With their second second-round pick, the Bucks chose a big, big man.

Milwaukee picked Johnny O’Bryant with the #36 overall pick. He didn’t sound at all disappointed about his draft positioning. “It’s a very deep draft. Just hearing my name called at #36 isn’t bad. I can’t wait to come out there and get started.”

A 6’8″ center from LSU, O’Bryant may end up playing power forward or center in the NBA. Either way, he will be staying near the hoop. Unlike do-it-all forward Jabari Parker, whom the Bucks chose with the #2 overall pick, O’Bryant’s forte is playing with his back to the basket where he is comfortable with finishing with either hand.

“They drafted Jabari, Jabari is an all-around guy who can do everything,” O’Bryant said in a post-draft media introduction.  “Me, I’m a low-post guy. I’m going to keep within my range. I’m just going to try to be effective from the areas where I can be.”

According to, O’Bryant has a 7’2.25″ wingspan and at 258 lbs., he was the second-heaviest draftee of the night. He used that bulk to average 15.4 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in his junior season at LSU.

A week ago, Bryant came to Milwaukee for a workout with the Bucks. “They told me they were interested and they told me that if I was there on the board, they might take me. But it wasn’t a for-sure promise or anything.”

O’Bryant is expected to play in Summer League with the Bucks. Summer League tips off July 11 in Las Vegas, with the Jabari-led Bucks facing off against the Andrew Wiggins-led Cleveland Cavaliers.