The Bucksketball / Urban Milwaukee / Save Our Bucks Draft Lottery Party


Hey gang. Turns out this lottery is going to be an important one for the Milwaukee Bucks. So we want to share that moment with you.

Along with the folks from Urban Milwaukee and Save Our Bucks, Bucksketball will be hosting a draft lottery party on May 20 at the Upper 90 Sports Pub. We’ll be giving away shirts, concert tickets and Bucks related stuff, enjoying the NBA playoffs and drinking affordably priced drinks.

Details above.

It’ll be quite a time.

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  2. We all know the Buck’s are not getting the first pick. It’s going to the Lakers. I’d be surprised if they get the second pick. A few ‘big’ markets that this wonderful sport loves to favor. If we get the first pick(like New Orleans) it’s only because the NBA wants the arena deal done. We all know the NBA rigs the lottery when needed. Frozen envelope anyone? Cleveland and Kyrie? Makes perfect sense.

  3. kungfusuperstar

    William, I don’t know. I understand why it feels that way (I’ve though that on occasion too) but at the same time if the NBA did rig things on that level there is no way San Antonio would be as good as they are for as long as they have been. To be honest if we get any of the top three we should be able to draft a possible star. Exum at four wouldn’t be terrible either. Who knows which of the top three will be the best of the bunch in 2-3 years. Could be any of them.

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