Bucks shopping Gary Neal, according to report

Gary Neal unable to clean up a messy play (Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)
Gary Neal unable to clean up a messy play (Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)

According to a report by Marc Stein of ESPN, the Bucks are “actively looking” to trade away Gary Neal before the trade deadline.

The Milwaukee Bucks are actively looking to move guard Gary Neal, according to sources familiar with Milwaukee’s thinking.

Sources told ESPN.com that the Bucks will do everything they can to find a new home for Neal before the Feb. 20 trade deadline, conceding that last summer’s signing of the former San Antonio sharpshooter hasn’t worked out as planned.

Neal got into a post-loss dispute with Larry Sanders when the Bucks visited Phoenix Saturday. Before capping his locker room exit with an expletive, Neal said to Sanders, “I earned my money. Why don’t you try it?”

The interest in a trade pretty much confirms the Neal signing as a three-way failure.  In addition to clashing with a teammate, Neal has played poorly and struggled to stay on the court while dealing with a plantar fasciitis problem that began when he was still a member of the San Antonio Spurs.

Neal is averaging 10.4 points in 20.5 minutes per game for the Bucks, and shooting a plump 41.9 percent from the 3-point range. But his effect on the Bucks has been a net negative.

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Milwaukee has been almost 10 points per 100 possessions better with Neal off the court than on, and they’ve played more than 15 points per 100 possessions (a truly repugnant number) worse than their opponents with him in the game. There are a number of reasons for his ineffectiveness: poor shooting on two-point field goals (37.8%), awful defense, too much time at point guard (partially due to injuries to Knight/Ridnour), an inability to create shots for anyone not named Gary Neal, and again, the impact of the plantar fasciitis.

The Bucks signed Neal as an unrestricted free agent to a two-year, $6.5 million deal (with team option for a third season) in July.

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  1. This makes me very happy! I would really take anything for him a 2nd rounder or a 13th man. Just clear backup point minutes for Nate or ridnour when he goes back to the bench(I hope soon)

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  3. Another complete failure to the organization, playing par again!
    Such a joke,we be lucky to get some popcorn for him. Maybe a gift card for sporting good store??
    I’m almost ready to vomit….soon I think,very soon

  4. Chalk up another bad decision by Kohl and his cronies. This organization is so woeful and has such a losing culture, if I was Neal I would be thrilled at the chance to leave.

  5. You guys are such downers! The bucks took a shot at a good 3pt. shooter for a reasonable price. Who else were they going to get in the off season? I’m not mad in the least with his signing. He could be of some value to a contender; a scorer off the bench. The real problem is the Bucks needed him to be more than what he is. Everybody was wanting/expecting him to be starter quality, which he is not. I’d hate to live your guys life if you think a missed attempt with Neal is the end of the world.

    • I totally agree with you comments. Your one of the few people who has analyzed this entire situation correctly.

  6. I think this is a great move. Neal had a bad attitude from day one and you could see it on the court, even from section 416 where I normally sit. The dude gets so over dramatic and upset when bad things happen. His body language says it all. He’s like that one kid on your grade school basketball team who makes a huge deal over bouncing the ball off his knee. The ball goes out of bounds and he just starts to punch air and almost cry. I played with that guy. He was annoying, a total downer for the rest of the bunch. In fact, the kid I played with was named Gary too. Coincidence…? I think not.

  7. Neal wasn’t a bad signing. The guy can shoot, but he’s hurt, and it’s affected his game. Dumping him because Larry Sanders doesn’t like him is hardly damning — Larry is a child. How many games did he miss because of the champagne bottle incident?

  8. I think the most disappointing thing about signing him was that he had plantar fascitis when we signed him. For a guy like Neal who lacks quickness already, that’s a tough injury to play with. Also, we signed Delfino and Zaza coming off pretty serious injuries.

  9. OH God, I had Plantar Fascitis for almost two years after my surgery. I still did my duties while in the Army. Toughen up, I was getting paid 1300 a month. You’re getting paid 300 grand a month. Gary Neal is just a pussy that’s all. And no I don’t consider myself tough.

    • Your duties were probably that of a cook! You should not get so personal it is only basketball.

  10. In related news, another two-guard, this one from our summer-league team, Scott Suggs, had a huge bounce-back game in the D-League today with 27 points on 10-18 shooting, and 3-6 from the arc. Check him out at nba.com/dleague under Showcase 2014: Most Intriguing Players (one of 10, along with Giannis’ brother, Thanasis). Too bad Scott isn’t good enough for a half-season try with the mighty Bucks, though… the model franchise would never stoop so low as to sign a player of such obscure origins.

    • They picked up a player in the draft from a second tier Greek league this off-season. Seems like obscure origins to me. But hey, that move should’ve gotten everyone in the front office fired already.

