The Larry Sanders reverse alley-oop from Giannis

Larry Sanders catches a lob from Giannis Antetokounmpo and reverse dunks it. That’s a fun sentence to write and I imagine over the next couple of years, we’ll be writing a lot of variations of it.

Is this the best dunk the Bucks have had this season? I’d say the other nominee that’s this video’s closest competitor is the Nate Wolters to Giannis oop against the Magic.

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  1. “I did, however, receive an expensive gift from my teammate Larry Sanders, who gave me a pair of Gucci shoes. I told him that he shouldn’t have given me such an expensive gift. He said: “You are my rookie and I have to take care of you.” Maybe he is spoiling me so that I will throw him more lobs!”

    Larry should buy Giannis some more Gucci shoes.

  2. I hate to beat this into the ground.

    But ….. if the best solution Larry Drew can come up with to curb the Bucks turnovers, poor shooting, lack of ball movement, endless fouling and lousy defense is to play Luke Ridnour major minutes ….. this franchise has gone insane. And Drew should be let go.

    I understand showcasing tradeable pieces but the league knows … and has know what Luke Ridnour can do for years. It’s no secret. Same with Ersan.

    Even if another team bites on Ridnour what could we possibly get for him? Another 2nd round pick? It sure won’t be a late 1st.

    Good God play Wolters.

    • I hear your pain rowe499, as one who admittedly tends to beat things into the ground. Actually, it seems like Luke is doing a good job for the Bucks this season, but 43 minutes is crazy!!! Maybe 20 minutes, but 43?!?
      If Brandon is so bad at the point that we have to play Luke so many minutes, then we do indeed need another point guard — which is a message I realize I have been beating into the ground. (By the way, Kendall had 13 assists last night, which is a week’s worth for Brandon — point being, might there not be someone else out there who can distribute?)
      I’d maybe give Nate 20 minutes, but it’s hard to give the point position totally to two novices in Nate and Brandon. The whole team suffers from the inexperience with the lack of ball movement you mention above, and the discouragement leads to all the other problems of which you make note. Ever play pick-up basketball when you rarely get to touch the ball…. It gets deflating!
      Maybe we could get something good for Nate if we package him with someone else, and even maybe trade a first-rounder two or three drafts in the future. If the 76ers are willing to recently trade an all-star in Jrue Holiday, then we can be open-minded about other point guards who might be available. (Excuse me if this is too… something — and I respect and wish the best for Jeremy and Mitch — but they have been really hardline about not helping me with this, even for the purposes of discussion.)

        • I know I beat things into the ground, but it seem like this team is crying out for a point guard!!! — so it’s hard for me to help myself. Can’t we try someone else, please, please, please!?!?
          I know I come off desperate, and more or less pathetic, but this season is so utterly unbearable; and next year seems so far away, with no guarantees for major improvement; and in the meantime, I don’t have a whole lot else to amuse me.
          So there, I said it, I don’t have much of a life (somewhat due to poor health); but even in my desperation of sorts, I’m not sure how long I can handle following the Bucks all that closely this season under present circumstances. I think even Giannis is being held back considerably by the sluggishness on offense.
          If the Bucks could just throw me a few crumbs by focusing mostly on the young guys, and at least trying someone else at running the offense, then maybe, just possibly, perhaps, this season could actually get fun.

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