Bucks sign Chris Wright to non-guaranteed multi-year deal

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The Bucks have signed forward Chris Wright to a multi-year contract that is not guaranteed for the 2014-15 season.

Over the span of two 10-day contracts, Wright averaged¬†6.0 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.0 steal in 15.4 minutes per game. The second of the two contracts expired after the Toronto game, so the Bucks have signed him for tonight’s game against Atlanta, as well as for next season.

The Bucks carried a full 15-man roster through the first half of the season, but waiving Caron Butler on Feb. 27 gave them some flexibility. After that the Bucks used 10-day contracts to audition a series of athletic players: Tony Mitchell, Wright, D.J. Stephens, and then Wright again.

Kudos to John Hammond for 1) using his roster situation to search for talent and 2) signing the most talented of the group to a non-guaranteed contract.  If Wright works out on the Bucks great. If not, his non-guaranteed deal is a desirable asset for other teams to acquire via trade.

The Cavaliers made a similar non-guaranteed signing this season when they signed Scotty Hopson, as did Brooklyn with Jorge Gutierrez and the Heat with Justin Hamilton, but the Cavaliers took the additional step of signing Hopson to a bigger deal in the hopes of using his contract as a trade chip. It will be interesting to see the numbers on this Wright signing.

Wright’s best two performances of the season came in Sacramento and at home against Cleveland, when he put down three crazy first-quarter dunks in a span of just over a minute.

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