Gary Neal undersells Milwaukee, says inflammatory things

Gary Neal does something. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Gary Neal does something. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

We all want to earn a decent paycheck sometime, right?

That’s why it’s hard to get upset at a guy who claimed his small chunk of the Bucks’ salary space, even if he wasn’t good enough to be a starter or good enough to be a productive role player off the bench for a 10-44 team.

Then said player leaves Milwaukee and spouted mean things after his new team, the Charlotte Bobcats, lost 90-82 to the San Antonio Spurs. Even if it is not upsetting, then it is at least mildly bemusing coming from a player who shot 39% from the field while playing mostly pitiful defense.

It’s all part of the Gary Neal experience.

From Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News:

Fortunately, Neal left his mark on the Charlotte/San Antonio game.  With the Spurs coming out of a timeout up two points with about two minutes left, they spread the floor for a pick and roll with Marco Belinelli on one side (the player being guarded by Neal) and two other shooters on the other. Was that a coincidence? I’m guessing not.

Tim Duncan joked as much.

I think Duncan may be correct on this one. Sure, Neal collapsed to save the Bobcats from a Duncan dunk, but the Spurs weren’t shy about making their ex-teammate the focal point on defense.

Oh well, at least Neal is on a contender now. Perhaps he can boost the Bobcats to their first-ever playoff series win, but I suspect he won’t.

Neal and the Bobcats will visit Milwaukee March 16.  If all goes well, maybe you can help him pack.

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    • Developing the young guys while being more competitive on the court and communicating better on defense; meanwhile, still maintaining a top lottery pick… duh.

  1. I’m more concerned about the record of our front office in signing veteran free agents with questionable attitudes and/or failing bodies.
    In fairness to these veterans, are there any players who leave the Bucks who aren’t relieved/thrilled to be going just about anywhere else? It seems like the Bucks are an inept and dismal franchise that would bring out the worst in just about any player. I wonder how long it took for J.J. Redick to decide to leave town.
    Maybe I’m being too rash and too harsh, but this is my honest impression. I’d like to know what other think.
    My main concern is that we don’t ruin the young guys — who seem like a very good group — and that they get good coaching and encouragement. This week, for example, we had an incident between Khris and Coach Drew, plus a real poor game from John. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but I wonder if there is a toxic atmosphere in this franchise that is dragging guys down.

      • I’m not sure at all what happened, but I think it was during the 76ers game — there was a little something about it in the recap at Bucksketball.

  2. This is what it’s like when you tear down and start all over again. Mega losing wears on everyone and everything.

    It’s like when you know a marriage is over. There’s still a lot of bad feelings yet to come.

  3. The funny thing is, Gary Neal is such a bum that he wont be in the league in 3 years… Unless it is with a bottom feeder team. I feel bad for whatever team has to deal with this lackluster lump. Someone say Ricky Davis!?!?

      • Is that right, Gordon Neal? You wouldn’t happen to be employed as a successful mooch, would you?

  4. I’m worried that Milwaukee is becoming just a paycheck for players and their commitment isn’t in it.. just look at the seasons Neal, Butler, and Mayo are having.. plus the ‘I don’t give an F’ way that Monta shot 3’s here.. I hope I’m wrong and we get future players that are pros

    • Butler was never like that, Neal was overrated, who knows what is going on with OJ Mayo, and Monta thought he needed to be Michael Jordan to make the playoffs (he may not have been entirely off there).

      People paycheck everywhere around the league. The Bucks just had some really horrible luck at the start of the year and everything snow-balled quickly from there.

  5. So it’s safe to assume it wasn’t same-old-same-old with Larry Sanders and Neal did have attitude problems? And lols at him relishing his time in Charlotte…