The Milwaukee Bucks go big with Johnny O’Bryant


With their second second-round pick, the Bucks chose a big, big man.

Milwaukee picked Johnny O’Bryant with the #36 overall pick. He didn’t sound at all disappointed about his draft positioning. “It’s a very deep draft. Just hearing my name called at #36 isn’t bad. I can’t wait to come out there and get started.”

A 6’8″ center from LSU, O’Bryant may end up playing power forward or center in the NBA. Either way, he will be staying near the hoop. Unlike do-it-all forward Jabari Parker, whom the Bucks chose with the #2 overall pick, O’Bryant’s forte is playing with his back to the basket where he is comfortable with finishing with either hand.

“They drafted Jabari, Jabari is an all-around guy who can do everything,” O’Bryant said in a post-draft media introduction.  “Me, I’m a low-post guy. I’m going to keep within my range. I’m just going to try to be effective from the areas where I can be.”

According to, O’Bryant has a 7’2.25″ wingspan and at 258 lbs., he was the second-heaviest draftee of the night. He used that bulk to average 15.4 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in his junior season at LSU.

A week ago, Bryant came to Milwaukee for a workout with the Bucks. “They told me they were interested and they told me that if I was there on the board, they might take me. But it wasn’t a for-sure promise or anything.”

O’Bryant is expected to play in Summer League with the Bucks. Summer League tips off July 11 in Las Vegas, with the Jabari-led Bucks facing off against the Andrew Wiggins-led Cleveland Cavaliers.


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  1. Not the hugest fan of this pick. 6’8″ centers are about as useful as 5’1″ point guards. Hopefully he can be a beast rebounding at the 4 or something.

  2. I like his game around the hoop and his nice shooting touch, but is he expected to grow some more? Like Bizzucks said, 6’8″ centers aren’t all that useful and we have a serious logjam at PF — do we not?

    So at this point the roster looks like…

    PG: B.Knight, N.Wolters, G.Antetokounmpo, OJ.Mayo

    SG: K.Middleton, G.Antetokounmpo, OJ.Mayo, C.Delfino, B.Knight, N.Wolters, J.Parker, D.Inglis

    SF: J.Parker, G.Antetokounmpo, K.Middleton, D.Inglis, C.Delfino, C.Wright, E.Ilyasova

    PF: J.Henson, E.Ilyasova, J.Parker, J.O’Bryant, L.Sanders, K.Middleton, G.Antetokounmpo, D.Inglis, C.Wright, C.Delfino

    C: L.Sanders, J.Henson, Z.Pachulia, M.Raduljica, J.O’Bryant

    …and I assume the Bucks will look at trying to retain FA R.Sessions at a reasonable price to ensure there’s real PG depth.

    SG will be a very interesting position to watch; who will actually be getting playing time in games there? Can K.Middleton be that guy — is he quick enough laterally and defensively in general to stay in front of the top NBA caliber shooting guards? If not him can OJ.Mayo bounce back and be a quality SG again — what was up with him last year? Is C.Delfino capable of playing the SG position defensively or is he simply regulated to be a 3 and D SF off the bench or a seriously undersized stretch 4? Will J.Parker or G.Antetokounmpo see a lot of minutes at the 2? While I think G.Antetokounmpo could potential see more time at the 2 this year (maybe even as the starter w/ K.Middleton seeing more time at the 3) I don’t think J.Parker sees much time there at all.

    PF is another quite interesting position to watch; do they plan on sliding J.Henson over to the Center position more often this year in order to get him more playing time while also letting either Ilyasova get a decent amount of run in hopes to boost his mid-season trade value or to let J.Parker operate at the 4 while Antetokounmpo plays the 3 or 2?

    Overall, this team could certainly shed a player or two (perhaps OJ.Mayo if his problems from last year aren’t straightened out or C.Delfino if it appears he’s an unnecessary body on the bench or E.Ilyasova if he can fetch the Bucks some value in return or Z.Pachulia if he can be packaged and moved for a younger big bodied center w/ some height or C.Wright if he has simply become expendable with the new additions) in order to add quality depth to the PG/G position or Center position.

  3. So many players …. so few positions.

    Expect massive off season trades even if Ersan only brings a late 2nd round pick.

    Expect a serious run at a point guard. Patty Mills looks pretty good to me. Or a return of Sessions.

    Expect a new GM and head coach shortly.

    Expect that at least 1 of the 2 second round picks will not make the team. (probably the Frenchman goes back to Europe for awhile).

    Expect Udoh gone, Delfino gone, Ersan gone and maybe Mayo, too.

    Expect Miroslav or Za Za to get moved (nobody keeps 3 centers anymore).

    Expect a decision on whether John Henson is still in the team’s future plans.

    Draft night could not have helped Henson’s confidence.

    A new era for sure!

    • agree with all of your predictions except for the GM and coach gone soon… from a couple interviews/stories, I am getting the feeling that Hammond was forced into some of those trades for veterans at mid-seasons past by Kohl, and the new owners have a better long range plan than Kohl did , aka Kohl always shooting for the 8th seed..

  4. when was the last time we had a power forward like O’Bryant who could play with his back to the basket, and be able to nail some mid range shots to boot ???

  5. fot the price = $0 he is a great draft pick i think his BIG A$$ is what the bucks need more of off the bench to punish those who punish our small guys. LOL. old school play. i miss those days. LOL