Bucks use #31 pick to draft Damien Inglis

(Photo credit: FIBA.com)
(Photo credit: FIBA.com)

With the first pick of the second round, the Bucks drafted Damien Inglis (think French: DAH-me-en  inn-GLISS), an 18-year-old from France. Inglis is a big burly kid with a 6’8″, 240 lb. frame and a 7’3″ wingspan. Despite his size, he possesses strong ball skills and has long hands. Operating as a point forward, he racked up turnovers at a fairly high clip, but he is described by most as having a high basketball IQ.

Bucks management likely got a good look at Inglis at the Nike Hoop Summit back in April. In picking an 18-year-old, general manager John Hammond picked young for the fourth straight year, following on the heels of Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb, and of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

No word yet on whether the Bucks will try to bring Inglis on board this season, or whether he will play in Europe for another year or two. With Giannis, John Hammond set a precedent for getting his young players in right away. (Update: John Hammond said the Bucks are planning on putting him on the roster for 2014-15.)

With any luck, the young man — who is already nearly the size of LeBron James — is still growing.

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    • I don’t like how we’re adding depth at positions where I think we’re strong at, but yes I do like the potential in this player. I believe this may have been a case where the team debated selecting a player who could add depth at a position of more need verses simply taking the best available player per their draft board despite the logjam on the team. The good news is that this player seems to be another player who can be a bit versatile in the positions he can play (2-3-4). I hope he grows a bit more, finds the consistency with his shot, and develops some real explosiveness (leaping ability and first step) so that he can beat his opponent around the edge (on the dribble) in order to finish around the hoop more often and more consistently.

  1. I like that so far all 3 picks are not slender like Henson , Giannis, and Sanders … Parker, Inglis, and O”Bryant all look strong with some weight to not be pushed around…

  2. This kid reminds me of Serge Ibaka when the Thunder drafted Serge. I’d love to have seen another G picked – or a shooter, like the kid from UVA – but I like the draft overall. Now….the Bucks need to make some moves to clear some contracts out – as much as I like Ersan, he’s a great fit on a championship level team. Sanders and Mayo – for the love of God, will someone please take those contracts?

    • I do NOT think we should dump Sanders for nickels on the dollar. He is Parkers safety blanket if he plays the 4. Do not forget 2012 13. Yes he is a head case to date, but we just drafted a leader who could maybe bring some focus to the team. Sanders is too valuable when playing well.

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  4. yes, i give sanders 1 more chance to prove his wothyness as a player, team mate and person, on and off the court. if he turns his act around he will become not only a better player but a better team mate and hopefully a better person off the court. which will translate to nothing but positive things for him and his team mates and all of us bucks fans. my advise to him is just 3 words. as spike lee said. ( do the right thing )