1. I love the green. I just don’t think red needs to be a part of the color scheme. I can’t remember where I read it, but someone mentioned a green/orange color scheme and while that makes a ton of sense for Wisconsin, I can’t help but imagine that’d be ugly as hell.

    • I think this color scheme has potential, but it would have to been done to perfection. If done poorly it could easily be ugly as hell.

  2. I really like the idea of going with a green/white with silver and black accents. I just hope they avoid doing what the Brewers do, where instead of a rebrand or return to the classic uniforms, they come up with 50 different ugly combos.

    • This is exactly what I’ve been thinking for a color scheme change for the Bucks (Hunter Green and White w/ Silver/Grey and/or Black accents); however, I don’t completely agree with your thoughts on the Brewers… while I love the alternative #4 uniform (the throwback “m & b in the shape of a glove” logo and color scheme) I really like the new overall Brewers look and design that was introduced in the 2000 season. Simply put, my favorite Brewers uniforms are the alternate #2 – #4 uniforms (alternative #2 and #3 use the Navy Blue as the full shirt color and the differences between them deal with using either white or grey for the pants) and while I don’t really hate any of their uniform designs I think I may put the alternative #1 design as the worst looking (the one that uses the metallic gold color as the full shirt color).

      • correction: I did/do hate the 1994–99 uniforms and logo for the Brewers and any time they choose to represent those uniforms/logo I’m disappointed that the Brewers would choose to do so — it’s not like they had any success during that period of time that makes it worthy of representation again anyways.

  3. I’m glad to see this has been touched on. I’ve followed this site and RealGM closely for some time, and I appreciate the coverage from both ends. There is a thread on RealGM with that has an incredible set of away/home/alternate adaptations. I’m particularly enamored with the one featuring the Irish Rainbow, two shades of green with white, and a touch of red. I don’t know who’s responsible for it, but I hope you find some original gems, Jeremy!

  4. I like what Thomas B. said. The orange accent would the the hunting aspect te chuc

    I like what Thomas B. said. The orange accent would the the hunting aspect to the buck. The current john looks like a trophy on the wall.

  5. Javier Maldonado

    i like the brewers colors but bucks need there own colors maybe blue red green

  6. 100% for Throwback Above

    That jersey that Monta got on should be our jersey. That uni was cool in 2000-2001 when they only wore it on special occasions & it was cool when Bucks brought it back 2 years ago… Id want to rock that to games

  7. I am literally ok with anything that avoids purple. they could be blue and brown for all I care. Just stay the hell away from purple.

  8. I would like to see the actual Buck on the front of the uniform, like the one they used periodically over the last few years, and in the photo above. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying out different color schemes either. The uniforms certainly do need help. They are not “cool” looking at all. We need a uniform that jumps out at people – one that even people in LA and New York would love to wear, simply because it’s awesome looking. Design a new uniform for next season!

  9. Like the author, I don’t have much of a problem with the current colors. My biggest gripe is with the ‘BuckS’ letting–it’s just a relic of the ’90s. Also, those red side panels look ugly to me.

    If there is a change, I would support:

    1.) Adding gold/yellow as a tertiary color to be used very subtly in the trim. Green/red/gold is an attractive threesome, and it would provide a thread of connection with the Pack and the Crew.

    2.) If red must be removed, then green and white would suffice. I don’t think it would be wise to throw back to the ’80s under-armpit rainbow stripes. It’s too campy and it’s throwing back to an era of always falling short to the Celtics and Sixers.

    3.) If we do go retro, why not throw back to the true era of success–the early 70s? My personal favorite Bucks’ set is the cursive lettering days just after the championship and before the Irish Rainbow came into the picture.

  10. They should do the old school jersey with bucks logo on the side and purple and green those where the best ones but put some Brown on the buck those would look good

  11. I’m thinking deer hunters camo with blaze orange accents for an alternate jersey; with timberwolves type font of the word ‘Bucks’ on the front. Home jerseys should be 70s big O era model simple design; white with green being the secondary color and blaze orange trim also with ‘Bucks’ on the front in cursive font. Away jerseys main color green with orange as the secondary color with white trim just like the old school 70s jerseys also like the away jerseys with cursive font but instead ‘Milwaukee’ would be across the chest of the jerseys. Orange for a second alternate jersey would be cool too with green as the secondary color and white trim with same model as mentioned before

  12. Please bring back the Bango logo with the spinning basketball. As for the uniforms, keep the green and red color scheme with less emphasis on red. Also maybe add a touch of silver to the trim. Go back to the Boston Celtics style shorts design that was used in the early 70’s. Redesign the “BUCKS” script at home and have “MILWAUKEE” on the road jersey. A touch of black in the color scheme may work too. Just make sure the road uniform is green and not red.

  13. The idea someone on RealGM had to create a Harley-Davidson themed alternate jersey is excellent. It would look oh so bad, sell like crazy, and represent Milwaukee in a great light. Just imagine the potential alternate jersey awesomeness that could emerge from an orange-black-white mashup of Harley graphic elements and, say, the early 2000s “Big Buck” design.

  14. would it be wrong to incorporate a dollar sign with the BUCK$.. I think the buck should also be more fierce… When you play the Bucks, you’re the one getting hunted!

  15. I like the idea of more simple colors with a small accent of flash. Like silver and blue with something else. But changing how the jersey is laid out needs to change. Let’s do something clever. Maybe an antler design on the sides of the jersey? Hopefully it will be a change where I want to buy bucks merchandise because it looks awesome.