Jason Kidd and his veteran Nets were not long for each other. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Jason Kidd and his veteran Nets were not long for each other. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)


The Jason Kidd story has taken another turn. Now it appears the Milwaukee Bucks only desired him as head coach all along and never had any aspirations to make him the team’s president. They first met with Kidd the day after the NBA Draft in New York and have quietly been working on a deal since then. This sudden twist was first reported by BrewHoop’s Eric Buenning and has found its way into a deeper story on ESPN.com via Andy Katz:

The source said the Bucks only talked to Kidd about being the coach, not any kind of administrative position running basketball operations. The source said the negotiation was supposed to be between the owners, not involving any basketball personnel, before the story leaked out by the New York Post. But the source said the negotiations are now being handled by Bucks general manager John Hammond and the Nets’ Billy King.

Apparently the only sticking point at this juncture is what the compensation to the Nets for letting Kidd out of the remaining three years of his contract will be.

The source said the Bucks offered a second-round pick, but the Nets wanted a 2015 first-round pick in exchange, a negotiating chip the Bucks originally dismissed.

Word is that the Bucks, one can infer specifically the new owners, are intrigued with Kidd’s ability to manage personalities and view him as a potentially strong disciplinarian, according to Katz’s post.

John Hammond and David Morway are safe, as it relates to this. Given that this initially began to go down without them involved and Kidd is coming out of a power struggle in Brooklyn, who knows how long they’ll be safe. But for now, they’re still running the show.

Larry Drew is considerably less safe. Even if this deal doesn’t go down, it would appear there’s very little chance that he’ll make it through the summer as Milwaukee’s head coach. He was joyful last Friday at Jabari Parker’s press conference. It appears his joy was all for naught. Tough luck for Drew, ultimately, he wasn’t a revolutionary coach by any stretch of the imagination. He struggled to develop an identity last season and appeared to have little control over the locker room. But to pull the carpet out from under him like this after he was damn near giddy at Parker’s press conference? That seems kind of bogus.

Meanwhile, owners Marc Lasry and Wes Edens must still be in the process of finding a President of Basketball Operations. Lasry said recently they were interviewing for the job, then we all heard it was Kidd and started yelling at them. Our bad, if that truly was wrong. Onward with your organization, fellas.

While we may have been wrong, it’s worth noting how many reputable media members were wrong with yesterday’s report, which feels like an AWFUL BIG COINCIDENCE. The kind that doesn’t happen. This has the scent of the Bucks wanting Kidd in a bigger role, the role he apparently wanted in Brooklyn, then coming down off of that at some point.

But everything has been very sourcified over the past 24 hours, so who really knows what the hell is going on.

Safe to say the Bucks front office was caught off guard yesterday by everything, which seems very strange if Kidd was coming in at a position underneath them. But maybe it was something the owners just wanted to do. Who knows. If it truly was just the new owners looking to get Kidd in as a new coach, then why was Drew paraded around on Friday as if he were the guy going forward? Why not just leave him out of the press conference? Why wasn’t he fired last month?

Ultimately … this was more than a bit messy. And it’s something to remember.