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Photo list: Who looks happiest wearing the Bucks draft hat?

| June 27, 2014

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8. Marcus Haislip

Marcus Haislip shakes David Stern's hand on draft night.

Marcus Haislip shakes David Stern’s hand on draft night.

I get no indication that Haislip is all that thrilled about being drafted, much less being drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks. Cheer up, Marcus! You’ve just lived out what was surely a dream for you. Yes, you have to live in Milwaukee, but this was when the Bucks were a releavant team. Ray Allen! Glenn Robinson! What is there to be so glum about!?

Maybe Haislip knew what was coming.

7. Joe Alexander

Joe Alexander shakes David Stern's hand, and keeps his distance, on draft night.

Joe Alexander shakes David Stern’s hand, and keeps his distance, on draft night.

Joe is keeping a respectful distance from the commissioner as he grasps his hand. I’m no body language expert by any means, but he seems uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Looking at this photo, I’m not even sold that Alexander is happy that he’ll have to keep playing basketball for at least a few more years professionally.

The tight lipped smile. The robotic posture. This is not a man who’s confident and excited about his future. This is a man who fears he’ll be exposed as a fraud. Maybe if he keeps creeping around, no one will notice him and he’ll keep getting checks without having to do anything. Maybe he’ll even get to leave Milwaukee, which he’s heard about and visited once, but wasn’t so fond of. His friends won’t want to visit. What’s he going to do with his spare time!?

His priorities are out of whack.

6. Brandon Jennings

A late arriving Brandon Jennings leans in and shakes David Stern's hand on draft night.

A late arriving Brandon Jennings leans in and shakes David Stern’s hand on draft night.

“This is how I’m supposed to smile, right? Teeth clearly showing. Cheeks sucked into mouth. Lips puckered and apart. I look happy, right? No one cares that I was late, right? People can’t tell I didn’t want to end up in Milwaukee, can they?”

5. Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut with David Stern.

Andrew Bogut with David Stern.

He’s a bit unsure. He hasn’t really spent much time in Milwaukee, save for an interview he did there and maybe at some point for a few days for a college game. He’s willing to give it a chance though. But he’s going to be pissed the first time it snows. He’s heard it snows a lot there.

But basically he’s a kid who’s ready to party, with that crazy wild hair.

4. John Henson

John Henson shakes David Stern's hand on draft night.

John Henson shakes David Stern’s hand on draft night.

I get the sense that Henson is forcing a smile here. But here’s the thing: I’ve seen John Henson smile many a time since this photo and this is just how he always looks when he smiles. It’s a bit of a pained smile, but this is the way he expresses happiness, so I would never punish someone for how their smile looks. Good on you for heading up there and being happy about it, John Henson.

3. Jabari Parker


The enthusiastic Jabari Parker with Adam Silver.

We know that Parker has gone on record as a very pro Milwaukee guy. BUT HE COULD HAVE DONE MORE TO SHOW IT. Where is the Brewer lining on his coat? Why isn’t he wearing a large foam hand that can hold a beer over his regular hand? I didn’t hear him say 4-1-4 all night.


But I love the lean. And he double hands on Silver’s hand. That’s a good, strong handshake from a man who’s excited about what tomorrow will bring. He looks like he can barely contain himself, which vaults him up the list.

2. T.J. Ford

TJ Ford shakes David Stern's hand on draft night.

TJ Ford shakes David Stern’s hand on draft night.

Thrilled. He’s thrilled to be in the NBA. He’s totally cool with being in Milwaukee. Perhaps he realized his days were numbered as a pro, even right away. Given a spinal condition that was discovered before the draft, there was some question about where Ford would end up getting picked. But the Bucks scooped him up in the lottery and I’m sure Ford felt some combination of relief and thrill at that moment.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo pulls David Stern in for a hug on draft night.

Giannis Antetokounmpo pulls David Stern in for a hug on draft night.


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  1. Bizzucks says:

    Jennings. Hands down

  2. Darek says:

    Awww, Jennings and Stern wore matching ties.

  3. William says:

    Jabari wants to be here. Not very often do you find a guy that wants to be here. Jabari won’t be a defensive liability. Larry Drew accelerates at one thing: getting his guys to learn defense. I think it’ll be very interesting watch Wolters Knight Giannis Jabari Larry line up. Should be a team that can run people off the court.