2014 Milwaukee Bucks draft predictions, prayers and prognostications

John Hammond at his pre-draft press conference on Tuesday.
John Hammond at his pre-draft press conference on Tuesday.

Wants. Predictions. More predictions. The Bucksketball staff was polled on a variety of questions relating to this year’s draft. Who did they want to see in Milwaukee? What did they think the Bucks would do with all those second round picks? Will John Hammond make a trade?

Here are our thoughts.

1. What do you WANT to happen? Within reason. I know you want LeBron or Darth Vader or whoever to join the Bucks. But that’s not going to happen. Because Darth Vader is a fictional character.

Jeremy: I’ve been talked into by the Bucks propaganda machine. Bring me Jabari Parker. Bring me his polish and his panache. Pair him with Giannis Antetokounmpo and let them figure out positions as need be.

KL: I want Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins has the athletic super-potential, and he is poised to be a better defender on Day 1 and in the long term. Parker will be just fine as a stretch-4, but I’d rather gamble on Wiggins becoming a better ballhandler than on Parker figuring out defense.

Preston: I think fans will be satisfied with the inevitable selection of either Parker or Wiggins (I prefer the latter or Exum to the former). Ideally, I’d also want the Bucks to trade back into the first round, though I think obtaining another top-10 pick is a stretch given Milwaukee’s assets.

Mitch: I want the Bucks to just Keep It Simple, Stupid. See who the Cavaliers take, then take the other guy. None of this pick-trading business, no dancing around. Either Wiggins or Parker will be available. Select one of them. In one of the most hyped drafts in years, there’s no reason to over-think the process.

2. Predict one second round pick for the Bucks.

Jeremy: Artem Klimenko. Milwaukee has too many second round picks and not enough roster spots. Something has to give. It’s very feasible the team could send away a pick as apart of a larger deal or simply for cash that could be stuck in the ARENA FUND jar, but Klimenko came in for a workout and could easily stay overseas for another year or two and develop his game on someone else’s dime.

KL: Hammond has a tendency to draft young. He took Giannis last year, Doron Lamb and Tobias Harris in the drafts before that. He sees value in drafting players before they develop. The young guys in 2nd round are mostly European — I’ll guess that he takes a stab at Nikola Jokic, a big, skilled, unathletic 19-year-old. Hammond may get more than one Euro too.

Preston: Thanasis Antetokounmpo. I like his name.

Mitch: I’m not sure where he lands on most draft boards, but I do think the Bucks find a way to bring Devyn Marble to Milwaukee using their second round picks in some way, form, or fashion. He reportedly crushed it at his Bucks workout, and it seems like the team usually locks in on one of its workout standouts in the second round (see: Wolters, Nate).

3. Will Milwaukee make a trade?

Jeremy: They have options and Hammond is always among the most aggressive GMs around the draft. History says they will make a deal of some kind, even if its as simple as the Ricky Ledo for Wolters swap of last year. I suspect if a deal is made, it lands the Bucks another first round pick or a quality character guy late in the draft.

KL: Yes, I think Hammond gets a deal done with Brandon Knight in it. The big issue is that Knight isn’t a point guard. Detroit slid him to shooting guard, the Bucks did the same, and for all his promise, nearly everyone seems to say his calling is as an off-the-bench third guard. If there’s any first-rounder to be had for Knight, I would guess he’s gone.

Preston: It may not be for an additional first-round selection, but the Bucks will almost certainly move at least one of their second-round picks. If they can’t trade up, expect them to sell one away – as they did with Jerome Jordan’s selection in 2010, when they also owned three second-round picks.

Mitch: While trade rumors have been plentiful in the weeks leading up to the draft, none of them have the feeling of anything more substantial than loose talk. I do think that some maneuvering is likely in the second round (to snag a guy like Marble, perhaps), but I’d be surprised if any kind of action involving the second pick or another team’s lottery choice actually occurs. The players that the Bucks seem willing to deal (Ersan Ilyasova,Larry Sanders, and John Henson at the right price) just don’t command the attention necessary to get a major deal done.

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