Jabari Parker thinks Jabari Parker will be drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

The media is meeting with Jabari Parker today and he’s got a feeling he knows where he’ll be playing basketball for the foreseeable future.


The trendiest place for Parker has always been Milwaukee, though in the days since Joel Embiid’s foot was diagnosed with a stress fracture, many slotted Parker into the number one spot. But a bad workout by Parker and a great workout from Andrew Wiggins apparently has Cavs owner Dan Gilbert jonesing for Wiggins in Cleveland, which would leave Parker available for the team that’s coveted him the most.

Chad Ford reported earlier this week that a source told him there were suspicions that Parker “tanked” his Cleveland workout due to his desire to play in Milwaukee, though that report was refuted by Parker’s father shortly after.

Regardless, it’s seemed for a while that the Bucks have had eyes for Parker and that Parker has had eyes for the Bucks.

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  1. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for Wiggins but every story I read keeps putting us with Parker. I really think that Wiggins has a chance at “taking over the mantle” from Durant and Lebron and Co. in a few years and a chance at a hall of fame career. I’m afraid of Parkers body type and tuhrible defense will make him just an average player down the road. Hoping I’m wrong because all (most) signs point to Parker.

    • Although I think Wiggins does have a shot of being that type of superstar player, I think his chances of that are very low. While the more likely outcomes imo are him being a couple time all star, or just a good starter. While I think Jabari has a higher chance of being a multiple time all star, but not the same ceiling of being a LeBron or Durant. I think it comes down to what you think those percentages are.

  2. What, somebody tanking a workout with Cleveland, so he could land in Milwaukee. That seems like a stretch, but if that’s what new management has already done for the Bucks, we have a very bright future.

    Let’s go Lebron and Melo – come to the Bucks! :O

  3. Look for Ilyasova, Sanders and Mayo to all be gone by the end of Thursday night……and quite possibly, Knight and/or Henson as well. The Bucks are looking for another top lottery pick for a Randle-type player, and for another first round pick shortly thereafter the lottery picks. Sacramento, Los Angeles and Phoenix look like they could be likely trading partners. This will be very interesting to watch just how it “all goes down.” My guess is that by the end of the evening, Milwaukee will be looking at a very tough, young roster. I would imagine that they will sign Sessions very shortly after the draft as well. It can’t leave us any worse off than last season, that’s for sure. Exciting times on the horizon.

  4. I’ve said for a bit that Parker will be Rookie of the Year, but Wiggins may have the more productive career.. Here’s to hoping my reservations about Parker are wrong if he’s our guy.. And also hoping we use our assets to get back into the 1st round possibly targeting a guy like Kyle Anderson

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