Bucks getting interest in Larry Sanders, according to report


Sanders could be grabbing rebounds elsewhere next year. (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)
Sanders could be grabbing rebounds elsewhere next year. (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

According to a chat hosted by ESPN’s Chad Ford, Larry Sanders is a man wanted by other NBA teams.

There is a lot of interest in Sanders right now. They might be able to use that (or John Henson) to get another pick in the draft. Point guard is an area they’d like more help at and there are several intriguing point guards a little later in the draft. I know the Bucks would love another Lottery pick, but the cost is high right now.

The Bucks are caught in a difficult situation with regard to Sanders. When he stays healthy and in the good graces of his coaches and teammates, he can be a stultifying interior defender. On the other hand, he is slated to earn eight figures a year for the next four years, and the Bucks can’t quite be sure his emotional demeanor won’t keep him off the hardwood.

It’s hard to imagine any scenario where the Bucks would move the #2 pick in next week’s NBA draft, but it is less difficult to conceive of a scenario where they package Sanders and Brandon Knight in an attempt to bring back a late lottery pick.

One possible destination is Sacramento, where the Kings could pair Sanders and Knight in a package that would fetch the #8 overall pick and salary filler or possibly even an extra young player. There are reports that Sacramento thinks that adding ready-now players to a core of Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins could propel them into a playoff contender. (Side note: it won’t.)

If the Bucks are truly after a point guard, then a trade with a team like the Kings could help the Bucks land Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State, but a trade for a lower pick could put them in position to go after Elfrid Payton of Lousiana-Lafayette or Tyler Ennis from Syracuse.

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  1. nooooooooooo, ive been talking about the bucks trading some of their assets to trade up for another first rounder for quite a while. in my opinion ANYBODY on their roster is up for fair game EXCEPT brandon knight (im even welcome to trading giannis if the deal was really that good). dont do what detroit did and give up on a young developing point guard, he really began to show some potential. you have no idea how these players in the draft are going to pan out and knight really started to show some progression. dont give up on him yet, everyone else can leave.

    side note i would be upset with the draft if the bucks ended up using all 3 of their second rounders, i dont think theres much of a point. they need to use some of those to trade around in the draft

  2. I’m still not sold on the notion that trading Larry Sanders is necessary right now. Yes, there are a lot of question marks surrounding his attitude and demeanor both on and off the court. Yes, this last season by all accounts was a complete disaster for him.

    But he has proven himself as a game changer defensively. He’s still young, still has time to improve himself on and off court, and has time to grow up and live up to his potential.

    I’m not sure why Sacramento would go for Sanders given his contract and the fact he’d be a backup behind Cousins anyways. The likelihood of the Bucks getting a Top 10 pick in a deal for Sanders just doesn’t seem likely.


    • Larry Sanders doesn’t want to be in Milwaukee. It’s plain and simple. He has been hoping that they trade him to another team, too. That is common knowledge, but you never hear that side of the story addressed in the media. I say that if they trade him – what is the backup plan? If they select Parker, why keep Ilyasova? Maybe by packaging Ilyasova and Sanders, the Bucks can land another top 8 draft pick. Use Henson and Z as the existing centers, with Parker and Gordon or Smart from the draft. Certainly a step in the right direction.

      • Based on what? Hearsay? I’ve never heard complaints from Sanders about Milwaukee or about leaving, which is saying a hell of a lot in this day in age where athletes can’t shut up on Twitter. You can’t hear a side in the media if that opinion doesn’t exist.

        Obviously this is hindsight, but Embiid is no longer going to be selected in the Top 2 with this latest development on his foot injury, which makes it all the more prudent for the Bucks to take another chance on Sanders and see if he can contribute and not be a nuisance on or off the court. What do we have to lose, exactly?

        And since you mentioned Top 8 I’m assuming you’re referring to Sacramento’s pick, which again makes little sense for them since Sanders would be playing limited minutes behind Cousins while making 10 million+ a year.

  3. Unless Larry and Brandon with some 2nd rounders gets us the 4th pick for Exum (preposterous), trading a scoring presence like Knight seems folly, especially given Marcus Smart’s known deficiencies. At this point, Nate’s improving PG game would probably be better for distributing to scorers like Knight and hopefully Wiggins than Smart’s game would. At worst Brandon is an upper-tier 6th man.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Ilyasova, Sanders, Udoh and Mayo need to go immediately. Cut the dead weight from this team as soon as possible. Resign Sessions, too. If they keep Knight, resign Sessions, and add to the existing mix a Parker and Gordon from the draft, things would start to get interesting.

  5. I don’t understand the want or need to trade Sanders. We have the cap room to afford him without any issues. I don’t know where someone heard that he doesn’t want to be in MKE. I’ve always heard he loves it here. The ONLY way I’m ok with us moving him is if we get Embiid. Otherwise it seems pointless becaue we won’t get what he is worth back. I’d like to see us trade Ersan. Maybe Mayo but we wouldn’t get anything for him

    • Exactly my point. There’s no reason to move him unless there’s a VERY appealing deal that can be made. But otherwise, he’s a guy who can anchor a team into being a Top 10 defense and that isn’t a commodity you just give up. Likewise, I’ve never heard Sanders say he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to be in Milwaukee.

      Ersan does need to go. The problem with all these guys though, is that they came off very underwhelming seasons. Moving them would be difficult, not necessarily because we wouldn’t be able to find any takers for them (particularly Ilyasova), but because teams would try to low ball us due to their poor 2013-14 seasons. Sadly, we’re probably better off holding on to all three of those guys and see if they can improve next season.

      The Udoh complaint is legitimate, though he hardly plays and we had a ton of injuries in the front court this season so he played by necessity more than anything.

  6. who are some players you want the Bucks to draft in round 2, or perhaps round 1 if they use those 2nd rounds picks or trade current players to hop back into round 1 ?

    • who would be a good Power Power forward ( as opposed to Stretch 4 ) that we could snag in round 2 ?? ……..that is, I am thinking we need a Jeff Adrien type guy, powerful, high effort, but someone 3 inches or more taller than Adrien…

      • Patric Young ?? although listed as a center , I can see him being that taller version of Jeff Adrien…