(Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images) Giannis and Brandon Knight, invited guests of the new owners on draft lottery night in New York.
(Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images) Giannis and Brandon Knight, invited guests of the new owners on draft lottery night in New York.

It’s hard to think of a night in the past few years, outside of that short playoff run in 2010, that Milwaukee Bucks fans enjoyed more than yesterday. There were multiple parties in the city of Milwaukee dedicated to the thing they like that typically no one cares about. Judging from the photos, videos and feedback, it sounds like the Bucks threw a helluva party over at the Evolution Lounge.

Meanwhile, a smaller, but impressively dedicated and voracious group gathered at the Upper 90 Sports Bar to chant, hope and feel a sense of relief together. As the minutes passed and people split off into groups making conversation about everything but the idea that this could all go terribly wrong in a few seconds, excitement kept growing. Finally there was a worthy cause and an opportunity for real improvement. Nothing felt manufactured on Tuesday night. This wasn’t Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis being sold as guys who could matter. There was a top draft pick on the way.

Eddie Doucette was right: Hope is a very easy thing to sell.

But the excitement that stemmed from that hope was a feeling it seemed like everyone could get used to very quick.

So, not long after the internet began to claim Mallory Edens as equal parts meme and person, moments after the Bucks landed the second overall pick, Bucks fans began looking to the future. Now that the franchise was in a position to be changed forever, people wanted to know who would be doing the changing.

And the mock drafts were ready. They are always ready. Tons of them have been updated numerous times, the order of the draft be damned. The finalizing of that order was just another incentive to update who would go where. But it seems like a lot of them look to a few of them to guide thought process. There are so many, yet so few matter.

But the ones that matter, they do seem to matter, in that they have historically been fairly good indicators of where players will be selected in the NBA Draft. I basically rely on three:

ESPN: Joel Embiid

Draft Express: Jabari Parker

Yahoo: Andrew Wiggins

Among these three, a consensus hasn’t exactly formed on who the Milwaukee Bucks will end up with when they select number two next month. All three mock drafts are presenting different scenarios for the Bucks, though both ESPN and Draft Express believe Andrew Wiggins will be the first pick, taken by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The general feeling seems to be that the Cavs will decide between Embiid and Wiggins, with the Bucks most likely considering those two and Parker most seriously, with a potential Dante Exum pick not off the table either.

But medical reports must be looked at, players will arrive in cities for interviews and extensive tours, basketball and personality fits must be determined – there is much to be done before June 26 when the Bucks do finally make their selection.

As the process plays out, I present a warning: Don’t get too caught up in the back and forth about who wants to play where and which agent will try and manipulate the draft situation in which way. Players almost always end up going wherever they are drafted. Teams almost always draft the player they think will most benefit their team. I recognize that the Bucks are in Milwaukee and haven’t been very good for quite a long time, but these tweets from Jonathan Givony from Draft Express makes me think that all of the talk about the agents of Embiid and Exum trying to force the hands of teams was way overblown:

So this thing seems like it will just come down to who the Cavaliers want and who the Bucks want. But, as evidenced by the variety in the mock drafts, despite a very clear top four players, the actual order in which these players will be selected is about as clear as my thoughts at the end of a very long draft lottery party night.

What does seem clear at this point though, is it will be John Hammond making the pick.

Furthermore, it will ACTUALLY be Hammond, and not the new ownership group making the pick:

If there’s one thing Hammond has done fairly well since he’s led Milwaukee’s front office, it’s draft players, so there should be some cause for optimism among Bucks fans. And, realistically, this seems like it would be pretty tough to screw up. Regardless of who is manning the front office or making the pick, there’s a pretty small pool of players to choose from. Whether it’s you or I or John Hammond making this first pick, it comes down to three guys.

So read up on Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid and (to a lesser extent maybe) Dante Exum. One of these guys will be on the Milwaukee Bucks in about a month.