Lasry says that the Bucks won’t draft Embiid

Lasry spoke at the Rotary Club of Milwaukee Monday (Photo credit: Instagram/Bucks)
Lasry spoke at the Rotary Club of Milwaukee Monday (Photo credit: Instagram/Bucks)

Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry spoke to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee Monday morning, and his talk revealed quite a bit about the direction of the Bucks — especially as it relates to Thursday’s NBA Draft. Lasry noted that the team’s choice for the #2 overall pick became a lot easier after Joel Embiid underwent surgery to repair a broken bone in his foot.

To be honest, Lasry didn’t exactly give away the farm here. The Bucks were all but certain to pick Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker after Cleveland got their pick of the pair with the top overall selection.

Lasry also said that co-owner Wesley Edens was also in Milwaukee recently. Edens visited town Friday to see Wiggins work out for the team.

Wes Edens flew to Milwaukee on Friday to watch Andrew Wiggins work out, Lasry said.

— cfgardner (@cf_gardner) June 23, 2014

This one could be seen as a wee bit concerning. While it is good for the new owners to be involved in the franchise’s biggest decisions, at the same time, it could be counterproductive to have them meddling and overruling the team’s basketball-minded decision makers, especially if Lasry and Edens aren’t attending all the workouts that involve Wiggins, Parker, and Dante Exum.

Let the experts make the choices.

Other tidbits made known by Lasry:

The team plans to make public their new minority owners later this month.

The Bucks have hired a new CFO and they are in the hunt for a new team president, a role formerly held by Herb Kohl.

Lasry would be receptive to an increased payroll. Though, to be fair, Herb Kohl never seemed to purposefully deflate the team’s payroll. There may be an assumption that the Bucks were a small market team that refused to spend, but he did allow the Bucks pay roll to inflate when he suspected they were close and a player or two would make a difference.

And lastly, and least (or is it most?) importantly, when the team redesigns its logos and color schemes, purple is out.

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  1. I dont believe embiid was on the bucks’ radar anyway….. my take was it was going to be wiggins from the start. my belief before, of course, was that cleveland would take embiid, and that wiggins is the better fit for the bucks vs parker. Looking at cleveland’s situation, I think they’ll take parker still and the bucks will still get wiggins.

    This is all pending the possible trades coming, of which milwaukee will have at least 2 draft day trades. Ive said before ilyasova’s gone, and I stand behind that. Soooooo many trade possiblities though and so FEW untradables. Im pumped, this will be the biggest bucks draft day in 25 years, easily.

  2. wonder if Johnny Hammond is gonna tell Lasry to not be so gabby in the future ? :) That being said, I hope someone will write an article focusing on our 2nd round picks, or the chances of those picks turning into a first round pick, or the chances a player trade resulting in another round 1 pick….

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