Ersan, after either taking or attempting to take a charge, probably. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)
Ersan, after either taking or attempting to take a charge, probably. (AP Photo/Tom Lynn)

Ersan Ilyasova rumors will persist until Ersan Ilyasova is no longer on the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years. Even with his contract that’s probably not in line with his actual skill level, given his inconsistencies, he flashes enough talent and has a reputation as a reliable 3-point shooting big that there is always a market for him.

And, on occasion, Ersan will throw a little bit of gas on that fire. There have been rumors in the past that he’s wanted out of Milwaukee, but most of those were tied to his roller coaster role in the rotations of Scott Skiles. Well, despite the presence of a new player-friendly coach in Larry Drew, Ersan still is struggling to find consistency in minutes or performance.

His shooting percentage (38%) and 3-point percentage (29.5%) are at career low levels, worse even than the ones he posted as a 19-year-old rookie. His rebound percentage is at its lowest (11.9%) since his rookie season. As far as his minutes go, he doesn’t seem thrilled to find himself in the same situation he’s always found himself in, only on a much worse team. As an example of the ups and downs he’s seen, in his past seven games, he’s played under 25 minutes three times and over 30 minutes four times.

The translation is rough, but I’ve pulled over a few “quotes”, translated via Google from an interview he did with what’s apparently a partner of in Turkey.

“Too many players are called. For example, I am getting different time periods each match. 20 minutes, 35 minutes of a match the other match.”

“I’m not a young player. Ultimately, I came to the age of 26. After a certain point you want to win the championship, I want to play in a team that plays with. Bucks take more time to sit in the squad. We need at least two years. Go to another team comes to mind.”

“I’m playing in the NBA for 7 years and every year there is a surprise in this team. Work is going up and down all season.” 

He goes on to mention, it seems (rough translation), that he’s a player that needs an understanding of the guys he’s playing with, as he isn’t a guy who creates his own shot. He needs chemistry in a pick and roll or pick and pop game. And he’s totally right. He had a solid comfort level with Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis by the midway point of last season and a lot of his best looks came either when he set screens for them or floated to the top of the arc as they ran pick and rolls else where. He hasn’t found that chemistry with Brandon Knight.

Yesterday, Bucksketball’s K.L. Chouinard exchanged a few Tweets with Mete Aktaş, a Turkish basketball writer. I’ve taken the liberty of dropping in their conversation via Storify below.

Ersan has two years and $15.8 million guaranteed left on his contract after this season and could be an attractive target come the trade deadline, even with his performance this season. Milwaukee has been hesitant to part with him in the past, but it seems like we may be entering a new age of Milwaukee management.

The organization’s hand may finally have been forced and an Ilyasova deal could be the fallout.