Potential second round draft pick Nikola Jokic declares for the NBA Draft

Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic today declared himself eligible for the 2014 NBA Draft, according to his agent, Misko Raznatovic.

Jokic certainly won’t be the the Milwaukee Bucks’ top pick in the upcoming draft. But remember, the Bucks have all of the second round picks. While jokes were made at Milwaukee’s expense as they collected second rounders last summer, it does give them some flexibility in the upcoming draft. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!

Milwaukee has the 31st, 36th and 48th overall picks, and the 6’11” center could certainly be one of the players the Bucks pick with one of those three second-rounders. Draft Express currently has the 19-year-old¬†listed as the #42 overall prospect.

Jokic spent the past season playing in the Adriatic League with Mega Vizura where he showed off the ability to toss outlet pass bombs.

Here is another clip of Jokic tearing up the Nike Hoop Summit last week. Jokic only made 22% of his threes with Mega Vizura, but he looks to have decent form and he had a green light to shoot them (2.6 attempts per game).

He isn’t going to be the NBA’s quickest center (hyperbolic understatement), but he can shoot, pass, and maneuver his feet in the low post. He also has the size — including a 7’3″ wingspan — to play in the NBA. It will interesting to see if the Hoop Summit performance boosts his draft stock in the coming weeks.

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  1. A younger, better, more mobile Raduljica? Be a good stash option if 4 rookies next year seems excessive