Reports: Bucks trade Neal and Ridnour to Charlotte for Sessions and Adrien

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

According to a variety of reporters, the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Bobcats reached a deal to send Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour to Charlotte for Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien.

Marc Stein was on it early and Rick Bonnell had the final details.

By trading Neal and Ridnour for two players on expiring contracts, Milwaukee is freed of the obligation of paying the second year of Neal’s contract, valued at $3.25 million.

In 55 games this season (seven starts), Sessions has averaged 10.5 points and 3.7 assists per game. He was drafted by the Bucks in 2007 and left as a free agent after a productive second season in which he averaged 12.4 points and 5.7 assists in just 27.5 minutes per game. He’s shooting 40.9% from the field and 22.1% from 3-point range. His PER is 14.8, the lowest it’s been since his third year in the league in Minnesota, when it was 12.9. A drop in shooting percentage and assist numbers, coinciding with a slight bump in turnover percentage over last season is likely to blame.

He’ll likely share minutes with Nate Wolters, Brandon Knight and O.J. Mayo in the backcourt, so long as no other moves are made.

Adrien has played in 25 games for the Bobcats in his fourth season out of Connecticut. An undersized four at 6-foot-7, 243 pounds, he’s known as a strong rebounder, a Reggie Evans type. Per 36 minutes this season, he’s averaged 12.4 rebounds and his total rebound percentage (percent of available rebounds grabbed when on the floor) of 19.2% would lead the Bucks. In the picture above, he has a mohawk.

Neither Sessions nor Adrien figures to factor into the Bucks plans past this season. There is no need to be happy or sad about this trade, unless you have strong feelings about Neal or Ridnour, which doesn’t seem all that necessary, given the play of each player this season.

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  1. I was sad to see Sessions go, and now I’m sad to see him back. It’s not that I loved Neal (far from it) or Ridnour (not new ridnour, maybe old ridnour). I know little to nothing about Adrien, but some rebounding is always helpful I guess.

  2. I happy because it frees up the Bucks from Neal’s contract next year and in turn gives them roster space for all their draft picks if they choose to use them all to acquire new players. GO REBUILDING BUCKS!

  3. The positives i guess is we free up a bit of salary cap for next year. Also, Sessions is an experienced, veteran point guard. It will give Wolters a chnce to pick up some pointers from a real point guard. Can’t hurt.

    I’d consider bringing Sessions back next year as back up but at a reduced price.

  4. Not exciting but hey shows management has accepted we have no option but a rebuild. Also gets rid of vets and Neal’s contract next year

  5. All I can say is I’m bummed Neal didn’t work out. I thought when they signed him he’d be a great addition to a team trying to build long-term. He seemed to embrace being here (over the summer), too. At least they landed him in a place in the playoff chase. Hope it works out for the best.

    Everyone else in the deal is flotsam, though I wish none of them harm.

  6. Glass half full – Gary Neal wasn’t the right fit for this team at this time. Now we don’t have to pay him $3 million to be unhappy about not getting enough shots on a team that might not be in the playoffs next year.

    Glass half empty – Do we have any faith that John Hammond will be able to find the right guy with the extra $3 million next year?

  7. Wolters made Neal expendable, which is only a good thing. And Ridnour. It gets them out of a contract for next season, saves them money this season, and gives them a banger down low they could use right now. A good little move all round. Not sure what anyone would expect them to do now that it’s clear they’re rebuilding — which is always what they should have been doig this year, not chasing the eighth spot.