Giannis Antetokounmpo goes the length of the court in three dribbles (VIDEO)

The cliched angle on the 2013-14 Bucks season has been, “Gee, it is a pretty dismal experience to watch the Bucks play basketball this season, buy my oh my, isn’t it fun to watch Giannis Antetokounmpo?”

So I’m here to tell you that watching the Bucks play the Heat last night was excruciating, even though Giannis continues to exhilarate regularly.

To wit: In the second quarter, Giannis took in a short outlet pass on the far free throw line approximately 80 feet from the hoop. He quickly accelerated up to full speed and dropped in a soft layup — having crossed the court in three dribbles.

My first impression was that it was a travel. But upon looking at a second angle, perhaps he took just two steps?

If he held off on gathering the ball until just after he picked up his left foot for the final time, then it’s legal. If not, he traveled.

It happens so fast that even after watching it 50 times, I can’t tell. How fast? Giannis catches the ball with 7:17 on the clock and releases the shot from his hand at 7:14. That’s how you get 80 feet in three dribbles.

And even if it is a travel, it’s impressive, because when I dribble a basketball, I have trouble going from the free throw line to the near baseline in three dribbles.

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  5. Guys really? They teach that in freshmen ball in HS. Next headline will be ‘Giannis’ Farts Smell Like Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls!’ Give the kid a break. He’s 19, had a semi-decent year on a bad team. Kid will be good in a few years yea, but our LOCAL media and the Bucks PR dept is so deep up his anus we get stupid articles like this one and ‘Giannis Loves Meetballs!’. Getting embarassing fellas…. JMHO.

    I say this cause I like the kid and am leary of what this eventually does to him and his relationship with his teammates. He is talented and has a lot of intangibles. But these attributes need to be nurtured by not only the coaches and front office, but our local media as well. As it stands now, it’s a plus 1 for the coaching staff and front office.

    However, he should be getting at least 15+ min of Sessions’ time as we close the season. Hell, start the ‘Young Bucks’ the rest of the way. Knight, Middleton, Giannis and Henson I feel should start the final games. We have nothing to lose and those four young ones will more than likely be here next year.

    • They teach covering 80 feet in 3 dribbles in freshman basketball? Dang, I must have been sick that day.

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