This feels like a lifetime ago. Hammond gets his executive of the year award from Bob Lanier. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
This feels like a lifetime ago. Hammond gets his executive of the year award from Bob Lanier. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

Most respected NBA reporters seem to be echoing a similar statement with regard to the future of John Hammond, David Morway and the rest of the Milwaukee Bucks current front office: They will get a shot under the new owners.

The latest comes from Grantland’s Zach Lowe, as apart of his column on tumultuous NBA front office situations:

But the growing consensus is that the current front office will have another year to make this lottery pick and hope the nucleus it’s put in place begins to perform.

If the current front office is not ousted, that’s sure to upset a good deal of Bucks fans who were hoping for a completely new start under the new ownership group. While this group of fans likely will be placated by nothing but new basketball leadership, there was an interesting innovation tidbit inside Lowe’s musings on the current Bucks situation.

It comes as no news to you, Bucks fan, that the Milwaukee Bucks have been struggling with injuries for some time now. We all worried about Andrew Bogut’s health on a near daily basis a few years back, have watched Ersan Ilyasova battle through a variety of ailments over the past four years and saw Brandon Knight collapse in a heap seconds into his first regular season game with the team last November. But there’s a new plan in place that could potentially help curb the number of injuries Milwaukee’s dealt with of late, according to Lowe:

The team’s medical staff has partnered with an outside consultant to develop a software program that tracks individual biological data for each player — which muscles are strong, which are weak, and what those findings mean for related muscles and joints. They’ve used the information to craft individual offseason workout plans for every player on the roster — a first for the team, according to John Hammond and David Morway, the team’s GM and assistant GM, respectively.

So while Lowe brings what could be interpreted as the bad news of Hammond and Morway’s possibly stable immediate future in Milwaukee, he does bring to light news of an interesting new medical program in place in St. Francis.

It seems logical to assume most Bucks fans could be won over very quickly by the current front office group with a solid selection in the draft and the execution of a clear plan for Milwaukee’s future this summer. There’s been debate about how much influence Herb Kohl had over Hammond across the past few seasons as the team was stuck between rebuilding and competing, but with a new ownership group and the looming demand to compete at all costs prospectively removed from the equation, we may see exactly how John Hammond wants to run his team over the next few months.