UPDATE: Bucks get permission from Nets to talk to Jason Kidd about presidency role according to reports

Jason Kidd could be the Milwaukee Bucks next president of basketball operations. (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

UPDATE: Kidd appears to be in the running for the President job in Milwaukee, which has been unoccupied since Herb Kohl stepped down as owner. Lasry said last week the Bucks were in the process of interviewing for the position.

According to Tim Bontemps of the New York Post, the Milwaukee Bucks have obtained permission to talk to Jason Kidd about a coaching/management position within the team. Kidd reportedly wanted control of basketball operations in Brooklyn — including a title above that of current general manager Billy King — but the Nets denied his request.

After being turned down by the Nets, “the franchise then was approached by the Bucks to speak with Kidd about the prospect of hiring him.”

Last summer, Kidd went straight from retirement as a player to the taking a job as Brooklyn’s head coach. After a bumpy start, Kidd guided the Nets to a 44-38 season and a first-round playoff series win over the Toronto Raptors.

The story was confirmed in a tweet by David Aldridge.

Presumably Bucks owner Marc Lasry is familiar with Kidd. He was a minority owner of the Nets for part of the 2013-14 season. He subsequently had to divest his holdings in the Nets — per league ownership rules — before purchasing the Bucks with Wesley Edens for $550 million.

The Bucks already have a head coach in Larry Drew. He has two years remaining on his contract, plus a team option for a third season. Milwaukee finished the season with 15 wins in his only season with the team.

(Update: 9:35 PM) Other info, including more Lasry/Kidd connections:





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  1. Drew seriously sucks! Give Kidd a chance to grow alongside this young team, this could be special.

  2. Lasry sounds like a dick. Either say you’re cleaning house, or hang tight with what’s there. Dont sneak around behind the back of those who are contractually employed by the team.

    Kohl may have been too old school, but he’d have never pulled a shi* move like this.

  3. Bad News Bucks

    The honeymoon is over a few months into E & L’s ownership. Between spoiling the Jabari pick and favoring Kidd, Lasry is positioning himself to be the kind of owner we all wanted to avoid; a loud lout with no experience in the basketball world who still wants to run the show.

    Now this might not be the case, but perception is shifting towards the very negative. Kohl played things close to the vest, deals were unexpected and rumors insignificant. This helped the Bucks to be even less relevant in the 24 hour TMZ NBA, but was secretly a blessing for fans. Small markets only make the news for doing nice things when they are in contention. At all other times, no news is good news.

    And now we have the worst news it would seem. The fear sets in and strikes the bones. It touches on the team being stupid or worse moved. It touches on another administration of cronies and favors for friends. Kidd has a keen basketball mind on the court, but his record would suggest chaos off of it. He made a power play which was ill advised and failed, now we’re his Plan B. He has cred with players and maybe casual fans, but right now he has no credit with me. I am rather worried at a time when I should still be celebrating.

  4. At first I questioned what both Kidd and the Bucks were doing, and it took a while of thinking (maybe my bias taking over)? But I actually understand the play by both ..

    Kidd was locked in for several years , but what was he really locked into? A team that wasn’t built correctly , a poor mans big 3 that lacked growth to become better than the real big 3. He had an owner that, although would spend money, didn’t do it in the correct way. A big city with big expectations, and pay that at first seemed good but quickly turned average. I think he could have chosen a better way than a “power play” but I see why he would want out.

    As for the Bucks, I hope he is in play for the coaching job and not as “president as operations” Yes I dislike how it was done, behind Drew’s back, but I think the end result could be just fine. He is a players coach , and I think overall a better coach than he is given credit for, just think how that nets team turned around.. Most importantly free agents don’t want to come to Milwaukee usually , unless we over pay (only the ones that actually can be over paid) but with a coach that has a lot of respect with players currently playing, and a coach players like playing for , it could be are only big draw to outsiders (those that don’t know how great milwaukee is) before a new arena is in place. (other than the Bucks’ immense potential.

    • I am not feeling Kidd.
      I am sorry, I understand that he attracts more star power than what we could EVER get with Hammond. But, Hammond has ran a team before! Wow, and ESPN makes this look like we are “Excited” about this? Real Bucks fans are Horrified! How could this ownership bust the 180 so quick? I mean Hammond did himself no favors by his 2nd round picks. I feel like this team is losing some of the traditions were all used to! Maybe this move is good, a lot of us know that Kidd is not really a character guy.
      I understand Kidd feels he’s underpaid as compared to other coaches in the league but wow! This has really mushed my brain to the point I can’t go to my favorite pornsite to beat off! WTF Bucks????

      • I think its harsh to throw out the “real bucks fan” as if anyone on this is anything other than a real bucks fan. With that said, of the three positions possible here, GM is probably the least likely. I find it hard to believe that Hammond would be replaced after the draft, where Drew could be..

        And again, I wish all of this could have unfolded a different way, but maybe it simply couldn’t and lasry and co jumped on it while they saw the opportunity , it seems harsh now but in 6 months it will seem minor.

      • learn your team hierarchy , president of ops is not the same as GM, its not even close to the same thing. the GM manages the team, hirings and firings within the team. the president of ops manages everything around the team, stadium, logistics, promotions, and such, AND trusts the GM to run the team itself.

