Larry Sanders cited for disorderly conduct, nightclub fight surveillance video released

Larry Sanders got in a fight. He was not charged with anything by the district attorney. He hurt his thumb. Video proof has now been released.

It’s hard to tell exactly what sets off the fracas, but Larry looks like he’s going to fall down about 100 times in the two minute clip. He looks like a baby deer placed in the middle of an ice rink. Did someone pour out six bottles of champagne before this thing started?

For the most part, Sanders is on the losing end of this deal. One guy literally jumps on his back at some point and he’s got to get him off. The famed bottle smashing seems to occur out of desperation for Sanders, as he’s face down on a couch, reaching for anything that can get these guys off of him.

I’m not clearing Sanders from all wrong doing, but without knowing what set this off or who started what, it’s hard to think of him as a criminal or anything.

 He was cited by the Milwaukee Police for disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

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  1. Looks like he was getting mobbed. Did they say how it happened? Who started it? Was Sanders the initiator or defending himself?

  2. It might be that Larry deserves a kick in the pants (at least figuratively); he might also do well with some pats on the back (both literally and figuratively) for support and encouragement.
    (Unless there’s a really good excuse) I’m mad at you, Larry — especially after all those rebounds by Drummond and Monroe — but I’m rooting for you to come back strong. God bless!

  3. Lost alot of respect for Larry wit this..he looks like a punk (said safely from the protection of my own computer)

  4. Why was Larry’s feet so slippery? I’m upset with Larry’s actions but indirectly, I think it’s best for this Buck’s team in relation to nabbing a higher draft pick.