Buck Hits: Kohl closer to selling team locally, according to report

Buck-Hits-300x300Is Herb Kohl ready to sell? According to Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times, he may be. There are three key aspects to Woelfel’s story:

1) Kohl has already turned down as many as two out-of-town suitors.  

Kohl wants the Bucks to stay in Milwaukee long-term, and he is narrowing the list of buyers to those who would keep the team local. As Woelfel puts it,

“In the last week I’ve talked to some individuals who have been monitoring the Bucks’ impending sale and they claim Kohl has already rejected overtures from two groups interested in buying the Bucks and relocating them to another city.”

2) The sale may happen soon.

“The people I spoke with contend the sale will probably occur sooner than later. In fact, I’ve been told a deal could be consummated by late April or early June.”

3) Kohl may be willing to sell a majority interest (instead of the minority interest he spoke of selling back in December).

“I’m hearing Kohl will likely give up total control of the franchise, although it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities the new ownership group would smartly retain him in some capacity, perhaps as the team’s ‘ambassador.'”

If true, this report bodes well for the likelihood of the team staying in Milwaukee. Selling the majority interest would increase Kohl’s liquidity, and add to the probability that he could finance a huge chunk of the new arena’s cost all by himself (and to get it done in a timely manner).

In other news:

The Wizards will sign Drew Gooden today for the remainder of the season. Gooden is headed to the playoffs.

There are at least a half a dozen new and amazing Giannis Antetokounmpo anecdotes in Adrian Wojnarowski’s profile of Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as the revelation that Toronto tried to move up and draft him:

“Toronto’s president and general manager, Masai Ujiri, tried frantically to find a deal to move into the top 15 and select Giannis, but nothing materialized. 

Bucks assistant head coach is rumored to be a favored choice of new Knicks president Phil Jackson. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Jackson would tab his old ally to bring the Triangle offense to New York. Cleamons parried reporters’ questions about the likelihood of such of move

“Phil is bright. He understands the game. He’s going to put good people around him,’’ Cleamons said. “That’s my feeling. I know nothing else.’’

And lastly, Tony Mitchell left the Bucks when his 10-day contract expired. He scored six points in a grand total of 10 minutes played as a Buck.  Monday, he returned to D-League play with 26 points, 5 three-pointers and a handful of smashing dunks.

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