Reports: Bucks finalize deal with Nets, send two second round picks for new coach Jason Kidd

Kidd in his coaching debut last season. (Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images)
Kidd in his coaching debut last season. (Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images)

Jason Kidd will be the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to ESPN, then reported by multiple other outlets, the Bucks have agreed to send two second round picks to the Brooklyn Nets for Kidd. Kidd will sign a new multi-year deal with the Bucks to serve only as the head coach, contrary to initial reports.

New Jersey will receive draft picks in 2015 and 2019 from Milwaukee. The Bucks had been offering one second-round pick, but the Nets initially wanted a 2015 first-round pick in exchange, a negotiating chip the Bucks originally dismissed.

The status of current Bucks coach Larry Drew remains to be seen. The source said Drew has not talked to ownership during this process, and co-owner Marc Lasry declined comment.

There are still suspicions that Kidd will at some point add more titles to his role.

(UPDATE: Larry Drew has been fired.)

Drew was at Jabari Parker’s introductory press conference last Friday and spoke as if he expected to be the team’s coach going forward. He commented on how Parker’s workout reminded him of a young Kobe Bryant’s workouts and said he looked forward to the challenge of working with a young team again.

Kidd was 44-38 in his only season in Brooklyn after a 19-year playing career that left him second all-time in assists and steals upon his retirement. The Nets lost in the second round of the playoffs to the Heat in five games.

The Bucks have yet to release a statement on the matter. For more of our thoughts on the matter, see our post on the compensation and Kidd as head coach rumors last night.

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  1. Remember when Kidd would blow kisses before his free throws?

    So do I.

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  2. This was terrible. Not that Kidd became the coach, because he might be pretty good at it, but not like this. Not like this.

    Yes, I watched The Matrix over the weekend.

    • I watched the Matrix also. I think Jason Kidd ratted out the good guys so that the machines would reinsert him into the matrix as an NBA coach. What a jag…

    • Who cares how it’s done as long as a better coach is here. Why are people taking this so personally?? You act like they peed in your grandpa’s urn for crying out loud. Get a grip, this is just business.

  3. Any chance we can retain Nick Van Exel as an assistant coach as I think he was a huge influence on the positive development of Brandon Knight last season.

  4. I agree to a great extent with the concerns about how this was handled. Even though I have not wanted Larry Drew to coach the Bucks next season, this whole incident has me feeling sad for him.

    I’m also concerned about what this says about the new Bucks ownership, how they treat people.

    It’ll be interesting to find out more about how all of this has happened, but probably difficult to know who and what to believe.

    As for Jaason Kidd, I’m concerned about the character issues raised by the staff and fans at Bucksketball — but it’s hard for me to put everything into perspective and make any kind of evaluation of him. Is he the kind of guy we want to entrust our young players with? I’d like to learn more about him, on and off the court.

    So this is all very unsettling bordering on disturbing. The next couple of weeks could be very interesting. What I’m hearing here at Bucksketball is a desire for not only want a winning team, but a classy team of integrity, perhaps what one would call Midwestern values.

    • The DUI is the only concern for me, and I dont even know to what extent he was drunk, barely over the limit? wasted? who knows……. The one thing I DO know is the nets organization is a dysfunctional cluster-you-know-what. it was like that long before kidd got there, and Im thinking a lot of the antics by kidd were more reaction than action. The power play was definitely a reaction as a way to either get control or get out, and he was good with either option, thats how his mental make up goes as far as how he’s been on the court at least, control everything you can.

      the Bucks definitely blundered the handling of drew, hopefully he got a good comp package. Either way. he’ll land on his feet, he’s got a proven track record.

      • Dude hit a telephone pole so I’m sure he wasn’t “barely over the limit”. Glad to know wife beating isn’t a big concern. Not to mention his spats with his assistant coaches and the infamous “Bump me” incident. Him and Larry Sanders should become solid friends, always trying to one up each other with one dumb incident after another.

        • I cant say i knew a whole lot about the DUI, as for the domestic, women arent infallable, we dont know that she didnt hit him too, plus he doesnt have a multiple domestic track record that Im aware of, so Im pretty sure it was one incident. Wife beating is of course a very serious thing, but that doesnt mean they dont always have it coming, some women can be real pieces of work. If you believe its wrong to ever hit a woman you need to get your 70s/80s thinking back up to the real world where women are just as violent as men.

          the bump me incident is a joke, in case you havent paid attention to NBA games its hardly nothing new. Ive seen it happen many times with many coaches. A lot of assumptions are being made, and not a lot of fact.

