight, even if it means eating three desserts.
    Anyway, it seems as though he valued himself as an NBA player at much more than his real worth. My impression of him is that he isn’t much of a team guy; that he isn’t really disciplined on the court; that he isn’t a real leader. He seems to be not good enough of a ballhandler to play point, not good enough of a shooter to play the two guard. He seems to have especial trouble taking care of the ball when defenses tighten up in crunch time.
    Still, I truly wish him well, that he finds a good role in the NBA and a good way of life. I enjoyed having him in Milwaukee for the most part, and hope a change of teams is good for him, as well as for us. He’s still young, so we’ll see. He was one of our guys for a fairly long time; I can be annoyed with him, but can’t hate.

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