Lets talk about the talk about Giannis. Celtics – Bucks Preview

Majestic as all get out (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)
Majestic as all get out (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)

What to Watch For: Bucks

The remarkable thing about the interest in Antetkounmpo isn’t just the breadth of coverage that he’s getting, it’s the type of coverage. A quick google search of ‘Giannis adorable’ will give you results from Yahoo!, USA Today, Dime Mag etc. A Twitter search of the same will render thousands of tweets. Even his entire family is considered cute.

A recent Scoop Jackson story on Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucksketball’s very own Jeremy Schmidt said, “An interesting thing I’m seeing with Giannis coverage and reaction is how often people are referring to him as ‘adorable.’ I can’t remember [hearing] that was one of the go-to adjectives when referring to a professional athlete. Everyone seems equal parts excited about what he’s capable of on the court and how he feels about having his very first smoothie.

“His naiveté and willingness to be forthcoming about how exciting new experiences are for him have turned him into a mix between an athletic marvel and a cat meme.”

Far be it from me to tell people to stop calling a 6’10” adult who has experienced very real hardships cute. It isn’t particularly sinister, but there’s a very real turn off to infantilizing and othering Antetokounmpo like he’s Prince Akeem from Coming to America.

Every “Aww! He had hamburgers for the first time,” casts Antetokounmpo as “the simple foreigner,” which is rather unflattering. It’s a disservice – not just to Giannis, but to everyone else. It robs every one of his complexity as a basketball player and individual for a simpler, effortless narrative that’s easy to digest. He is a bundle of contradictions – a package of personality and athleticism that’s never been seen in the league.

He’s going to grow up right in front of us. It’d be a shame if we don’t let him.

What to watch for: Celtics

The Milwaukee Bucks are 2-1 against the Boston Celtics this season – making the Celtics the only team that the Bucks have won multiple games all season. Surprising because Jared Sullinger (21 points and 14 rebounds on November 20) and Vitor Faverani (12 and 18 on November 1) have both had career games against the Bucks. I fully expect Sullinger to have 30 rebounds in a Bucks victory.


Time – 7:00 p.m. CST

TV – FS Wisconsin

Radio – 620 WTMJ

Projected Lineups


PG: Brandon Knight

SG: Nate Wolters

SF: Khris Middleton

PF: John Henson

C: Larry Sanders


PG: Rajon Rondo Avery Bradley

SG: Gerald Wallace

SF: Jeff Green

PF: Brandon Bass

C: Jared Sullinger

Prediction: Bucks 97 – Celtics 91

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  1. I can’t tell if you tried to make me sad, but you for some reason, for a preview for the celtics game, gave a short rant about giannis’s attention being a “wrong” kind of attention. You took one of the positives from this season(the popularity of Giannis) and highlighted the only negatives from one of the only positives. Just sad blogging in my opinion, to the literal sense. “Giannis is popular but because he’s being treated like akeem form Coming to America, i am mad because thats rude, wahhh.” There’s negative aspects in all forms of existence. For already being kind of a depressing season, its to0 easy to talk about the sad things. I say let’s only focus on the good. Not to ignore the bad, but just not to talk about.

    • I think he raises a relevant point. Just some weird coverage out there. Less than a week ago, I watched a bunch of grown men ask a guy if his parents were going to live with him, if his place was big enough, where he was going to eat with them, if his mom was going to make his favorite meal … all just kind of … weird.

      Coverage is great. And it’s great to be excited about Giannis. But I think Ian raises good points.

      • I do appreciate the point that was raised by ian, and also see what you guys are saying, and do agree. just an awkward delivery of this info for a celtics preview. I am done being critical for today. Thankyou for talking to me. makes me feel like a real boy.

        • The awkward delivery is true. But I didn’t have enough material to make a full-blown column. I could have done better though. Thanks for reading.

          • I totally understand, its gotta be a tough season to blog about. As it has been to watch. This has definitely been a good topic for discussion although. As it is interesting focusing on the attention that this young man is getting. Maybe we’ll actually get nationally televised game next year, Maybe. But, As I get older, it seems I get less passionate towards everyday tasks, hobbies, interests etc.. But not for the bucks and basketball. These two things are why I get outta bed.

    • I don’t think this takes away from the good parts about Giannis at all. The bad things need work, but the good things can always get better.

  2. I want Giannis to start but i Like our starting lineup who do i even replace for giannis? especially next year with a projected top 3 draft pick where do you put him and ginnis, Khris has shown he is way better starting, besides Nate idk who to replace

    • Start Middleton at the two guard and Giannis at the three. I’d like to see that line-up for a while and get a feel to how they perform.

      1. Knight
      2. Middleton
      3. Giannis
      4. Henson (Maybe Ersan but he has absolutely sucked this year. Henson and Larry may cause spacing issues)
      5. Sanders.

      • Next year I’m thinking our lineup will depend on who we take, if Wiggins I see it as:
        PG: Knight
        SG: Wiggins
        SF: Giannis
        PF: Henson
        C: Sanders
        With Middleton and Ersan getting high volume of minutes off the bench.

        With drafting Parker:
        PG: Knight
        SG: Giannis
        SF: Parker
        PF: Henson
        C: Sanders
        Middleton and Ersan off the bench.

        These lineups would be huuuuuuge. Giannis at 6-10 (or more if he grows), Wiggins or Parker at 6-7, Henson 6-11, and Larry 6-11. Brandon Knight isn’t too short either at 6-3. It would be an athletic lineup too.

  3. I think dante exum is best fit for bucks… could take pressure off of knight at pt, allow giannis to play sf where his natural position will be and has enough size to guard 2 guards.
    my ideal 2014-15 lineup:
    pg/sg knight
    sg/pg exum
    sf giannis
    pf henson
    c Sanders

    if they can compete next year it could even be smart to start middleton to help with floor spacing and allow giannis to play multiple positions off the bench

  4. Are you just searching for shit to complain about regarding Giannis? First it was that he wasn’t as good of a shooter as Durant because as rookies(who are at vastly different stages of development as Durant was exposed to a lot more basketball by the time he came into the NBA and started earlier) so don’t compare them, now to this latest…drivel.

    He’s an unknown. He’s got a unique perspective coming into the NBA. You seldom see players with such a youthful exuberance in the NBA and even fewer with the massive upside he possess. And by the way, people aren’t imposing this upon him. It’s how he reacts to these new experiences.

    I don’t know why you have to make it something different than it is. He’s a happy kid who’s loving playing here, but he IS still a kid. So I don’t really see what difference it makes if someone asks if his parents are going to live with him(something that’s not the last bit unique for young athletes) or where he’s going to eat with them.

    If ever there was a non-issue, this is it.

    Simply put, it’s endearing, especially in Milwaukee that a kid, again, a kid as talented as he is, seems so genuinely giddy to be here and to be playing for this team(this 9-43 team mind you) that I’m not sure what you want exactly.

    When he tweets about an experience, would you rather we just say, “who fucking cares? He’s a grown man.”