Buck Hits: Parker signs, Summer Bucks head to Vegas, Raduljica closer to making Serbia’s FIBA roster

Buck Hits

July is an exciting time for the Bucks. It’s hard to believe that in a span of less than 13 months, the team has added Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and Jason Kidd — and a new ownership group to boot. Now they are just two days from starting a basketball competition that they have every right to compete for.

And no free agent mistake signings yet! (Sure, the moratorium on transactions doesn’t end until tomorrow, but the Bucks don’t even have any mistake signings lined up.)

So without further ado, here are some links to stories about the Bucks that should in no way ruin your justified sunshine-y smile.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Jabari Parker signed his rookie contract and participated in the team’s first Las Vegas Summer League practice.

The contract was pretty standard fare: Parker signed for the maximum 120% of the #2 overall slot allotted by the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement. That pegs Parker with a salary of $4,930,560 for the upcoming season and a figure of $22,239,712 overall for the four years of the contract. Rookie contracts for players selected in the first round also include team options for the third and fourth seasons.

After the practice, which according to Charles F. Gardner, lasted two and a half hours, Parker talked about his new coach, including one line that made it very clear that he was following the events in Milwaukee over the past two weeks.

I think because (Kidd) wanted that extra power he can get a little bit more hands-on with us, and I think it will work out.

I can’t even pretend to know what that means, but it’s interesting. Is it fair to say that Parker is definitely aware of the reports of Jason Kidd’s “ambitions”? Is that a reasonable statement? In any case, let the Jason Kidd Era begin.

Behind the Buck Pass: Nick Whalen goes over the Bucks Las Vegas Summer League roster, and lays out the quirky LVSL rules that differ from regular NBA games. In the three non-tournament games, teams get a point in the standings for each quarter they win, and winning the games apart from the quarters is irrelevant. Quarters last 10 minutes instead of 12, and players can accumulate ten fouls before fouling out of a game.

What I like most is that the Bucks’ three big men are named Kenny, Kenny, and Johnny. If I ever start a country rock band, I’m rolling with that as the group’s name.

Press Online (Serbia): Speaking of Bucks’ Summer League big men, the one guy who you’d expect to be in Vegas who isn’t there is Miroslav Raduljica. In past seasons, Tobias Harris, John Henson, and Giannis Antetokounmpo have all played in Vegas between their rookie and sophomore seasons. But Raduljica, for whatever reason, isn’t there.

One possible explanation: Raduljica has made another cut for the Serbian national team that will play in the FIBA World Championship in August. He made a preliminary roster of 29 players a month ago, and now he has survived the team’s cutdown to 20 players. The Serbian national team gets together to being training today, so Raduljica’s work with the Serbian team definitely would have conflicted with the Bucks’ schedule in Vegas.

None of this FIBA stuff means that Raduljica is terribly happy with the Bucks, or vice versa, but at least there’s a justification for his absence from a Summer League experience that would have benefitted him.

Twitter: Former NBA player and first-round pick, Yakhouba Diawara reportedly has a workout scheduled with the Bucks.

Given that Diawara is 31 years old, 6’7″, and still hasn’t really developed into an NBA-caliber shooter, I highly doubt this amounts to much of anything, especially given the roster glut of forwards.

WSSP 1250 AM: This link is from a week ago, but it’s still an interesting one. Ian Eagle, who does the play-by-play for the Brooklyn Nets on the YES Network (and whose history with the team stretches way back into its New Jersey past), joined WSSP to talk about former Nets coach Jason Kidd joining the Bucks. Eagle made no bones about making it sound like Kidd planned Milwaukee all along as a cushy landing spot.

You sense that this was an irreparable relationship and that Kidd felt that he could play a little bit of poker here. He hand two hands: he had a chance to maybe push for some more power with the Nets, and he had a relationship with the new Bucks owner and a chance for a soft landing in Milwaukee, and obviously it was the second hand that that paid off for Jason Kidd.

Of course, it’s just speculation on Eagle’s part, but at the same time, Eagle would know better than anyone. He adds that he is firmly convinced that Kidd has a managerial hold on the team that goes far beyond simply being the head coach.

Eagle also went on to gush about Kidd’s talents and cutthroat desire to win as both a player and a coach, so there’s that too.

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  1. A new day has dawned…

    A much different tone here than the “So who’s this Giannis guy?” and “Larry Sanders excited to be The Man” tenor from last year.

  2. I think Eagle is right, but I can certainly see reasons why Kidd would want to jump ship.

  3. I’m excited for Kidd and summer league. Milwaukee gives him a good opportunity with a young roster that he can start from the ground and build up. I really hope he doesn’t leave after one year, I feel a coach needs to be in place at least 2 years to try and get their system to work.