          • Nice, it just went into the “she might have deserved it” justification real quick. Good lord.

          • No; it wasn’t just one incident. Read the divorce document on The Smoking Gun. On various occasions, he punched her, kicked her in the stomach, hit her with a baseball bat, pushed her down stairs, broke her rib and smashed her head into a car console (causing hearing damage). The guy should be in prison.

            As for the drunk driving, TMZ had pictures and a write up. He was falling down drunk, breaking things in the club, then wouldn’t listen to people who said he shouldn’t drive.

          • Yikes! Has Jason Kidd denied this in any convincing way? Has he expressed contrition in any compelling way? This is brutal stuff! I’m more than open to hearing Jason Kidd’s side, but without strong responses that truly help us to see him in a much better light, well, how are we as Bucks’ fans supposed to rally around this guy and embrace him into Milwaukee?

          • Nobody in their right mind would fire Drew without having another coach lined up first. That’s just good business sense. Why risk having to scramble to find a coach if the Kidd deal goes sour? And who the heck cares about the off the court stuff. We’ve all made mistakes. This is about basketball and winning, something Kidd knows a lot about

  5. Oh man what an ugly way to go about this. It makes the Bucks look bad and it’s not even a good plan. I’m not sorry to see Larry Drew go, but this was shoddy work all around.

    Does anyone believe Kidd will be the Buck’s coach in 2019? Does anyone think the Nets were going to keep him on?

    We gave up two valuable picks – 2nd round picks are the best bargains around – for a coach of questionable worth who wants front office responsibility he hasn’t demonstrated he’s capable of executing, and we’ve done it in the most ham-handed way possible.

    Just when you think the Bucks will stop being the Bucks – self-defeating, prone to overpaying for questionable assets, the whole sorry legacy – they go and return to form.

    • “second round picks are the best bargains around”


      Second round picks are practically worthless. For every Manu Ginobli or Dennis Rodman, I can name you twenty players who never amounted to anything. Actually, I can’t, because no one remembers second rounders.

      I’d trade away two for Jason Kidd any day. Say what you will about the way the move was handled (Larry Drew deserved better), but Kidd turned around a Nets team last season with Kevin Garnet decomposing and with Deron Williams playing on ankles that I assume are at this point eighty percent dust. He was a savvy player, and personal issues aside, he has a great mind for the game.

      The future looks a lot brighter for the Bucks than it has in years, take some time to enjoy it.

  6. Wasn’t a fan of the Drew hiring but he deserved better than the way he was treated. Time to move on and hope that Kidd gets more respect from the youngsters unlike the old broken down Nets roster

  7. i dont hate the move, the owners bringing in “their” guys is nothing new after a team changes ownership. Hes played and had a great career i think we could have done way worse.

  8. What’s the over/under on how long it takes for Kidd to pull the same crap here? 1 year? 2? I would not be surprised if Hammond is out of a job after the season or sooner. Busch league way to handle it for sure.

  9. Remember when lasry was speaking at the rotary club meeting? You know what rotary club is for? Promoting business ethics… Hows this for ethics…?

  10. I forgive you Jason Kidd. I love the Bucks! I support our owner’s decision. Thank you.

  11. New Milwaukee bucks owners are modern day snake oil salesmen ! they cannot be trusted ! jason kidd and me
    are 2 POLAR opposites. i was lied to by the new owners that milwaukee would be a great fit for me and a great place for me to play. they knew pre draft day that they were going to pull this stunt, had i known im sorry milwaukee but i would of steered clear of here because my moral convictions as a man and a player are the POLAR opposite of jason kidd’s. i dont have to go into the lengthy details on everything kidd has done so wrong on and off the court. i now look at the new bucks owners as wolfs in sheeps clothing. i am also very, very sorry larry drew, you were part of the reason why i wanted to come to milwaukee, you are a class act and i know you will end up somewhere where you are wanted and respected, if jason kidd is still the coach for the milwaukee bucks when my 1st. contract is up, im sorry milwaukee but i will not sign another contract to play for the bucks, i will play the best that i can while im here, but please understand that my beliefs and moral standards on and off the court are the total opposite of what has and will keep transpiring. i am truly sorry milwaukee.

    • yeah cuz the real jabari parker would react on a team fan website lolololol…… dork

  12. Jabari Parker = GM.mike (same dude, see previous article Report: Bucks offering 2.nd round pick … first (im) poster.

    Don’t know how this will turn out with Kidd as the coach, but it’s not looking promising.

    I have little use for comments like his wife might of “had it coming”. Pitiful view. Kidd is a grown man, and shouldn’t require a posse of apologists.