Giannis stars in chocolate milk commercial

Think he bagged any milk??? HA HA HA.
Think he bagged any milk??? HA HA HA.

Giannis Antetokounmpo¬†recently received a third-place vote in the NBA Rookie of the Year balloting. But if votes were recast today, with this commercial for Greek chocolate milk brand Milko serving as a qualification, I’m sure he would receive every first, second and third place vote.

I’ve heard from not one but TWO sources that Milko is delicious. And the brand also has this advertising campaign, so maybe we will soon see Giannis using a Milko bottle as a microphone (aka all of our dreams):

Hopefully Milko has enough money to buy naming rights on a new arena. Milko Center? Milko Mecca? Milko Barn? So many options!

In other news, it’s good to see this global domination photo quickly coming true:

Giannis risk

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