Giannis block: Anthony Morrow encourages Anthony Davis to “DUNK THAT SHIT”, but his plan is thwarted

I’ve watched this block enough after seeing it in person that I don’t even focus on it anymore. I’m more caught up in the vocal track that’s picked up by the rim microphone.


The drop came right as Anthony Davis propelled himself up off the ground, obviously on the way to a dunk. But Davis didn’t say it. He wouldn’t scream at himself to dunk the ball, unless he were Kevin Garnett. And obviously no one on the Bucks had anything to say positively about him dunking the ball. Perhaps had we heard, “BLOCK THAT SHIT”, we could have suspected a Bucks player. So the Bucks players are out as vocal candidates.

So I concluded it was a Pelican close to the rim that wasn’t Davis. Which leaves the passer, Anthony Morrow, as the most obvious candidate. Given his enthusiasm for another recent Davis dunk, he seems to fit.

So he was probably pretty sad when Giannis ruined everything.

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