      • One big difference might be that the Bucks actually saw Scott Suggs play this summer (albeit slightly), while I’m not sure that anyone from the team ever saw Giannis play. I really don’t know what information the Bucks used to pick Giannis, but until I find out that they did some thorough scouting of him in Europe, then I consider his draft selection a lucky pick of a phantom phenom based on trendy rumors. Even a blind squirrel tells the right time twice a day… or something like that.
        Have the Bucks ever condescended to delve into the D-League instead of signing tired old veterans year after year? It would be nice if the front office used a little imagination once in a while. It would also be nice if the Bucks didn’t trade any more of their young first-round picks for bench players who leave the team after two months. It would be nice if the Bucks actually develop some of these young players instead of allowing them to languish under inept coaching and idiotic management. It would be nice if the Bucks actually had a good team one of these seasons not filled with discord and discontent.
        Yes, I would fire the front office of the Bucks. Has anyone checked the standings, or attendance, lately… for the past decade or so? Is there a more miserable and moribund franchise in the NBA? Is Jabari Parker not dreading the day that he is forced into this joke of an organization?

        • Well you did say that the Giannis pick was ridiculously horrible, disgraceful, and that it should have gotten everyone in the front office fired the next day. Now you’re mad that they aren’t signing more D-League talents like Scott Suggs midseason? Who do the Bucks even release? Signing a midseason D-League free agent isn’t going to do anything. There are 29 other teams that have the same stance on Scott Suggs as the Bucks do. The Bucks actually have signed D-League free agents like Alando Tucker, and obviously they didn’t really work out. I’d rather have the Bucks play Mayo, Middleton, Knight, Giannis and Wolters to see if they can get a bit of chemistry going instead of finding another prospect to share minutes with everyone else.

          • Hey, aValpo, please pardon me if I got carried away on my last comment. I do pretty much stand behind my words, but maybe I could express them better.
            A big difference with Giannis is that we were dealing with a number one draft pick, while Scott Suggs could be obtained for practically nothing. I’m really glad I was wrong about Giannis in the sense that he’s doing really well so soon and has tons of potential — that’s a very nice surprise. I’m rooting for him to prosper, especially as he seems be a really good kid. However, at this point at least, his selection still seems irresponsible and even reckless, even though I hope the results are excellent.
            I’d like to see the Bucks do something imaginative that the other 29 teams aren’t doing. It doesn’t have to be signing Scott Suggs, but something. It doesn’t have to be a home run, a Parker or Wiggins, just solid singles and doubles. What the front office does seem to do is either the conventionally safe or the ridiculously reckless. I’d like to see some smart risks.
            Anyway, not only does the record for the Bucks speak for itself, but the atmosphere of the team seems stale and decaying to the point of becoming rotten. The team seems in real danger of leaving town, because the management seems to be so incompetent. I think we fans deserve better, and I’m getting really frustrated from years of futility.

          • But they did start doing some different things. They got rid of practically their whole roster, have played 3 rookies, and 4 of the top 5 guys in MP are under 25, and the other is 26. They did a sign and trade to get rid of Jennings and take on prospects. They signed a coach that was the exact opposite character of the one they previously had. I’m not sure if you put the complete roster overhaul in the conventionally safe or the ridiculously reckless category, but it seems like they HAVE been doing some things drastically different.

            If there was ever a year to take a stab at an unknown talent, it was this year. Looking at everyone from the draft after 15th last year, all I see is marginal rotation players. The next 4 picks after the Bucks are either in the D-League right now, or haven’t played a single minute. Picking anyone at 15 isn’t ridiculously reckless. Hell, if the Bucks played it safe and picked Larkin, people would be rioting that we missed Giannis in a year where we sucked anyways.

            I’m not trying to stick up for everything the organization does, and the entire operation is still a mess, but a lot of this hand-wringing about not signing D-League players/not trying imaginative things is just over the top.

  11. First of all, it’s good to have people like you to talk with about Bucks basketball, aValpo, whether we agree or disagree.
    I have had serious questions about the wisdom of bringing in 11 new guys in one season, especially without a true point guard among them. Also, it seemed like maybe the Bucks wanted to bring back Monta, plus maybe sign Josh Smith and/or J.R. Smith this offseason — all three of them seem to be compulsive shooters and questionable team quys.
    As for Brandon, it seemed best all around for him to move on, but I question how well the Bucks took care of him and brought him along as a player. Despite some questionable stuff that he seemed to do in the second half of last season, I like Brandon and am sorry things didn’t work out with him.
    One recent draft pick at #15 overall was Nikola Vucevic. Tobias was a #19, John Henson a #14, Kendall Marshall a #13, and Larry Sanders was somewhere in that neighborhood. I think Chandler Parsons was even later in his draft. Isaiah Thomas as a #60. I realize that Scott Suggs is an undrafted longshot, but I liked what I saw in summer league, and he’s already exceeded my expectations for this stage in his career. He could be really good with Brandon in the backcourt, along with I hope a promising point guard to be added as soon as possible. I’d like to clear out most or all of our veterans, though there may be a keeper or two in the group.
    In closing, I have little to no trust in our front office. I’d replace most or all of them if I could. If they do stick around, I sincerely wish them the best and hope they prove me wrong. One of my concerns is that Bucks’ fans are putting too much of their hopes on this upcoming draft, and we have to be careful about how much we ask of any one or two players to turn around a team in our situation.

    • what part of zero roster spots remaining do u not understand? I’m with you in that perhaps we as fans are putting too much stake in this upcoming draft and maybe these incoming freshman wont change a franchise, but that’s the only shot the Bucks have. There will be no Free Agents that come to Milwaukee to turn the franchise around..Bucks will not be able to trade for a guy and keep him for more than a season or two..and lastly and most importantly they will not find some D League guy that will contribute much if anything at all