Gary Neal does something. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Gary Neal does something. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

We all want to earn a decent paycheck sometime, right?

That’s why it’s hard to get upset at a guy who claimed his small chunk of the Bucks’ salary space, even if he wasn’t good enough to be a starter or good enough to be a productive role player off the bench for a 10-44 team.

Then said player leaves Milwaukee and spouted mean things after his new team, the Charlotte Bobcats, lost 90-82 to the San Antonio Spurs. Even if it is not upsetting, then it is at least mildly bemusing coming from a player who shot 39% from the field while playing mostly pitiful defense.

It’s all part of the Gary Neal experience.

From Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News:

Fortunately, Neal left his mark on the Charlotte/San Antonio game.  With the Spurs coming out of a timeout up two points with about two minutes left, they spread the floor for a pick and roll with Marco Belinelli on one side (the player being guarded by Neal) and two other shooters on the other. Was that a coincidence? I’m guessing not.

Tim Duncan joked as much.

I think Duncan may be correct on this one. Sure, Neal collapsed to save the Bobcats from a Duncan dunk, but the Spurs weren’t shy about making their ex-teammate the focal point on defense.

Oh well, at least Neal is on a contender now. Perhaps he can boost the Bobcats to their first-ever playoff series win, but I suspect he won’t.

Neal and the Bobcats will visit Milwaukee March 16.  If all goes well, maybe you can help him pack.