  5. It’s unbelievable to me how anyone could be against this move. J-Kidd is a legend, champion, well respected former player that would give knowledge to our young team in ways Drew could never do. People always complain about how we always hire retreads and how we should just go young. Well, this is what we’re doing. As a Bucks fan I’m tired of losing and tired of not being talked about.

    This move puts us on the map for GOOD players to want to sign with us. Ya know guys with talent! Not giving OJ Mayo 8 mil a year or signing Zaza, trading for Caron Butler, Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, giving John Salmons contract extensions. I could go on and on but I won’t because our franchise is moving forward and not backwards. To those who don’t like this move, please suggest someone else. Maybe Herb wants back in on the team. Lets just give him another chance, right?

  6. Im not sure why some of you on here are complaining about the Kidd rumors (other than the fact that internet comment boards are designed for complaining). Whats wrong with bringing in a respected NBA veteran to fill a position, president of operations, that is currently vacant? And even if Lasry and Co. fire Drew and/or Hammond, although this has been a fun couple of weeks, lets not forget that the Bucks had the worst record in the NBA. Why is it a surprise that they would want to bring in a new coach/front office? Given the timing of the purchase of the team and the draft, it didnt make sense to fire Hammond/Drew before the draft, but now that the draft is done, if they are gonna bring in new blood, now is the time to do it.

  7. This isn’t sneaking behind Drew’s back if Kidd is after the president of ops. position. The Bucks were going to hire someone for that spot anyway. I see why Kidd wants out of Brooklyn. For all we know he may have decided in his one year that he doesn’t really see himself as a coach for long anyway. Also, coaches get fired faster than presidents of ops. do, and he was going to get fired by the Nets when they stink it up the next couple years. Pres. of ops. could be his dream job (I know it would be mine), and his one real chance of getting it is with his friend Lasry partially calling the shots. Can’t blame him for trying for it, and getting out of a tough situation in Brooklyn when he and Billy King hate each other. I don’t know if I love Drew, but I know I wouldn’t love Kidd on the bench, but I don’t think Kidd is gunning for the bench position anyway. I also don’t think I love Kidd in the pres. position, but I understand it. We better not lose more than 2 2nds for him, though. Drew and Hammonds were in a precarious position whoever we hired to lead ops. They didn’t need to be or should have been part of the decision for that hire, however, they could have at least been a little more in the loop. It looks like our new owner is a novice the way it is playing out. If Kidd is up for pres. of ops. (not coach), then that should be clearer from the start. A statement from the Bucks today could show their intentions, and make it look more like a process for hiring is taking place. At this moment it looks like a rookie owner trying to hire his buddy in the middle of the night, without anyone knowing about it. If Kidd gets it I will support him like a good Bucks fan. I am just concerned with his lack of experience. If Kidd gets the job I hope he gets someone with some experience to be his GM, or keep Hammonds who knows what he is doing. Hammonds has drafted fairly well, and has been given a tough job of trying to get the Bucks in the playoffs with limited assets. I wonder what Hammonds could have done if he was allowed to tear down and start over when he first came on board.

    • So now that it’s open that the Bucks are offering a 2nd rounder for Kidd ON THE BENCH, care to amend your previously posted nonsense?

  8. ok so, kidd was approached to be head of basketball operations. Sounds pretty smart to me, hire a “basketball guy” to run basketball operations. There are mass ASSUMPTIONS that hiring kidd would mean for the coaching position as well, but not one person has said he interviewed for that. In fact I dont think he’s even interveiwed for anything just yet, so slow down all you debbie downers and lets let this play out. Save your criticism, for when something shady actually happens.

    BTW the head coach does NOT need to be consulted on the hiring of the president of basketball operations, if there is any level of appropriate consultation necessary, its with the GM, not the head coach. The reason being is the head of basketball operations, has nothing to do with the direction of the team itself, thats on the GM, coach, and players.

    So far nothing shady, or below the belt has happened, so quit whining like it has. Let’s see what happens instead of being know-it-all’s mmmmkay?

  9. JASON KIDD ? are you kidding me ? everything he touches falls apart, everyone who takes his side are the ones who are clueeless beyound belief ! i dont care if you think he will be at the bottom of the totom poll in the front office, or selling hot dogs in the consession stands, its his foot in the door to get to where he wants to be, WAKE UP ! look at his history on and off the court ! he’s a BUM to say the least. challange me and i will expose your moronic statements trying to defend him, his on and off the court antics are POLAR opposites of jabari parkers, what does that mean ? it means jabari parker leaves after his 1 contract, thats just 1 of 20 things i can tell you, im just amased at how many people post to defend this BUM who dont care about his history. do your home work and if you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel then maybe, just maybe, you want to see the bucks fall apart from this move.

  10. Bush league move on the Bucks’ new ownership. Larry Drew didn’t deserve this.

    If he wasn’t in your plans, let the man know and end the relationship PROFESSIONALLY. Utterly embarrassing.

  11. Jason Kidd was never a great coach to begin with. I do not understand why the Bucks traded for him in the first place. He was one of the best point guards of all time but, i believe he lacks maturity.