Report: Wiggins AND Exum to work out for Bucks soon

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(Photo: Jon Hartzell)

ESPN’s Chad Ford is reporting that the Bucks will be working out Dante Exum and Andrew Wiggins by the end of next week.

So it sounds like Exum gets a look in Milwaukee this weekend and Wiggins shows his wares on the West Coast some time within the next few days. Ford went on to add that Exum likely won’t work out for any teams picking below the fourth spot currently held by Orlando.

The Bucks were able to talk to Exum at the NBA Combine held in Chicago in mid-May. However, the workout will allow the Bucks to get a chance to watch him up close when he’s actually doing things on the court. The same can be said for Wiggins.

The agents for these potential top picks don’t seem to like to have them working out in situations below their respective floors, so it’s as if Wiggins doesn’t think he’ll fall below #3 and Exum doesn’t think he’ll fall below #4. But at the same time, these workouts come at a juncture where it’s almost as if they both are trying to convince the Bucks out of picking Jabari Parker.

DraftExpress currently projects Parker as the Bucks’ pick at #2.

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  1. I hope Wiggins does enough to convince us to take him. I really like Jabari but I literally start drooling at the idea of how great Giannis and Wiggins would be on D NEXT SEASON. Their offense will get better with time.

  2. The more time I have to think about it, I want them to grab one of these two. If Kohl were still in charge, Parker would be a no-brainer, but with the new guys now, and Hammond having some time to set up the roster to his liking, plus all those second round picks to maybe move around or snipe contributors on the cheap, I think a big cut is a better idea than drawing a walk.

    Parker’s fine if that’s what they decide, but I’d rather they dreamed big.

  3. I’m certainly no draft scout or talent evaluator but I do hope one of these two is our pick. I have irrational fears that even if Parker is decent, thats all he will ever be. Exum Wiggins and Embiid all at least look to have the potential for greatness.

  4. I agree with you all, and especially love the analogy of taking a big cut than a walk ha. If Embiid is there take him but then its wiggins and then exum imo.

  5. Parker will be amazing for any team he plays for, he will hover around 30ppg for multiple seasons. The difference is Wiggins has the athleticism to hover around 35ppg for a season or two during his career. I still feel Exum is the best player in this draft. He’s a more athletic better shooting Michael Carter Williams. However, Wiggins has probably the most risk to reward. Darius Miles or Tracy McGrady. It’s a toss up really. I think if the Bucks commit to Wiggins, they need to really pursue an NBA legend to work with him. If they snag Exum, I think they need to get a very good Point Guard legend to work with him. If they select Jabari Parker, they will need to get someone to work with him on defense. I think Exum could turn out to be a 25pts,7apg,6rpg type of point. Wiggins could very well be a 30/3/10 type of guy. However, Parker if all 3 pan out, will easily be running after Durant and Melo for scoring titles. I think Exum with Brandon Knight and Nate Wolters could be extremely useful. Two guys not afraid to drive, and with Nate being the floor general. I could see a very effective small ball team in the future. Wolters, Brandon Knight, Exum(at point forward), Giannis, Sanders/Henson. With Wiggins I think it is very similar. He and Giannis are going to need to learn how to play the 4. If that happens, I could see Wiggins being the best fit for the Bucks. I just feel Exum will still be the best all around player in the draft. If I were the Bucks I’d take Wiggins and trade him for the 3rd pick and Thaddeus Young. Take Exum, Allow Thaddeus and Giannis to share the 3 and 4 with Henson and Sanders sharing the 4 and 5.

  6. For what it’s worth I think Marcus Smart could be worth trading down for. Exum will probably be the best player in this draft. But, Smart could become the best winner in this class. He had the best WARP in college out of anyone in this draft. Marcus Smart should not be ignored. If he is, there will be many salty teams that didn’t choose him. I say Smart or Exum. If smart, trade Wiggins for Thad and 3rd pick. Trade the third down 2-3 spots, and pick up a future first rounder. Take Smart, or Exum.

  7. Berdj J. Rassam

    The old Bucks ownership team would have pissed away a top pick; time will tell if the new ownership team will as well.